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This is a non-graded quiz I put together from many years of studying the game.
No scores will be issued, no score sheet will be kept.
If you have a similar obscure question you would like me to add, please do e-mail me.

  1. In Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, there are four plaques for men who were also Cardinals, who are they?
  2. What was the surgery called before it was performed on Tommy John?
  3. Who was the best pitcher to have never won the Cy Young Award?
  4. What's the record for sacrifice flies in one inning?
  5. Who was Fred Merkle and what did he do?
  6. Who was on base when Casey struck out?
  7. What three plays will an umpire see, but not called until appealed?
  8. If a batted ball hits a runner in fair territory, what is the ruling?
  9. With runners on first and third with one out, does the runner from third score on a sac fly if, the runner from first is doubled up back at first?
  10. If a runner from first tries to steal on a pitch which becomes ball four to the batter and the cather throws to second, the runner overslides the base, and is tagged, is he out?
  11. What pitcher holds the record for the most games in which he struck out four batters in one inning?
  12. What pair of brothers hold the record for the most home runs for two brothers?
  13. Who is the only pitcher (as of 2006) to have struck out all 3 batters in one inning on 9 pitches once in each league?
  14. What major league pitcher holds the record for winning two complete games in one day? How many times did he do this?
  15. What two players share the record for the number of games in which he stole 2nd, 3rd, and home in the same inning?

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  1. Roger Maris and three Popes
  2. The MEDIAL COLLATERAL LIGAMENT (MCL) is a tendon in the elbow. Before Tommy John had the surgery, the procedure was simply called the MCL reconstruction of the elbow
  3. Cy Young, of course
  4. THREE (see bottom of the page) For example:
    batter triples next batter hits sac fly, but fielder drops ball and the batter gets to third. That batter is credited with a sac fly, but gets to third on the error (1 run 0 out).
    The next batter hits a sac fly, scoring the runner (2 runs-1 out).
    The next batter singles, then the next sigles send runner to third. The following batter hit another sac fly, as the runner scores (3 runs-2 out).
    The inning ends with any type of out, but 3 runs are scored on 3 sac flies.
  5. NY Giants vs. Chicago Cub, 9/23/1908 - in the middle of a tight pennant race.. Fred Merkle was on first and with Moose McCormick on third, the score was tied 1-1. Al Bridwell singled and when McCormick crossed the plate with the winning run, Fred Merkle didn't bother to touch second. He ran to the Polo Grounds clubhouse in center field. The Cubs tossed a ball (no one knows if it was the game ball - everyone else thought the game was over), to Johnny Evers (of Tinker-Evers-Chance fame) to make the force play at second. This left the game tied. The game was played over (the rules then) and Chicago won the pennant by 1 game. See the full story in the Baseball Almanac.
  6. Flynn and Blake. Also see theRoad Game version.
  7. A runner missed a base while running
    A runner leaving base early on tag up
    A Batter batting out of order.
  8. The runner is out, unless the ball has passed any infielders that might have made a play. If the infield is playing in with runners on first and third (to cut down the runner from third on a grounder), and the ball is missed by the second baseman and then hits the runner between first and second, the ball remains in play and the runner is not out.
  9. Maybe. If in the judgement of the umpire the run scored before the third out is made at first, it counts, if the out came first , the run does not count.
  10. Yes.
  11. Chuck Finley, three times. Twice with the Angels and once with Cleveland.
  12. Hank Aaron (755) and Tommie Aaron (13) - total 768!
  13. Nolan Ryan did it for the New York Mets on 04-19-1968 in the 3rd inning and for the California Angels on 07-09-1972 in the 2nd inning
  14. Joe McGinnity had three double header wins for the NY Giants in 1903 on 8/1, 8/8, and 8/31. Note they were all in the same month of the same year.
  15. Ty Cobb (A.L. Record) and Honus Wagner (N.L. Record) each did that four times.

Monday September 22, 2008
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