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This a best guess based on the show and using some external comments by the production staff to explain some lose ends. The Caprica column was added after viewing the pilot episode May 9, 2009. I'm not sure if I'll watch in 2010 when and if it airs as series.




The 12 Colonies

The Exiled Toasters




Humans, FF and other humanoid 'Cylons'?



Final Five and other humanoid 'Cylons'



FF create Temple?


Final Five develop centurions of their own


Create downloading


'Earth' Destroyed by centurions




Greystone is competing for a contract for robot soldiers.
His daughter, Zoe is programming an avitar program using her and her friend's memories.
Zoe's friend blows up himself, Zoe, and Adama's wife and daughter on a train with many others in the name of the one god.
Greystone discovers his daughter's programming and implants her memories into on of the robots he calls cylons.

Comments from a post in alt.battlestar-galactica news group (4/10/2010)



Start of FIRST Cylon War.
Union of 12 colonies
Creation of Council of Twelve.
construction on battlestar fleet begins.



Galactica completed.
William Adama joins the military.



FF go to Colonies to warn them about Toasters


Humans create Toasters




War-Cylons exiled


Truce space station established


Cylons Make Hybrids


Young Adama finds Hybrid experiment


FF Share download with toasters


Create skinjobs


FF killed by Cavil (John)


Cylon skinjobs infiltrate Fleet




Cavil plants one copy of each Final Five in Colonies


Some months or years before the attack.
Shown as useless flashbacks in penultimate episode 3/13/09.


Adama tries to talk his way out of a desk assignment.
Roslin loses her father and sisters in auto accident.
Lee meets Starbuck for first time.
Baltar's father is placed in senior home by Six.
Roslin declines to work for President Adar.




Cylon Six destroys Truce space station


Attack Colonies


BSG leads fleet

Beginning of the Plan

Helo remains on Caprica, allowing Baltar to take his seat back to the fleet. He meets with an Eight (though he thinks it's Boomer) and he impregnates her leading to Hera.


Fleet runs out of water

End of the Plan

Baltar requests a nuclear weapon to develop a Cylon detector.


Fleet runs out of fuel




BS Pegasus joins fleet


Baltar gives the nuke to the abused Six from the Pegasus



New Caprica found and settled by many of the fleet


The Six with the nuke, detonates it, killing 10,000 humans


Tyrol - Cally
Starbuck - Anders
Lee - Dee
Adama - Laura frak and smoke weed(?)




A year later the Cylons find NC from the nuke blast and occupy it


BSG & BSP rescue NC




Ellen, thought to be a traitor is poisoned by Tigh


Fleet runs out of food


Cylons split some with Cavil


Cylons split some with Six


Ellen resurects on Cavil's Base ship

Find Algae Planet and Temple


Fleet discovers a virus to kill the Cylons, but Helo prevents its use as immoral.


Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tory realize they are Cylons


Six exposes the four Cylons


Starbuck is killed and reappears in a new viper


Caprica Six, a prisoner on BSG realizes she's pregnent by Tigh



Ellen and Cavil discuss the development of the Cylon/Final Five

Tyrol finds out that Nicholas is not his, but Hot Dog's

BSG and the Six Cylons find Destroyed 'Earth'
Starbuck finds her crashed viper and body


BSG & the Six Cylons decide to find a better planet


Ellen and Boomer excape Cavil's Base ship for BSG

Geata and Zarak lead a mutiny-rebellion on the fleet and are executed

Boomer is placed in the brig by Adama

The Three's stay on the dead 'Earth'


A brain injured Anders remembers their time on 'Earth', including singing All Along the Watchtower


Starbuck briefs the pilots on the planet finding mission over and over


The complete Final Five vote to leave the fleet on Cavil's Baseship. Ellen finds out about Six's baby and realizes Tigh doesn't love her as much as he loves Six.


Hera draw a picture of stars for Starbuck


Cavil constructs a base in a small planet or a large asteroid.

Six loses the baby.

A piano player in the bar is composing music and Strabuck plays something from her childhood.


Someone to Watch Over Me

Boomer escapes the brig with Tyrol's help, replaces Athena as the raptor pilot, kidnaps Hera and escapes to Cavil


Hera's stars are really the musical score to Starbucks piano piece. The FF reconize the music.



Boomer turns Hera over to Cavil


Adama decides to abandon the Galactica.
Baltar exposes Kara's find of her dead body.



Cavil and Simon prepare to examine Hera

One last mission: rescue Hera with volunteers on crippled Galactica

Adama prepares to abandon Galactica.


The fleet splits with Adama leading the search for Hera.


Command of the fleet is given to Hoshi and the presidency to Lampkin.



Hera changes hands a few times during the battle.


Everything centers on the Galactica and the Final Five agree (again) to give resurrection to the skinjobs to stop the war.


Tyrol finds out that tori killed Cally and kills her, breaking the connection.


The Galactica jumps


The Fleet jumps


Anders, connected to Galactica's navigation system, leads the fleet into the sun.


They all wind up on our earth 150,000 in the past.




Hera is found to be the mitochondrial Eve


Nothing is said about Starbuck, her new viper, Adama's raptor or who he is--->


Six and Baltar walk through Times Square talking aobut <-- his plan.


The Cylon Morph

This is my main objection to the poor writing on the show: In the beginning of the show, clearly the Toaster Cylons were made by man, they rebelled, they were exiled, they evolved into the skinjobs.

Then there was the line about twelve being in the fleet. This caused the writers to find five others once seven were identified. This would have been OK, but the other line about the cycle of having happened before and will happen again, needed a bigger plot.

As a result the final five, though in the fleet, were from a much older cycle. The made up story is now that these were made by the 'original' Humans on Kobol, who went to 'earth', while the humans went to the colonies.

So the Cylons morphed from being made by man 40 years ago, were really aided by the Final Five, who were at least 3000 years old. Go figure. Back to Timeline.

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