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The New York City Subway has used a total of 17,792 subway cars since 1904. In addition the IRT (1813) and BMT (1060) purchased elevated cars from before 1900 to the early 20th Century. This brings the grand total of elevated and subway cars to 20,665.

Company-Agency Cars
The IRT purchased cars between 1903 and 1940
(Composites, Hi-Voltage, and Low-Voltage)
The BRT/BMT purchased cars between 1914 and 1940
(A-Types, D-Types, Multis, and a few experimental light weights)
Board of Transportation, Transit Authority and MTA-NYCT purchased subway cars since 1932
(R-1 to R-160 and R-188)
MTA for the Staten Island Rapid Transit
The 12 R-44 cars transfered from the TA to SI are included in the TA count
Total 17,792
BMT Elevated Cars 1060
IRT Elevated Cars 1813
Grand Total 20,665

Selected?BMT Elevated Cars

Steam coaches, gate cars, C-Type, Q-Type

Selected?BMT Cars 1914 to 1940

A, AX, B, BT, BX, D Multis, Compartment

Selected?IRT Elevated Cars

Gate cars and MUDC

Selected?IRT Cars 1904 to 1939

Hi Votlage, Low voltage, Flivver, Steimway, World's Fair

Selected?The R-Type Cars 1932 to 1987

Cars purchased by the IND, Board of Transportation, NYC Transit Authority until 1990

Selected?R-Type Cars - Post 1990 - The Next Generation

The latest on the R-142, R-142A, and R-143 and R-160 car orders .

Selected?Subway Car Number Finder

Find all of the car classes that carried any number from the 1880s to the present. You can also see all of the cars of any division and car types


Door controls and cabs


The Current Car Fleet roster changes since May 2008.


Work Cars

For everything from delivering rails to a work site to picking up the garbage, the TA has a special fleet devoted to these mundane tasks. Here are the rosters for
Work Cars - 1996
Work Cars-2007
Work Cars-2013.

Selected?R-Type Contracts R-1 to R-179 (there are gaps)


5/16/99 with the latest on the R-142, R-142A, R-143, and R-160 car orders
1/21/2008 with information from James Matthews

Selected?Car Assignments Index

Car Assignments beginning with mid 1998


Marker lights were used on cars up to the R-38 fleet to let employees in the control towers know the route and destination of each train.

NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY CAR DATASHEET - compiled and summarized by Kris Datta from information gathered from various sources.
Adobe PDF reader is required to view this file
Selected?Oddball Subway Cars

8217, 100, 1575 and more

Robert Marrero Photo
Selected?Owner Plate

Every subway car has an ownership plate attached to it. This is the style of those that were on the IND R 1 to 9 series. No, it's NOT the real one from car 100.

Selected?Subway Keys

A collection of historic keys used in the New York subway.

Selected?Subway Handles

A collection of handles used to control NY subway trains.

Selected?This Door Not Working
Selected? Air Brakes
Traction Control
Interior Lights

The three major systems that make subway cars operate

Selected? Roll Signs

Full sign scanned 2 images per reading and pieced together electronically.

This page is now password protected, so I've removed the link.

In order to indentify the yard and barn that is responsible for maintaining the cars, color coded decals ar affixed near the car numbers


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