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2010 World Series

Giants (4) vs. Rangers (1)
The Giants finally beat the curse of leaving the Big Apple! They hadn't won a World Series since 1954, when they played in New York.
At San Francisco
Game 1: , Giants win 11-7
As good as Lee was against the Yankees, he collapsed against the Giants. Most of the seven runs came after the 7th inning.
Game 2: Giants win 9-0
Once again the pitching and hitting that totally dominated the Yankees went missing on the west coast.
At Texas
Game 3:Rangers win 4-2
Ron Washington took on a potential second guess in the 8th, but excaped with the win.
Game 4: Giants win 4-0
Forth youngest pitcher to start and win (eight innings) a World Series game.
Game 5:Giants win 3-1

2010 Playoffs

AL East - Rays (96-66)
AL Central - Twins (93-67)
AL West - Texas (90-72)
AL Wildcard - Yankees (95-67)

NL East - Phillies (97-65) (best record in MLB)
NL Central - Cincinatti (91-71)
NL West - SF (92-70) beat SD (90-72)on the last day
NL Wildcard - Atlanta (91-71)
Three way race to last day! If SD had beaten SF, a play in series would have been needed to break ties.

2010 Division Series

Yankees (3) vs Twins (0)
Game 1: Yankees win 6-4 at Twins
CC gave up three runs on a hit batter and homer, then a single, out at first where Tex tagged the bag with his glove allowing the runner from first to get to third. He scored on a passed ball. The Yankees went ahead in the 6th, but the Twins tied it in their half on a wild CC bases loaded walk. Tex then hit a two run homer to put the Yanks up 6-4.
Logan, Robertson, Wood, and Mo (four out save) nail it. In the 9th, Mo had to get four outs, because the umps called Golson's catch for the third out a trap. Thome was the tying run at the plate and popped out to A-Rod on the first pitch.
Game 2: win Yankees 5-2 at Twins
Well played Twins go out in front, Yankees tie it, Twins tie it, Yankees go ahead and win it.
All the fears about Andy Pettitte, were for naught. Seven innings, five hits, four K's, one homer, one sac fly run.
Game 3:Yankees win 6-1 and Yankees
Hughes pitches seven shut out innings. Wood was chipped for a run, lets the bases to get loaded, but Logan and Robertson get out of the inning giving up only that Wood run.
Mo nails it down in a non save ninth.
Nine in a row post season against the Twins.

Rays (2) vs Rangers (3)
Game 1: Rangers 5-1 at Rays
Game 2: Rangers 6-0 at Rays
Game 3: Rays win 6-3 at Rangers
Game 4: Rays win 5-2 at Rangers
Game 5: Rangers win 5-1 at Rays
Both number one starters will start Tuesday, so they can't pitch against the Yankees!
All five game were won by the visiting team.

Phillies (3) vs Reds (0)
Game 1: Phillies win 4-0
No hitter for Roy Halliday!
Game 2: Phillies win 7-4 on Reds' errors
Game3: Phillies win 2-0 at Reds

Giants (3) vs Braves (1)
Game 1: Giants win 1-0 in SF
Game 2: Braves win 5-4 in SF (11 innings)
Game 3: Giants win 3-2 at Braves
Game 4: Giants win 3-2 at Braves

The last manager thrown out of a playoff game was Bobby Cox in 2005. On October 7, two managers were thrown out of their games for arguing third strikes. In Tampa, Madden argued a check swing rulked a ball, that was followed by a Young homer. In Minnesota, Gardenhire was thrown out for arguing what would have been a third strike and then Berkman got a run scoring double.

2010 Champion Series

Yankees (2) vs Rangers (4)
Game 1: Yankees win 6-5
CC was awful. Five runs in four innings. the Yankees bats were asleep until the 8th, when they go ahead 6-5, starting with Gardner with a sliding infield hit.
Wood comes in for the 8th and walks the leadoff batter, but picks him off 1-3-6, then gets out of the inning.
Mo nails it, even though Texas had two walk off wins against him.
Game 2: Texas wins 7-2
Hughes was worse, considereing he hadn't given up a run at Texas, giving up seven runs in five innings.
Game 3: Texas wins 8-0
Pettitte vs. Lee - Through seven innings, there was only one mistake - Pettitte in the first. The Yankee bats are still asleep. 13 strikeouts.
Game 4: Rangers win 10-3
AJ Burnett gave up two runs through five innings. The Yankees scored three. But in the bottom of the 5th Tex injures his hamstring. In the top of the 6th AJ gives up a three run homer to Benji Molina. Did he pitch too long? Now Logan can't get lefty Hamilton out. Yesterday a double and today a homer. It doesn't look good.
Game 5: Yankees win 7-2
CC strugled, but held his own. The bats came alive with three solo homers and four other runs. Mo came in for a non save shutdown.
Back to Texas!
Game 6: Rangers win 6-1
Nothing worked. Hughes was so-so. The bullpen worse. The offense was missing again. Fittingly, A-Rod was the last out on a strikeout looking.
The ironic thing is that Michael Kay said the series was over after the first game come from behind win in Texas.
If the Yankees hadn't come from behind in game one, the Rangers would have swept in four games. Very sad. The Yankee offense is MIA. The starters, except Pettitte, was shakey, the bullpen is flakey at best.

Phillies (2) vs Giants (4)
Game 1: Giants win 4-3
Game 2: Phillies win 6-1
Game 3: Giants win 3-0
Game 4: Giants win 6-5
Game 5: Phillies win 4-2
Game 6: Giants win 3-2
Ryan Howard looks at a third strike to end it. So neither team from 2009 will be in the World Series.

2010 Season

April 4, 2010 -The defense of the WS championship begins in Boston!
The starting lineup: Jeter (SS), Johson (DH), Teixeira (1B), Rodriguez (3B), Cano (2B), Posada (C), Granderson (CF), Swisher (RF), Gardner (LF) and Sabathia pitching.
The good news: the Yankees knocked Beckett out in the 4th. The bad news: Boston did the same to Sabathia. Then the Yankees went ahead 7-5, but Park and Marte allowed Boston to go ahead in the 7th.
As bad as the bullpen was in the first game, they came through in the next two games holding the Sox scoreless to close out the games. The Yankees leave Boston 2-1 so far in the season series.

April 10, 2010 -CC pitches 8 2/3 innings of hitless ball against Tampa. Robertson gives up one more hit. Yankees win 10-0.

April 11, 2010 -One week in, the Yankees are 4-2 and each of the first three pitchers have had at least on good outing.

April 13, 2010 - Home opener, Rings, Flags, and a 7-5 win vs. the Angels.
Pettitte is 4-0 on home openers. The only downer was Robertson, giving up two infield singles and a single off the RF wall before getting an out, then a grand slam to Abreu! Mo comes in and saves it with a strikeout and popup from Matsui.

April 18, 2010 -Two weeks in and the Yankees are 9-3 and have won all four series so far. A-Rod gets his first homer, Jeter has an 11 game hitting streak, Burnett was very good.
Slumping Teixeira gets an infield hit and his first homer. Gardner gets three infield hits (a total of about 150').
Against Texas, the starters go 6-7-8 innings!
The new stadium is not the home run park that it was last year.

April 20, 2010 - Phil Hughes pitches a no hitter into the 8th, losing it on a hot shot back to the mound that he couldn't find. Gardner drives in an insurance run in the 9th. The Yankees win their 5th series to start the season.
The Yankees pulled off their first triple play in over 6,600 games in the third game against Oakland, but lost 4-2 with an ineffective first inning by Sabathia.

April 24, 2010 - Pettitte rolls on! Wins 7-1, giving up one run in eight innings and goes 3-0 on the season. Cano goes 4-5, scored three runs. Gardner goes 3-5, scored two, and is batting .340 on the year!

April 25, 2010 - They gave up Cabrera for Vasquez. They wound up with a so-so pitcher and a weak outfield. Then the bullpen fell apart. Yanks lose 8-4.

April 26, 2010 - The Yankees visit the White House and Water Reed Army Hospital with the World Series trophy.

April 27, 2010 - The Yankees lose the first game to the worst team in the league (3-16), with NO home wins until now! Yanks lose 5-4 and can't score off the Oriole bullpen, while the Yankee bullpen fails. They are 12-7, 2½ games behind Tampa Bay and 3 games ahead of Boston.

Meanwhile the other NY team win six in a row and are in first place in the NL East!

May 1, 2010 - It's official Vasquez is gutless and can't pitch in New York. He leaves the game in the 4th with no outs losing 5-1, giving up three homers, two to A. Jones.
Girardi tried to get him through the 4th without taking him out during the inning, but he couldn't make it - he was loudly booed. The Yankee offense gets him off the hook by scoring 6 in the 6th, but Marte gave up a two run double giving Robertson the loss, the irony, Linebrink, who gave up the lead in the 6th got the win! Yanks lose 7-6.

May 2, 2010 - A-Rod gets a day off an everyone else hits! Yankees win 12-3. The three scored in the 9th off of call up Melancon in relief of Phil Hughes.

The Yankees have gone 7-1 in series so far. Second place 1½ behind Tampa. Boston in 4th place, 7 games out of first.

May 5, 2010 - The Yankees sweep Baltimore, but the bullpen made it interesting. Going into the 9th 7-3, Robertson gave up back to back homers, both on 3-2 counts. Then Boone Logan gives two walks. Aceves comes in to get the save with a fly out to right.

May 7, 2010 - Into Boston for the weekend
Game 1 - Hughes vs. Beckett - Yankees win 10-3
Beckett was wild and lost the game in the 6th.
Game 2 - Sabathia vs. Buchholz - Yankees win 14-3
Sabathia is one strike away from ending the 5th, with the Yankees up 6-3, and the rain comes!
The delay goes over an hour, CC leaves the game and Aceves gets hurt on a pitch, but gets the win.
Teixeira hits three homers!
Cervelli - 3 hits a walk and 5 RBI
Game 3 - Burnett vs. Lester Boston wins 9-3

A month into the season, the Yankees (21-9) are in second place behind Tampa (22-9) and have won all but one series. But, Granderson and Johnson are on the DL and Vasquez is a disaster. Three of the Core Four were hurt.

Tampa, in first place had a perfect game pitched against them in Oakland. Dallas Braden, who complained about A-Rod running over the mound, did it!

May 12, 2010 - In the makeup for the Tuesday rainout, Vasquez pitches his best game of the season, but gives up five hits and two runs and loses anyway. First three game losing streak of the year.

Hughes pitches the schduled game and gives up no runs and five hits in seven innings. The Yankees only score two runs through the 8th, but put the game away with six in the 9th. Mo, who hasn't pitched in weeks, closes it out.

May 15 , 2010 - After Marte blows a save, but gets off the hook on an A-Rod grand slam on Friday, he gets out of a tying run at the plate by getting Thome out. Pettitte pitches well after his missed turn and is now 5-0. The Yankees are back on track!

May 16 , 2010 - Well it had to happen. Joba comes in with the lead, but loads the bases. Mo comes in and walks in a run and gives up a grand slam.

Yankees in second place 2 games behind Tampa, with a reeling Boston and hot Tampa due in for two games each. Then the Mets over the weekend.

May 17 , 2010 - Typical game against Boston. Yankees ahead, then the bull pen folds, but A-Rod ties the game in the bottom of the 9th and Thames gets a walk off homer both off of Papelbon! Vasquez, who came in relief, got the win.

May 18 , 2010 - This time Joba blows it himself, an error and a few hits and a 5-1 lead becomes a tied game. Mo gets the loss with another error. This time the Yankees score only 1 run in the 9th to make it 7-6.

They are 3 games out with Tampa coming in for two games. Best case, one game out, worst case five games out.

May 19 , 2010 - It's too early to panic, but AJ, the pie man, couldn't contain the Rays. It was bad from the start, no sooner than the announcers said that Burnett hadn't allowed a homer to a righty and had a below 1.00 ERA at home, the second pitch of the game was hit out of the park. Then it got worse. Yankees lose 10-6, but four runs were scored with two outs in the bottom of the 9th, too little, too late.
The bad news: Posada has a foot fracture from a foul ball while he was catching. Thames, the hero goat, stepped on his bat running out a hit, spraining his ankle. Yankees 4 games out. One more on May 20 and then the Mets at Citi Field.

For the Mets, an historic night. Angel Pagan hits an inside the park homer and starts an 8-2-6-3 triple play. The base runners though the ball was trapped, but the umpires ruled it a catch. However, the Mets lost the game.

May 20 , 2010 - Pettitte was hit hard by Tampa and once again a rally falls short in the 9th. Yankees 5 games out, but 3rd best in the majors behind Tampa and Philly.

They are hurting, the players who were hot in April are cold now and the ones cold in April are luke warm at best.

Weekend of May 21 vs Mets, as the Yankees limp into Citi Field:
Game 1: Yankees win 2-1
Vasquez was outstanding. One hit no runs and hurts his index finger on his second sac bunt.
Yankees score two runs on a double by rookie Kevin Russo. Earlier he got his first ML hit.
Bay gets a double off of Mo at about the same place as his HR in Boston last year. Then Davis gets a hit to get the first Met run.
Mo gets a struggling Wright to ground out to Cano.
Game 2: Mets win 5-3
Hughes should become Wright's designated pitcher., two hits and two RBI. Hughes leaves down 4-1.
The Yankees are not hitting 5 runs in the two Met games so far.
Game 3: Mets 6-4
Nothing is right. Sabathia gets a hit, but gives up 4 two out runs in the 3rd. Santana knocks the Yankees down.
Two hits have gone under Jeter's glove, setting up bad innings.
Bay owns Sabathia and Jeter owns the Mets.
In the end K-Rod K's A-Rod with the tying runs on base in the 9th.

Why are Winn, Gardner, and Thames in the OF and not Damon, Jackson and Melkey?
The Yankees are limping at 26-18, with too many banged or slumping up players. the good news: they are tied with two other teams with the best record for teams not named the Rays or Phillies!

May 25-26 , 2010 - Let's play one over two days! The Yankees go into Minnesota. The first game starts and gets into the bottom of the 5th, tied 0-0 and the rain came. Burnett pitched well, but thought he would only see his ERA go down. The game resumed on the next day in the top of the 6th. Jeter, the second batter, hit a homer, making the pie man the pitcher of record on the winning side. Robertson, Joba, and Mo close it out, with some breath holding. Yankees win 1-0.
In the regular game, Pettitte pitches to a 2-2 tie in eight. In the 8th, with some bad luck, he faces first & third, no out. Gets a line drive and a double play to hold it. Swisher hits a homer in the top of the 9th and Mo nails this one with no fireworks.
Boston swept the Rays.

May 27, 2010 - As good as Vasquez was in Detroit and Citi Field, he was back to his ineffective ways in Minnesota. 5.2 innings, 8 hits, 5 runs.
The good news, the Yankees won 2 of 3 games, the bad news, they only scored 5 runs in the games.

The next group of games are against 'weak' teams, let's hope they can hold on until they are back to full strength and the hitters hit!

Mets shut out Philly three in a row!
Then shut out the Brewers for eight more innings (34 total) and lose on a homer in the 9th!

May 28, 2010 - A-Rod who(?), gets the night off. Cano hits cleanup and goes 3-4 with a grand slam to put the Indians away! Will he swap with A-Rod?

May 29, 2010 - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! CC was so-so, but left the game with a 5 run lead. Then the bullpen collapsed again, capping with JAP Joba coming in the 7th with a 3 run lead and ending the inning 2 runs down. Then Gaudin gives up a two out homer in the 8th. Duration: 4:20, 401 pitches. The sad final: 13-11. The good news, Cano and Swisher remain hot.

Roy Halladay of the Phillies, pitches the second perfect game of the season and third in the last 10 months, 1-0 win over Florida

May 30, 2010 - The pieman faces a pitcher who hasn't won a game since August 2009.
He cruises for 6.2 innings, then a hit batter, stolen base, E-6 and a triple and he's down 3-0. Yankees only 5 hits through 6. In the 7th, the Yankees go ahead with 5 hits and 5 runs, including a Texiera 3 run homer. Then it was the Indians' bullpen's turn to collapse in the 9th.
Mo comes in. Two K's then a ballet. Broken bat, Mo jumps over it, then knocks the ball down, picks it up and throws out the runner.

Yankees win 7-3!
May 30, 2010 - AL East Standings:
Rays 34-17
Yankees 30-20
Blue Jays 30-22
Red Sox 29-23

May 31, 2010 - Memorial Day For the fifth time since becoming a Yankee, Texiera got an intentional walk and A-Rod got a hit. Today was the second grand slam. Pettitte was great, 1 run on 4 hits. Park got the last 6 outs, but got tired and gave up 1 more run.
Yankees win 11-2.

June 1, 2010 - A three game set against the Orioles should be quiet. In the first game, the good Vasquez showed up. Seven innings, 1 run on a homer.
He was able to wiggle out of a bases loaded-one out jam in the 7th. Yankees win 3-1 on a Granderson homer and two unearned runs in the 7th.

June 2, 2010 - Armando Galarraga pitching for Detroit, missed the third perfect game of the season by an infield single to first with two out in the 9th, which was a blown call by the first base umpire!
Ken Griffy, Jr. retires after 22 years, 630 home runs.

June 3, 2010 - Yankees complete a 6-1 home stand, where they should have won all seven. CC gave up 2 homers and Mo, in the save walked one and hit one, before getting a ground out and two K's. He was hitting 95mph on some pitches.

June 4-6, 2010 - the lost bats weekend in Toronto seven runs scored in three games.
On Sunday, the good news: Vasquez pitched no hit ball to the 6th, then a walk and a homer and almost lost it.
Where did Texiera's bat go? Five K's in Saturday's game and 0-4 today.
The 8th begins with two hit batters, Jeter doubles one in. With first base open and one out, they walk Tex to load the bases and pitch to A-Rod. A wild pitch ties it, but A-Rod K's. Cano puts the Yankees ahead with a single.
JAP Joba comes in and promptly gives one run back, but then gets a double play.
Mo throws a five pitch-four strike inning to nail it!
It could have been worse.
Funny play of the game: The left field ball boy makes a specatular catch on a FAIR ball and throws it into the stands, giving Cano a double. The umpire took his glove away and gave it to a police officer. Later the Jays mascot put crime scene tape around the poor fellow.

Yankees (35-22) 2 games behind Tampa (36-20)
Day off Monday then to Baltimore (16-41) 21 games behind.

June 8, 2010 - In the there was a reason he was released department: Chad Gaudin showed once again why he didn't make the Yankees out of spring training and was later released by the Oakland A's. Called into a 12-3 romp in the 8th inning, he gives up two runs in the 8th and 9th, forcing Rivera to stretch and get ready for a save.
A-Rod went 0-5, but Tiexeria was 3-4 with a homer. Let's hope both get back to the back of their baseball cards.

June 12, 2010 - Props where they belong: In the Red Sox-Phillies game at Fenway, AAA call up, Daniel Nava comes to the plate against Joe Blanton with the bases loaded. He hits the first pitch he sees in the majors into the bull pen for a grand slam!

For the third time in the teams' histories, the Yankees and Mets both get leadoff homers.

June 13, 2010 - The Yankees Chad Huffman, in his first at bat, takes 6 pitches to get an infield single. Then he walks and later reaches on a passed ball strikeout.
Jorge Posada hit his second grand slam in two days. One righty, one lefty, but both into the right field stands.
Phil Hughes wins making him 9-1.
The Yankees sweep the Astros.

The Yankees and Rays tied for first (40-23), four games ahead of the Red Sox.

The Phillies series
June 15, 2010 -
Sabathia vs. Halladay!
The Yankees get to Halladay with 6 runs in the second, third, and fifth but CC gave three back on two squeekers and a hit batter, then two solid hits.
Yankees win 8-3
June 15, 2010 - Burnett vs. Moyer
AJ pitches OK in the first and gives up 4 runs in the second and 2 in the third. Moyers 81mph 'fastball' kills the Yankees early. Cano and Posada homer in second and fifth.
The bullpen comes through, Logan and Gaudin pitch hitless 5.2 innings. Yankee bats fall asleep, 5 hits, 2 homers. A-Rod doubles Tiexeria in the ninth.
Yankees lose 6-3
June 17, 2010 - Bad time for the Yankee bats to fall asleep. Lose to Phillies again 7-1

June 18-20, 2010 - Mets in for the Weekend
Yankees (41-25) tied for first
and Mets (38-28) ½ game out
Game 1: Mets win 4-0
Vasquez was great one 1st inning run. Park gives up two more in the 8th and Logan one more in the 9th.
The Yankees had the bases loaded twice, but couldn't score. In the 9th, with one out Jeter struck out and Swisher fouled out. The bats are still asleep.
The only good news in the three in a row losses, is that Tampa is losing too.
Game 2:Yankees win 5-3
Two 9-1 pitchers facing each other - Hughes vs. Pelfrey. It's almost a shame one had to lose.
Reyes hits two homers for all three Mets runs. Teixiera and Granderson each hit two run homers.
Yankees still bad with RISP, 1-8 today.
Game 3: Yankees win 4-0
Sabathia vs. Santana, another great match up. Great game! The only flaw was Santana gave up a grand slam to Teixiera in the third.

Yankees (43-26) in first place alone as Tampa (42-25) lost to the Marlins.
The Yankees' 5900th franchise win!
Three in Arizona and three against Torre and the Dodgers.

June 21, 2010 - Why is Burnett still pitching? He gets the first two batters out and then gives up three homers and five runs in the first inning. Then Park again makes it worse. Yankees sadly lose 10-4 to a bad team.

June 23, 2010 - That was close. Arizona has the worst bull pen in the majors. After they let Dontrell Willis off the hook when he wanted to walk the Yankees around the bases, they failed to score by hitting into too many double plays.

The closest they came was Cano's drive to deep left field where G. Para made a spectacular catch on his belly with his back to the plate and threw A-Rod out at first. In fairness to A-Rod, the ball looked for sure to be at least a two run double and he had rounded second.
In the 6th, Curtis tied the game at 4, his second pinch hit appearance. But Marte gave up the 5th run in the 6th by a walk, balk, wild pitch and a squibb out to first.
A-Rod tied run in the 9th with a sac fly. Granderson hit a homer in the 10th and Mo pitched two innings for the win.
But it wasn't easy, in the bottom of the 10th, Mo allowed two hits and an intentional walk to load the bases. Then induced two pop outs and a strike out to nail it down.

Yanks in First place by 2½ games, everyone else in the AL East lost, again!

June 25-27, 2010 - Edwin Jackson threw a no hitter against Tampa for Arizona
On to Los Angeles and Torre's Dodgers for the weekend!
Game 1: Yankees win 2-1
Sabathia one run, four hits in 8 innings
A-Rod scores both Yankee runs - homer and double scoring on Posada single
Mo strikes out the side in 9th, starting with Manny!
Game 2 Dodgers win 9-4
Once again, why is Burnett still pitching? The Yankees go up 3-0 and AJ gives back 2 in the first. Then by the 3rd he was down 5-4.
Then the bullpen fell apart again.
Game 3: Yankees come from behind win 8-6 in 10
Pettitte did himself in. Two throwing errors on bunts in one inning. It went downhill from there.
By the 9th the score was 6-2 Dodgers. Torre brings in his closer, Broxton and he fails! The Yankees score 4, including the tying run on a bad decision by the first baseman, Loney.
Mo pitches the 9th. Cano hits a two run homer off of Ramon Troncoso in the 10th.
Mo got the win allowing a hit in the 10th.

The Yankees (47-28) are in first place, two games up, with the best record in the majors.

June 29, 2010 - Are they doing to Hughes what they did to Joba last year?
He was 10-1 and was given ten day off to hold his innings down. He was terrible gave up seven (six earned) runs in 5.2 innings. Seattle is last in the AL in runs scored. Now he's 10-2. Granted they faced Cliff Lee and only got eight hits.
June 30, 2010 - This time Felix Hernandez shut them out on two hits and for the first time since April 2000, two opposing pitchers threw complete game wins against the Yankees.
Once again, the hitters went missing.
July 1, 2010 - CC Sabathia on the mound for the last game.
He nursed a 2-0 lead into the 8th. With two on and one out, Posada commits a passed ball to allow the game to be tied on a hit. A-Rod to the rescue with Teixeira on base hits his 595th homer and Mo closes it.

July 2, 2010 - Burnett pitched a beaut, but the bats were again missing.
He left leading 1-0, but JAP Joba gave up the tying run in the 8th.
Then Robertson allows the go ahead run to score and Park lets the game get out of hand in the 11th.
Yankees lose 6-1.

July 3, 2010 - By the second inning of the game, the Yankees are 0-25 with runners in scoring position.
But they woke up in the third, getting 11 runs, including a Gardner grand slam and sun aided basees loaded double by A-Rod. Then nothing after that.
The Yankees have three starters with ten wins each.
July 4, 2010 - Hughes, on regular rest give up three homers. Leaves the game down 5-3.
Tex triples, but Swisher is thrown out at the plate. Then Tex is thrown out on a pop up.
Gardner hit a sun aided inside the park homer to tie the game. There was an appeal at third, but the replay shows he touched the inside edge of the base with his left foot.
With the bases loaded and the Yankees up 6-5 and one out Swisher gets thrown out at the plate again on a pop out.
Mo blows the save, game tied 6-6 in the 9th.
Top of the 10th, Robertson allows the first two on base. Encarnacion bunts a pop up and doesn't run. A-Rod lets it drop and they get the double play! And Molina K's to end the inning!
Marcus Thames, off the DL, off the bench gets the game winner with Cano on second. Yankees win 7-6 in 10.
Second July 4th with a walk off game against the Blue Jays in two years. It was Thames second walk off, the other against Boston.

Jeter and Cano will start as the keystone combination for the All Star Game!
A-Rod, Mo, Hughes, and CC are on the roster. Andy Pettitte makes the team as a replacement for the injured Clay Buchholz of Boston.

The Yankees head west for the last time in the regular season.
Yankees in first place with the best record in the majors.
Standings on July 4, 2010
Yankees 50-31
Boston 49-33 - 1½ GB
Tampa 48-33 - 2GB

July 8, 2010 - Nick Swisher beat Kevin Youkilis for the last AL All Star roster spot in the closest race since the extra player voting started. He had 9.8 million votes.

The Yankees, in negotiations with Seattle for Cliff Lee, wound up dodging a bullet, when the deal fell through. He's not going to pitch against the Yankees and will go to Texas.
July 10, 2010 - It's official, they completely ruined the JAP Joba.
After Vasquez pitched a great game, Joba comes into the 8th with a 1-0 lead. He gives up two singles, a wild pitch, an intentional walk and a grand slam to lose yet another game. The moral victory was that the Yankees had Hernandez on the ropes the whole game, but could not score, except for Swisher's homer in the third.

July 11, 2010 - John Flaherty forgets he's an announcer and makes a great catch of a foul ball in the booth. It was the play of the game!
Sabathia gets the win he's 12-3.

On July 11, 2010,
The voice of Yankee Stadium, Bob Sheppard passed away at age 99.
His first Yankee game included Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio the only year they played together.
Most men go to work, but I go to a game," Sheppard said. "How many men would love to do that?"
Rest in Peace, Mr. Sheppard.

At the All Star Break the Yankees are in first place with the best record in the majors.
Standings on July 11, 2010
Yankees 56-32
Boston 54-34 2 GB
Tampa 51-37 - 5 GB

On July 13, 2010,
The boss, George Steinbrenner III, passed away at age 80.
He purchased the Yankees from CBS for $10 million and turned the then stumbling franchise into a dynasty estimated at over $1.6 billion.
An Adidas commercial featuring George!
He also redefined how sports franchises operate, including creating the YES Network, with all of its original TV shows.
He was a great philanthropist, giving to many causes and helping even his fired employees.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Steinbrenner.

July 13, 2010 - The National League pull out their first All Star win since 1996. All of the scoring involved Yankees. Longoria scored the AL unearned run on Cano's sac fly. Phil Hughes gave up two hits in the 7th and got the loss when both scored on the double allowed by Thornton.

July 16, 2010 - On the night that both the boss and the voice were honored, CC was so-so, but kept the Yankees in the game.
Behind 3-1 in the 6th, Cano and Posada homered back to back to tie. But CC gave up another run with a bases loaded no out double play. Swisher than retied the game in the 8th with a homer. Then the drama in the 9th. Granderson leads with a hit, he is bunted to second, Gardner walked. This put Jeter in position to get the winning run in, but alas, Hollywood didn't write this script, he struck out. Swisher struck again, this time getting his first hit off of Cormier to earn the win and the pie!

July 17, 2010 - In the Old Timers' Game, Mickey Rivers delivered a walk off hit to the base of he right field wall!
AJ Burnett, who delivered the pie in the face to Swisher Friday night, left the game losing 4-2 in the third with cuts on his hand. Turns out, he got the cut when he punched the wall after giving up runs in the first two innings.

July 21, 2010 - Vasquez starts the game off sharp, but ran out of gas by the 6th. He was given a 6-0 lead, but left 6-5.
Interesting play of the game, in the 7th Yankees up 6-5, after a few close calls, Gardner comes up with two on. He argues the second strike and gets thrown out of the game. Colin Curtis comes in with an 0-2 count and drives a 3-2 pitch for his first homer!
Mo nails down the win in a non save 9th inning. Yankees win 10-6 . This win give Vasquez at least one win against each of the current 30 MLB teams! Active pitchers Zito and Moyer are the only others.

On July 21, 2010,
The Major, Ralph Houk, passed away at age 90.
He was the manager who replaced the Old Professor, Casey Stengel after the 1960 World series was loss. The Major lead the team to two championships in 1961 and 1962, plus an AL flag in 1963. In 1964, he became GM and the Yakees won the AL pennant again, but lost the WS.
Rest in Peace, Major.

July 22, 2010 - In afour game set against the Royals, there were a few milestone hits due. Posada looking for RBI number 1000, Cano hit number 1000, and A-Rod homer number 600.

Two of three not bad. A-rod got to 599 and stalled, though he had a number of RBI. Posada got his Friday and Cano got his Sunday.

Standings on July 25, 2010
Yankees 62-35 (Best record in the majors)
Tampa 59-38 3 GB
Boston 55-44 8 GB

July 26, 2010 - Matt Garza, of Tampa, pitched a no hitter against the Tigers.
The game was a double no hitter until the 6th, when Tampa went ahead 4-0 on a grand slam.
This leaves the Mets and Padres as the only teams without a no hit pticher. Tampa had a perfect game pitched against them earlier in the season.

Weekend July 30-Aug 1, 2010 - After going 3-1 against Cleveland, without an A-Rod homer, but a number of RBI, they go into Tampa. This is the first time in many years two teams with 60 wins each this late in the season face off!
Game 1: Friday Tampa wins 3-2 in a pitchers' duel
Game 2: Saturday Yankees win 5-4
See-saw battle. Tex, Swish and Cano hit homers.
Game 3: Sunday Tampa wins 3-0
Two poor plays by Lance Berkman and no hit production for him or Kearns, or anyone else - 11 K's, including 7 in a row. Wood pitched 1.2 innings, but allowed the based to get loaded, but the bull pen held.

July 31, 2010 - At the trade deadline the Yankees trade for RHP Kerry Wood, OF Austin Kearns, and IF-DH Lance Berkman.

Standings on August 1, 2010
Yankees 66-38 (Best record in the majors)
Tampa 65-39 1 GB
Boston 60-45 6½ GB

August 3-4, 2010 - To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we wne to the Yankee game. The side note being A-Rod stuck on 599 homers and the Yankees have lost enough to be tied with Tampa forfirst place. Then it got worse. A-Rod failed, we left in the 7th after he lined out. the Yankees, after scoring two on homes in the first inning for the third time in about five games was shut out the rest of the way and lost, putting them in second place behind Tampa.

A-Rod got his 600th homer in his first at bat on August 4th! One at bat too late for us and the Yankees.
Interesting it was the third anniversary of his 500th homer!

August 6-9, 2010 - Time to put Boston out of its misery. A four game wrap around the weekend set.
Friday 8/6- Boston wins 6-3
Antother game with the Yankees getting a two run homer in the first, but they are 1-3 in those games.
Saturday 8/7 - Yankees win 5-3
To add injury to insult, with Lance Berkman taking batting practice, Joe Buck of FOX TV said hello to A-Rod taking infield practice, distracting him just enough to get hit on the leg and out of the Saturday game.
No first inning two run homer today, but Ramiro Pena, subbing for A-Rod, got two RBI!
Sunday 8/8 - Yankees win 7-2
A-Rod palys, but Burnett couldn't pitch. Dustin Mosely takes the ball and pitches 7 strong innings. Mo comes in the 9th with two on and throws one pitch to lock it down.
Monday 8/9 - Boston wins 2-1
Yankees down 0-2 in the 7th. Load the bases with no outs and Boston K's the side!
Bottom of the 8th Tex hits a lead off homer, the Yankees get two on, but Kearns grounds out to end it.

August 8, 2010 - Tampa loses a one hitter 1-0 in Toronto, a on hitter would have been the third in this season that involved Tampa.

Standings on August 9, 2010
Yankees 69-42 (Best record in the majors)
Tampa 68-44 1½ GB
Boston 64-49 6 GB

August 11, 2010 - After Mo blows a tie game by loading the bases against Texas in the bottom of the 10th and gives up a single to lose the game, on Wednesday, the task was harder. They Faced Cliff Lee, whom they missed when they last faced Seattle they were down 6-1 in the 6th. Then they knocked Lee out and beat the Texas bullpen with runs scored in the last four innings! The winning run was knocked in by Marcus Thames. Mo then comes in an promptly gives up a triple to the lead off hitter. But Kearns makes a shoestring catch in short right, Mo gets a comebacker to hold the runner and A-Rod gets the last assist to Swisher playing first to end the game.

August 13, 2010 - There's a new team in Baltimore! Since Buck Showalter took over the team they are 9-2, beating even good teams!
August 14, 2010 - At Kansas City, the Yankees hit five homers totaling 2073'. A-Rod, Posada, and Granderson in the 6th. Then A-Rod with two two run shots in the 7th and 9th! Earlier, there were a few long fly balls that went for outs.
The good news: Burnett pitched a one run complete game. The bad news: the Yankees got two hits and no runs against Bryan Bullington, who won his first game ever. Both runers were erased on a double play and a caught stealing!

Standings on August 15, 2010
Yankees 72-45 (Best record in the majors)
Tampa 71-46 1 GB
Boston 67-52 6 GB

August 16, 2010 - For a total of 17 innings, the Yankees could not score a run. Then in the bottom of the 9th of the Monday game, they load the bases on a hit, a walk and a hit batter. One run was scored on an additional walk. But Jeter grounded into a game ending double play.
They need to start hitting again. The Rays are now tied for first place.

Weekend August 20-22, 2010 - The Yankees are lucky rather than good. Losing two of three, but Tampa loses too. The Yankees stay in first place.
Burnett gave up six runs on Friday and Vasquez gave up two homers in the first inning on Saturday. The Yankees go up 4-2 in the bottom of the first, but by the third Vasquez allow Seattle to tie it. He allowed the four runs on three homers and left in the 4th inning.
The Yankees get their hits in the 7th to win 9-5. Mo had a four out save, but gave up a run in the 9th.

The bad news: A-Rod goes onto the 15 day DL for his calf injury. The good news: the Yanks are 12-0 in games without him!
When are they going to learn? Once again they walk Teixeria to get to the cleanup hitter, this time Cano, and another grand slam, the Yankee's tenth. CC wins his 17th.

Standings on August 22, 2010
Yankees 77-47
Tampa 76-48 1 GB
Boston 71-54 6½ GB

Weekend August 27-29, 2010 - After losing two of three in Toronto, the day off in Chicago did little for Burnett. He gave up nine runs in 3.1 innings. The only good thing is that Mitre pitched the rest of the game allowing only one hit and walk. Maybe he should start. Yankees lose 9-4.
Ivan Nova pitches another great game and earns his first win. Yankees win suday 2-1.
Boston vs. Tampa Sunday night. - GO SOX

Standings on August 29, 2010
Yankees 80-50
Tampa 80-50
Boston 74-57 6½ GB

August 30, 2010 - The Yankees return home for their longest home stand. As of Monday 8/30 the Rays and Yankees have been tied for first eight days in a row. That's a record for this late in the season.
Vasquez is making a statement to get back into the rotation. He relived Mosely in the fourth and finished the game giving up no runs.

September 1, 2010 - After a dismal August Burnett finally pitched a decent game, including a season high eight strikeouts.

September 2, 2010 - The Yankees sweep the A's on Sabathia's one hitter with help from Jonathan Albaladejo to close out the 9th.

An interesting tib-bit: The Yankees are 3-0 against pitchers who threw perfect games and no hitters this season.

September 5, 2010 - Well they can't win them all. The streak ends at eight in a row. A-Rod returns from the DL and drives in two runs.

Standings on September 5, 2010
Yankees 86-51
Tampa 83-53 2½
Boston 76-61 10 GB

September 6, 2010 - Against the Orioles, A-Rod hits a homer and sac fly to make his 14th season with 100 or more RBI. He's the only one to do that! It was also his 13th in a row, only two others did that.

The longest home stand of the season began well: 6-1, buts ends badly 0-3 against the Orioles! Sad
Oh wait - - - A-Rod singles to lead off the 9th. Cano flies out and Swisher hits a two run homer to win it 3-2! He earns a pie from Burnett who is 4-0 in walk off pies.
Ivan Nova pitched another great game, giving up only two runs on a homer in 6.2 innings.
So the homestand ends 7-3.

September 10, 2010 - Another sad game - In Texas, for what has been billed as a playoff preview, the Yankees stranded 18 runners on base in a thirteen inning fiasco. JAP Joba and Gaudin gave up homers to the same guy, to first tie the game and then lose the game, each on the first pitch of the inning.
September 11, 2010 - Burnett gave up two in four plus innings due the rain delay. But it gets worse. The Yankees leave 14 men on base and go Only 3-13 hits with RISP. They enter the bottom of the 9th leading 6-5, having scored three late runs in the 8th. Mo comes in and gives up lead and loses the game on a bases loaded hit batter!
Jeter is in the worst slump of his career, the team hitting with runners in scoring position is terrible. Tampa is winning and the Yankees are losing.

September 12, 2010 - The Yankees were swept in Texas for the first time since 1996. Mosely pitched well, but the hitters didn't once again.
Pettitte should be back from the DL next week, but other than Sabathia, the staff is questionable and the bull pen has now given up nine runs in the last few games. And they are headed to Tampa.

Standings on September 12, 2010
Yankees 87-56
Tampa 86-56 ½GB
Boston 78-64 9 GB (playing on the west coast)

September 13-15, 2010 - The battle for first place!
Rays win 1-0 in 11 innings
Yankees win 8-7 in 10 innings
The Yankees were leading 6-0 in the 5th then Nova and Logan blew it. Posada wins it with a 430' homer and Mo nails it. The game ended with Crawford, who led off with a single, stole second with one out. Then for some reason he tried to tag up on a fly out to right. Golson threw a one hop to A-Rod to nail Crawford at third. Why would a fast runner try that and make the last out of the game at third? A single later would have tied he game.

And the Oscar goes to Derek Jeter for best acting as if he were hit by a pitch!
And the stupid non-move so far: Hughes gave up a two run homer to Dan Johnson earlier in the game. After the Yankees retake the lead 3-2, Johnson come up again with a runner on and the Yankees are losing 4-3! Joba came in to finish the inning with a one pitch ground out.
The Yankees lose 4-3 and are a half game out of first place.

September 17-19, 2010 - The Yankees limp in second place into Baltimore. Since Buck Showalter took over the Orioles, they've played better baseball.
Friday night: Burnett fed them easy stuff including two homers and two hit batters both with 0-2 counts.

The Yankees had a chance to put Millwood away, but with the bases loaded and one out in the second, they couldn't score.
But in the top of the 9th with two on, two out, and two strikes, A-Rod hits his second homer of the game! Mo closes it out.
Tampa lost to the Angels and the Yankees are back in first place.

Saturday night:Sabathia wins his 20th of the year, for the first time in his career 11-3.
Cano got RBI #101, joining Teixeira and A-Rod. This is the first Yankee team ever to have three infielders with 100+ RBI!

Sunday: Andy Pettitte returns from two months on the DL and gives up one first inning run on a bunt single with two outs! He leaves after the 6th with a 3-1 lead and 80 pitches.
But Mo gives up a game tying homer in the 9th.
The Yankees had the bases loaded in the 11th with one out and Berkman hitting right handed grounds into a double play to end it.

Boston won, but Tampa lost
Standings on September 19, 2010
Yankees 90-56
Tampa 89-59 ½GB
Boston 83-66 7GB

The battle for First Place!
September 20-23, 2010 - Tampa at Yankee Stadium
Before the game, a monument to George M. Steinbrenner III was unveiled. Torre and Mattingly were in attendance
September 20 - Yankees win 8-6
Two homers for Granderson
September 21 - Yankees win 8-3
September 22 - Rays win 7-2
After a two hour rain delay, AJ didn't return and the bull pen collapsed
September 23 - Rays win 10-3
Sabathia couldn't get out of the 6th, as the Rays scored seven runs. JAP Joba allowed inherirted runners to score and Vasquez hit three batter in one inning, forcing in a run!
The Rays leave town ½ game behind, but win the season series. If they wind up in a tie, the Rays would get the east division and the Yankees the wild card.

September 24-26, 2010 - The Yankees can clinch a playoff spot this weekend by taking two from the Red Sox. Tampa has an easier remaining schedule though for best record and AL home field advantage.

September 24 - Boston wins 10-8
The good news, the Yankees hit five homers - The bad news Pettite allowed a three run homer in the second and never recovered.
September 25 - Boston wins 7-3
Lester allowed no hits through five. One walk, but erased on a double play. Sad, I guess they are going to fold like the Mets! So good and so long.
The hitters aren't hitting and the pitchers aren't pitching.
September 26 - Yankees 4-3 in ten innings
With Tampa having lost and still three wins to clinch, Phil Hughes was supposed to have his turn skipped until Wednesday, but with four losses in a row, he starts today. Mosely was desiganted the 'long relief' if needed. Hughes pitched a great game, giving up one run in six plus inning and the bullpen held it. A-Rod hits a 7th inning two run homer to put the Yankees up 2-1. But Mo blows another save, this one for four outs. He gets out in the 8th, but gives up two runs on four steals and a sac fly.
In the bottom of the 9th, Cano ties it on a bases loaded hit against Papelbon.
And into extrea innings as Posada K's and Berkman files out with the bases loaded.
Joba and Logan get a three out top of the 10th. The Yankees load the bases with no out in the bottom and Miranda walks in the winning run.

An observation about the ESPN K-Zone - once again it doesn't match the umpires' calls.

Standings on September 26, 2010
Tampa 93-62
Yankees 93-63 ½GB
Boston 86-69 7GB
The Yankees need one win or one Boston loss to clinch at least the wildcard. First place is still not out of the question.

September 28, 2010 - Sabathia pitches to nail down the playoffs. He three hits the Jays, allowing one run. Mo gets the last two outs. Yankees win 6-1. Runs scored on sac flies, ground outs and a bases loaded walk.

October 1-3, 2010 the last weekend - It comes down to the last three games. The Yankees must win all three games and Tampa must lose two for the Yankees to clinch the AL east title.
October 1- Tampa loses, the Yankees rained out double header on Saturday Yankees ½ game up.
Andy and AJ in the DH.
October 2 - Yankees win first game 6-5 in ten innings
Pettitte looked OK and left in the fifth leading 5-3. The bull pen allows the tying run, but the Yankees pull it out in the 10th with Hughes getting the win and Mo saving it.
Rays win 4-0.
Burnett does it again. Given a 4-1 lead holds the ball after a close play at first to argue and the third run scored. Three errors in the fourth inning. Boston ties it in the 6th, but the Yankees retake the lead in the 7th. But the bullpen allows Boston to tie in the 8th and lose it in the 10th.
October 3 - Yankees must win and Tampa must lose for Yankees to take AL east. If the Yankees lose they are wildcard, no matter what Tampa does.
Yankees lose 8-4 so are the wild card
Mosely pitched well until two outs in the fifth, then gave up a two run homer. The bull pen again couldn't hold it.

2010 Playoffs

2010 Preview

Nov 6, 2009 - Will Joe Girardi get uniform #28 from Shelly Duncan?
From the NY Daily News - the Ten Things the Yankees need to do for 2010.

Nov 11, 2009 - Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira each were awarded Gold Gloves for their positions for 2009.

Nov 12, 2009 - It doesn't stop! Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira each were awarded Silver Slugger for their positions for 2009.

Nov 26, 2009 - sadly, it was announced that Bob Sheppard, the voice of GOD, will not be returning to his job as the announcer at Yankee Stadium. His first game was the last opening day for Joe DiMaggio in 1951. Between then and the last week of the 2007 season, he announced the line ups for over 4500 games. He was also the announcer for the Football Giants until 2006.

Nov 30, 2009 - Derek Jeter was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

Dec. 8-9, 2009 - On Tuesday a three way deal was announced that would bring Curtis Granderson from the Tigers to the Yankees. In the trade, the Yankees will send Austin Jackson and Phil Coke to Detroit and Ian Kennedy to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Other players will swap between Arizona and Detroit. This may put pressure on Damon to settle a contract with the Yankees on the team's terms.

On Wednesday, Andy Pettitte agreed to a one year $11.75 million deal to pitch for the Yankees in 2010. He had won the clinching game in ach of the three rounds in the 2009 post season.

Dec. 15, 2009 - Hedeki Matsui, WS MVP, agreed to a contract with the Angels. Halliday, whom the Yankees had interest, was traded to Philadelphia. Lackey went to the Red Sox. The Yankees may still look for a starter.

Dec. 18, 2009 - Nick Johnson was signed to a one year contract. He will be the primary DH and play first from time to time. Will he bat second? He's slow, but has a high on base percentage. This may mean the end of Johnny Damon on the Yankees.

Dec. 22, 2009 - the Yankees traded Melkey Cabrera for Javier Vazquez from the Braves. What will this mean to the Yankee outfield? Will Damon now be resigned? Will the rotation improve?

Steroid dripJan 11, 2010
Mark McGwire finally admitted that he had been on steroids for about a decade, including 1998, the year he broke Roger Maris' season home run record. He has been named hitting coach for the Cardinals and probably is looking to get into the Hall of Fame.

The Yankees sign Randy Winn to play left field. So this must be the end of Damon as a Yankee. Although he was cheaper and only wanted one year, he's no home run hitter.

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