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St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series

2011 Post Season

American League
East: Yankees (secured home field advantage throughout AL playoffs)
Central: Detroit
West: Texas
Wild Card: Tampa

Sept 26 - Tampa beats the Yankees and Boston loses to Baltimore. Wild Card is tied.

Sept 27 - Both Boston and Tampa win. It comes down to the last game of the season!
Sept 28 - The Yankees went out to a 7-0 lead. Tampa caught up in the 9th with two outs and two strikes - Wade gave up a game tying homer.
Boston loses the game giving up two runs to Baltimore with two outs in the bottom of the 9th!
Proctor again gives up the game to Tampa.
Tampa wins and Boston loses . . Boston is out!

National League
(With All Star win, NL will have home field advantage in World Series)
East: Phialdelphia (secured home field advantage throughout NL playoffs)
Central: Milwaukee
West: Arizona
Wild Card: St. Louis
Sept 27 - St. Louis and Atlanta are tied for the wild card.
Sept 28 - St. Louis wins, Atlanta loses

Division Series

Detroit (3) - Yankees (2)
Once again no one in MLB looks at the forecasts. Nice all day in NYC, rain at night. The game starts and is suspended at 1-1 in the bottom of the second.
The weather in Texas was nice enough to play at night.
@ Yankees
Game 1:Yankees win 9-3
Saturday game is the continuation of game one. Friday ticket holders will see this game.
Posada leads off for the first time, gets a hit, but is out in a rundown.
In the 6th, the Yankees blow it open with six runs on a Gardner RBI single and Cano grand slam.
Nova coasts into the 9th, but gives up an infield single and a walk. Mo has to come in and nails the non save with a three pitch strikeout.
Sunday is game two.
Game 2:Detroit wins 5-3
Garcia gives up a first inning two run homer. Then he holds Detriot down until he collapses in the 6th. Then Logan balks! Two runs score.
Yankees have no hits through five. Cano gets a hit in the 6th and Posada in the 7th, but no runs. Granderson homers in the 8th.
Valverde, the Detroit closer comes in for a non save. Swisher greets him with a homer and Posada with a TRIPLE. A few walks in the rain, Posada scores on a sac fly, making it 5-3. But Jeter strikes out and Cano grounds out as the winning run.
@ Detroit
Game 3: Detroit wins 5-4
Sabathia walks four in the firs two innings, but erases two on two double plays. Strugling through 6 and leaves the game down 4-2. the Yankees tie the game 4-4 on a Gardner hit, but Soriano gives a run back on a homer. Jeter again strikes out with the tyong run on second to end the game. Tex and A-Rod 1-21 so far.
Game 4: Yankees win 10-1
Burnett pitches and promptly loads the bases with no hits in the first, but gets out of it.
AJ pitches 52/3 of one run ball. Yankees up 4-1. With a runner on first Soriano looks like he's blowing it again, but Granderson makes another outstrtch play to get the third out. Then in the 7th, he gets three outs on eight more pitches.
The Yankees load the bases in the 8th and balk and seven hits score six. Hughes and Logan nail it down.
@ Yankees
Game 5: Detroit wins 3-2
Nova gives up two solo homers in the first and is injured and out by the third. Sabathia gives up one run. The Yankees leave the bases loaded in the 4th and 7th. Cano hits a homer in the 5th and Teixeira gets a bases loaded walk in the 7th.
All year long we've been waiting for Gardner to steal early in the next at bat. This time he does, but Jeter flies out.
Granderson and Cano fly out and A-Rod ends the season a strikeout!

Gardner is the Yankee MVP!
H/AB: 5/17 BA: .412 RBI: 5
Cano had 9 RBI, but four were on an first game grand slam, then little else in the clutch.
Posada was 5/14 - .429, but no RBI and 4 runs.
Sadly A-ROD and Teixeira were 10/23 with 3 RBI.
The Yankees scored 28 runs while Detroit scored only 17. The Yankees won two blowouts, but lost two by one run and one by two runs.

This is what $200 million bought us again!

Tampa (1) - Texas (3)
@ Texas
Game 1: Tampa wins 9-0
Game 2: Texas wins 8-6
@ Tampa Bay
Game 3: Texas wins 4-3
Game 4: Texas wins 4-2

Arizona (2) - Milwaukee (3)
@ Milwaukee
Game 1: Milwakee wins 4-1
Game 2: Milwaukee wins 9-4
@ Arizona
Game 3: Arizona wins 8-1
Game 4: Arizona wins 10-6
@ Milwaukee Game
5: Milwaukee wins 3-2 in 10 innings

St. Louis (3) - Philadelphia (2)
Game 1: Philadelphia 11-6
Game 2: St. Louis wins 5-4
@ St. Louis
Game 3: Philadelphia wins 3-2
Game 4:St. Louis wins 5-3
Game 5: St. Louis wins 1-0

This was probably the most exciting set of division series in many years with three game fives and one going ten innings!
In all four series, the LOSING team out scored the winner!
Yankees 28-17
Tampa 20-16
Arizona 25-23
Philadelphia 21-19

It doesn't matter how many runs you score, but when you score.
That's baseball!

League Championships

Texas (4) vs. Detroit (2)
@ Texas
Game 1: Texas wins 3-2 vs. Verlander! In the rain.
Detroit must bring the rain. Game two postponed to Monday!
Game 2: Texas winns 7-3 11th inning grand slam!
@ Detroit
Game 3: Detroit wins 5-3
Game 4: Texas wins 7-3
Game 5: Detroit wins 7-5
@ Texas
Game 6: Texas wins 15-5

St. Louis (4) vs. Milwaukee (2)
@ Milwaukee
Game 1: Milwaukee wins 9-6
Game 2: St. Louis wins 12-3
@ St. Louis
Game 3: St. Louis wins 4-3
Game 4: Milwaukee wins 4-2
Game 5: St. Louis wins 7-1
@ Milwaukee
Game 6: St. Louis wins 12-6
St. Louis scored first in all six games. At least one run scored in the first five half innings. Six homers in the game, all before the third inning.

World Series

National League won home field by winning the All Star Game
Texas (3) vs. St. Louis (4)
@ St. Louis
Game 1:St. Louis wins 3-2
Game 2: Texas wins 2-1
Texas down 1-0 in the top of the 9th. Score two and win!
@ Texas
Game 3:St. Louis wins 16-7
Albert Pujols joined Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson by hitting three homers in one WS game.
Game 4:Texas wins 4-0
Pujols goes 0-4, that's baseball!
Game 5: Texas wins 4-2
Pujols goes 0-2 with 3 intentional walks
@ St. Louis
Rainout, postponed to Thursday.
Game 6: St. Louis wins 10-9 in 11 innings
There's Mo and all the rest. Feliz blows the game in the 9th. Pujols goes 1-5. Extra innings.
Mott gives up a two run homer to Hamilton in the 10th. But Texas pitchers give it back. Freese wins it with a homer in the 11th
In both the 9th and 10th Texas was one strike away from winning, but couldn't close the deal.
Game 7: St. Louis wins 6-2
By the 7th it was 6-2 St. Louis. The Texas bullpen crashed completely.

St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series

November 2 - Cano and Granderson win silver slugger awards.

2011 Season

March 31 - Opening day starting lineup:
Gardner - CF
Jeter - SS
Teixeira - 1B
Rodriguez - 3B
Cano - 2B
Swisher - RF
Posada - DH
Granderson - CF
Martin - C
Sabathia - P

Yankees win 6-3. Sabathia pitched six innings giving up 3 runs. The bull pen was perfect 0-9.
Granderson had two great catches and hit the game winning homer.
Russell Martin stole third and later in the game scored on a short fly ball.
This was the 17th consecutive year that Jeter, Rivera, and Posada started the season together. This beats any team in any sport.
This was the 11th opening day home win for the Yankees, tying the ML record

April 7 - The world is upside down! Baltimore is 4-1 and Toronto is 4-2 and Boston and Tampa are 0-6! The Yankees are 4-2, with a blown 8th inning lead on 4/5 and a rainout on 4/6.

April 13 - AJ Burnett pitches well and goes 3-0 so far. A-Rod ties Ted Williams for 11th in RBI at 1,839 and Jeter ties Barry Bonds for 32nd in hits at 2,935.
Yankees and Orioles tied for first place at 6-4. Boston is 2-9!

April 14 - Phil Hughes failed again leaving the Yankees down 5-0. But Colon and Chamberlain held the Orioles. Posada ties it in the 9th and Swisher wins it with a sac fly in the 10th.

April 15 - Hughes is placed on the DL for a dead arm. Colon might get into the rotation. The Yankees hit into a record six double plays in a 5-3 loss to Texas.

April 16 - Garcia and Molina get their first starts against Texas.
Garcia pitched six shutout innings giving up just two hits. Although Soriano gave up two runs (3-2 at the time) in the 8th, the Mo gets the last three outs in the 9th after Cano hit a two run homer in the 8th. Final 5-2.

April 19 - It had to happen, Mo blows a save in the 9th against Toronto and the Yankees lose in the 10th.

April 20 - Bartolo Colon pitches a gem two hitter over 6.1 innings as the Yankees split the two games in Toronto.

April 24 - Mo blew another save, pitching for four outs, by allowing the tying run in the 9th, but the winning run is cut down at home.
In the 10th, Jeter tries to score on a fly, but he too is cut down at home. With Cano leading off in the 11th and a 3-2 count, a 45 minute rain delay began. When the rain stopped, the Orioles fielded a different team. After Cano doubled, a few hits and two errors allowed the Yankees to score three. Logan and Carlyl close it out, no save.
Yankees win 6-3

April 24 to 28 - The White Sox come in for a four game set. They were struggling to score runs, which must be contagious! In the first three games the Yankees score only 5 runs, including being no hit for seven innings and shut out in the first game. They manage to win the third game 3-1 and finally get to hitting, winning the last game 12-3. The good news was that the starters did very well in all four games. The bullpen got the loss in the second game.

May 8 to May 12 - Over all, a bad week. The offense is missing for the most part. Lost a road trip 3-4 and went 1-2 against Kansas City at home. Their defense has gone south with too many errors. They are in second place one game behind Tampa.

May 13 to May 15 - Boston in for the weekend, three night games:
Game 1: Boston 5-4
Colon got the loss, but Joba gave up a two run homer in the 7th making the two runs in the 8th and 9th fall short of a comeback.
Game 2: Boston 6-0
Pathetic! Again they can't get hits with runners in scoring position.
Compounding the bad game, when Posada was told he was batting 9th, he said he needed a day to clear his head or his back hurt.
Game 3: Boston 7-5
In the 7th, Boston scores a run on no hits.
Overall pathetic performance over the weekend. Boston gained a .500 average and the Yankees barely escapted in second place two games out, losing five in a row. They play Tampa next.

May 18 - After splitting in Tampa, they headed to Baltimore, where reality had set in for the last place Orioles. Colon pitched a beaut, giving up no runs for eight innings. But the Yankees were held to one unearned run through nine. With Mo on the mound and one out, two hits and a sac fly tied the game. Into extra innings. And a wild extra it was: between the 10th and 14th, both teams had men on base, including loaded bases. Somehow, neither team could score. In the top of the 15th, the Yankees score two and Chris Dickerson gets hit on the bill of the batting helmet and is removed from the game. The Baltimore pitcher is ejected and Burnett goes in to run for Dickerson. Thursday's started is brought into the game. Cano, who doubled in the runs and was on third, scored a third run on a sac fly. Burnett got high fives for not getting hurt on the basepaths! Hector Noesi, in his first major league appearance, had wiggled in and out of jams, got his first ML win. Jeter had been the DH and Posada was the only player left on the bench. With Dickerson out, Nunez who was at short, moved to right field and Jeter to short.
The wierd play of the game, with one out and two on in the bottom of the 15th, Snyder from first is out being hit by batted ball, batter gets single, runner on second must return, and Teixeiria gets the put out.
As luck would have it, Nunez made the last out on a fly!

Subway Series I - May 20-22At Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Mets 2-1
Yankees can't get a hit off the Met bull pen 0-9.
Game 2: Yankees 7-3
Four Yankee home runs. Break 6 game home losing streak.
Game 3: Yankees 9-3
Yankees down 3-1 in the 7th. Jeter ties it and A-Rod puts them ahead with a 50 foot bases loaded infield hit! Nova gave up 11 hits, but only 3 runs.
Only the second come from behind win this season.

May 24 - After losing the first of three to Toronto, it looked bad in the second game, as the Yankees were held to one run in the second.
They were down 4-1, even though Sabathia had been pitching well after a bad 4th inning. In fact he allowed no hits and pitched the 9th. The Yankees had scored two in the 8th to make it closer. Posada, who has had a dismal year as the DH, came in to pinch hit in the 9th and doubled. Dickerson pinch ran and scored on Granderson's hit, tying the game. After Granderson stole second, Tex singled off the first baseman's glove. The ball was slowed down enough that no play could be made on Granderson, who scored the winning walk-off run. AJ Burnett had a bad aim with the pie and only got the side of Tex's head!

May 25 - Mariano Rivera became the first pitcher to appear in 1000 games for the same team. It was a non save game as the Yankees were ahead 7-3.

May 27 - Beginning a ten day, nine game road trip on the west coast. It begins badly with a 1-2 series in Seattle.

May 30 - Bartolo Colon pitches a complete game, shutout against Oakland. The Yankees wind up with a sweep in Oakland.

June 5 - The road trip ends very well with the Yankees going 6-3 and the beginning of a home stand including Boston, Cleveland and Texas. In Anaheim, Rivera gets two saves, the first on one pitch after Sabathia goes 8.2 innings. The last game was a bit tougher, but Mo got Hunter to bounce into a 5-4-3 double play with a runner on third.

June 7 to 9 - Garcia and Burnett were awful against Boston. What offense was there came too little too late. Sabathia on Thursday. He fell apart after Swisher played a single into an RBI triple in the 6th. Yankees lose 8-3. Yankees in second place two games out. Sad.

Worse news Joba may need Tommy John surgery. What was that procedure called called before John had the sugery?
There are calls for the Yankees to get K-Rod from the Mets!

June 10 to 13 - They recover from the Boston losses by taking three of four from Cleveland, but the loss hurt in more ways than one: it was a 1-0 score where they had at least two on in each of the first three innings and couldn't score. Then Jeter, who got his 2994th hit, hurt his calf on the next at bat and went on the 15 day DL.

June 15 - In their second consecutive 12-4 win over Texas, Teixiera hits his 11th left-right home run game, tying the career record. With Nunez and Pena playing short and third, they, Cano and Tex each had a home run!

June 16 - Brian Gordon makes his ML debut and pitches 5.1 innings of two run ball. Posada ties the game with a right handed double and the Yankees win it in the 12th with Granderson scoring on a hit by Gardner. Cory Wade was the winner after pitching two hitless innings.

June 17 to June 22 - Yankees go 4-2 in NL parks, at Cubs and Reds.

June 24 - Six at home against the Rockies and Brewers then three at Citi Field.

June 26 - Old timers' game. Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, and Lou Pinella were first time old timers.
Bernie doubles and Tino Martinez hits a two run homer! The Yankees beat the Yankees 2-0.
In the regular game, the Yankees were held hitless until the 5th, down 3-0. They tie it, Colorado gets ahead 4-3, but the Yankees go head for good and win 6-4.

A week before the July 4th weekend, the Yankees (45-31) are ½ game ahead of Boston (45-32).

June 28 to June 30 - The Yankees sweep the Brewers! In the third game Sabathia struck out a career high 13 batters in a 5-0 win. Teixeira gets his 300th home run.

July 1 to July 3 - Subway series part II - and the Mets are playing well, scoring double digits in a few games.
Game 1: Yankees win 5-1
It was a tightrope all game with each team leaving 11 men on base.
Nunez went 4-4 with an RBI.
Mo nails it down in a non save situation.
Game 2: Yankees win 5-2
Colon, just off the DL, pitches a gem for six innings.
Nunez hits two doubles and a homer, going 7-8 in the series.
Game 3: Mets 3-2
No Nunez today, tweaked his hamstring.
Gardner triples leading off the 8th and scores on a Granderson sac fly.
Garcia 7 innings one run.
In the 9th, Mo blows the lead and Gardner saves the game with a throw home after an error by Pena with runners on first and second.
Pena boots another in the 10th allowing the bases loaded with two outs. Noesi give up a hit to Bay to end it.

All in all, another great interleague season. I still don't like it!

July 3 - Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson to start in the All Star Game. Rivera in the pen and Martin, a back up catcher. Because of the requirements to have at least one player from each team, Sabathia, Robertson, and Teixeira were not selected.

July 4 - Yankees in first place, Boston and Tampa lose their games.
Yankees get no hits until the 7th inning, then break a scorless game with two runs. But Burnett gives back four after A-Rod and Gardner let the third out fall in foul territory.
Granderson got one back in the 8th, but Wade gave up a two run homer in the bottom half.

Yankees lose 6-3.

July 8 - After a loss to Tampa on Thursday, the Friday game was rained out. Jeter had collected hit 2998, but loses one home game befre the All Star break.
Boston won, so they are now in first place.

Rivera had announced that he would not participate in the All Star game. A-Rod and Jeter announced the same on Friday. All are nursing various ills.

July 9 - With the Yankees down 1-0 and having hit his 2,999th hit to lead off the first inning, Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit, a home run to tie the game in the third inning. He hit it off of David Price, who also gave up his first hit to Jeter and the hit that tied Jeter with Lou Gehrig for the team lead.
Of course AJ immediately walks the first batter he faces in the 4th! Then gives up a two run homer! Sad.
In his next at bat, Jeter gets double! By the 6th he's 4-4!
Christen Lopez, the fellow who got the ball, didn't want anything in exchange for the ball, but the Yankees gave him tickets for the rest of the season plus many team items. He was interviewed on air by Michael Kay and John Flaherty.
With a 4-3 lead, Robertson gives up a lead off triple to Damon, who later scored, so Burnett can't win.

Not to be stopped, Jeter goes 5-5 and drives in the go ahead run in the 8th! His third career five hit game. He and Biggio are the only two players to get five hits in the game that he hit his 3,000! But he gets caught stealing!
Mo nails it down. Jeter gets the game winning RBI!

July 10 - Sabathia and Shields locked in a 0-0 tie through seven.
Upton gets himself doubled off first on a fly to right. Then in the bottom half throws a potential fly out double play into the dugout alowing Cano to get to third. For some reason, Shields trys to pick off Cano at third and throws the ball way Yankees 1-0 into the eighth.
Sabathia strikes out the last batter in the 9th with a 98MPH fastball (#113), his fastest of the day. And AJ gives him a pie!

At the All Star break the Al East:
Boston 55-35
Yankees 53-35 - 1 GB
Tampa 49-41 - 6 GB

July 11 - A-Rod gets a second opinion about his knee and ops for surgery, taking advantage of the All Star break and the following eight games in turf ballparks. He'll be out about six weeks.

July 11 & 12 - David Price begs out of the All Star game and David Robertson is selected. Then Tampa pitcher Shields, pitching today is excused and Sabathia who is also pitching gets selected and is immediatly excused.

Robinson Cano, with his dad pitching wins the Home Run Derby with a total of 32 homers in the three rounds!

Earthlink FTP down for a day, so this page could not be updated

The National League won the game 5-1, so they will get home field advantage in the World Series.
Yankees in the game:
Granderson and Cano 0-4
Martin did not play
Robertson one inning, one hit, no runs
There was a controversy over Jeter's decision to not play or attend the game. About half said he should have attended even if he didn't play. Half said they understood the emotional and physical drain of the quest for 3000 hits. He relaxed for three days with his girlfriend in Florida.
I'm undecided.

July 14 - the second half begins with eight road games in Toronto and Tampa.
And it starts off really badly. Colon, perhaps not fully healed, gives up 8 runs in the first. The Bullpen each gave up runs to thwart a Yankee comeback bid. They lose 16-7. Boston didn't play so the Yankees are 1½ games back.

July 17 - Hughes makes another good start back from the DL - 6 innings two runs. Yankees win 7-2. This gives them a 2-2 split in Toronto, following another gem by Sabathia on Saturday.

July 22 - Hughes, given a 12-2 lead, couldn't get out of the fifth inning.
Yankees win 17-7, but may still need another starter. Hughes couldn't put away batters with two strike counts.
Brandon Laird, pinch hits for Jeter in his first plate appearance and walks on four really bad pitches and scores later. In his next at bat he gets his first hit and RBI all in the same game!

July 23 - Interesting stat about AJ Burnett: his ERA in the half inning after the Yankees go ahead in the game is over 5.50!
He gave up a two run homer in the 3rd after the Yankees score in the 2nd.
Robertson come in for the 9th. Gets the first two out and then a hit and two walks loads the bases. He likes pressure . . . strikes his 9th batter in a row with the bases loaded!
The Yankees score one more in the 9th, but the Matsui homer off of Logan earlier in the game, became the difference.
So the day after scoring 17 runs, they only manage 3 losing 4-3.

July 24 - Colon was great, two runs through seven innings. Robertson was shaky and Mo had to come in with two outs in the 8th.
Mo threw only two pitches to get out of the 8th, but the game became dicey in the 9th with bases loaded on flair singles and one out. The hardest hit ball luckily was a line drive right to Teixeira for a double play. It was the 15th season in a row where Mo had 25 or more saves! Yankees are 2-1 against Oakland.
Matsui had a great series, going 5-5 in the finale.

Good news or bad? Seattle is next coming in with 15 losses in a row.

July 25 -Yankees blow out Seattle in the first game, 10-3. Garcia, again was great.

July 26 -Sabathia was pitching a perfect game. Of course because of a block power failure, I couldn't watch. Our power came back just as the first Seattle base runner got his hit.
After two rain delays totaling 45 minutes, Sabathia lost the plate and walked the bases loaded. Robertson managed to get his 10th straight strikeout with the bases loaded. Next batter hits a sharp grounder to third that could have been an inning ending double play, but Chavez, just off the disabled list could only get the out at third. Robertson got the third out on a strikeout. Then Mo closed it on two more K's. A total of 18 Mariners struck out in the game. This tied the Yankee record, set by Guidry alone!

July 27 -It had to end! Hughes pitched six good innings and turned it over to the bullpen, losing 2-1 and the pen again imploded. Yankees lose 9-2 against a team that can't hit! Another sad game.

In Cleveland, Ervin Santana pitched a no hitter for the Angels, winning 3-1 on an error and wild pitch in the first inning:

E Carrera safe at first on error by shortstop E Aybar. 0 0
E Carrera stole second. 0 0
M Brantley flied out to right. 0 0
A Cabrera grounded out to second, E Carrera to third. 0 0
E Carrera scored on E Santana's wild pitch. 0 1
T Hafner struck out swinging. 0 1

There was one more walk to Cleveland later in the game. All other innings were three up three down.

July 28 - Sadly, former Yankee pitcher from Japan Hideki Irabu was found dead in his home in California. Apprently a suicide.

July 29 -It's official: A. J. Burnett has taken the lead in the best .500 pitcher in baseball! Four runs to the worst team in the AL east, the Orioles. Gardner strikes out looking to end the game with the tying runs in scoring position to end the game and breaks his bat. Yankees lose 4-2, but Boston loses also. Another sad day.

July 30 - Split double header from an early season rain out. First game Colon was shaky, but the Yankees won 8-3.

The second game was over in the first, the Yankees scored 12 and every player had a hit in the inning! Jeter, leading off, drove in two runs in the first. Cano had his first 5-5 game by the 6th and was taken out for a pinch runner. Nova, up from the minors, allowed two runs in seven innings. Soriano, off the DL, pitches the 9th. The Yankees win 17-3. A total of 25 runs for the two games!
July 31 - With all the big hitting on Saturday, Sunday's game was a nail-biter, Yankees win 4-2. It took three tries with the bases loaded to fianlly score. Gardner got a triple and scored later.

The Yankees finish the home stand 7-3, losing one game to each team of the three.

Boston came from behind to beat the Chisox, so the Yankees are still two games behind.

Next a pair of sox series.

Aug 2 - Hughes pitches a three hit shutout over six innings in a rain shortened game. He was ready to pitch the seventh, but the game was called.
The game was delayed for 45 minutes with no rain. It was called after the top of the 7th, just after Teixiera hit his second homer. He hit the first in the third and this was his 12th game hitting one from both sides of the plate, setting the all time record.

Aug 3 - Burnett once again shows what kind of pitcher he is. Given a 13-1 lead in by the 4th inning he's out with a 13-7 score. Real sad. The bullpen held the White Sox scoreless the rest of the game. Cory Wade got the win.

Aug 4 - Boston loses to Cleveland!
Yankees sweep the White Sox 7-2. Nova wins and is now 10-4! Will he be sent back to Scranton?
The Yankees have a seven game win streak where they are averaging 9 runs a game.

Aug 5 to 7 - Yankees go into Boston tied for first place (68-42). Make or break time for both clubs?

Game 1: Yankees win 3-2
Colon pitched well, only two bad pitches lead to a 2-0 deficit. Logan enters in the 5th with 2 out and bases loaded. He strikes out Adrian Gonzalez and gets the win.
Top of the 6th Yankees score three and the bull pen shuts down Boston.
Yankees in first palce by one game!
Game 2: Boston nin 10-4
Sabathia is 0 for the Bosox. He gave up as many runs in five innings as he gave up in the previous 50+ innings.
Tied for first again.
Game 3:
Nunez and Gardner each homer. But Mo blows the save! Extra inning tied 2-2. Hughes loses it in the 10th.
Jorge Posada was not in the lineup against a right hander. Is this his swan song?

Boston 70-43
Yankees 69-44 - 1 game behind
LA Angels 63-52 - 7 GB in wild card

Aug 9 - This time a 1-0 lead evaporated into a 4-1 deficit by the 6th for Burnett.
The Yankees got him off the hook, tying the game at 4-4. But Mo blows the tie, this time with a homer to Bobby Abreu. A Yankee rally in the 9th is foiled by Granderson getting into a rundown between first and second with two outs in the 9th.

Aug 11 - What's wrong with Mo? He comes into the game with a four run lead, but one out and runners on second and third. One pitch and the score becomes 6-5! He settles in and gets the two outs with Abreu on deck!
Aug 12 - Now what's wrong with Sabathia? After a perfect two innings, he gives up three solo homers in the third. Then others in the 5th and the 8th. Rays win 5-1.
In the 9th, the Yankees go down on three strike outs.

Aug 13 - Posada sitting since Sunday, drives in six of the Yankees nine runs, including a grand slam in the 5th. Hughes allows only two runs in six innings. Yankees win 9-2.
Aug 14 - It serves them right. When Tampa was last in New York, they elected not to play a split double header, trying to avoid the captain's 3000th hit. That game was postponed to late September. With the rain out of the 8/14, they will have to play a double header that week.

Aug 15 - Burnett finally got an August win for the Yankees and his first win since June. However, given a 2-0 lead, he did lose it 3-2, but the Yankees bailed him out. Final score 7-4, with Mo getting his 590th save.

Aug 17 - The umpire thought he knew the ground rule and Griardi believed him.
A 'homer' ruled after review by the umpires turned out to not be one. The replay clearly showed that the ball hit by Butler hit under the top railing and came back onto the field. Even Butler grabbed his helmet to return to second base, but the umps ruled it a homer. Posada struck out looking on a high outside pitch with the bases loaded in the 9th. In the first Jeter led with a single, but was caught stealing just before Granderson hit a homer. The Yankees left men on base all game long and lost 5-4. At a number of points in the game they could have blown it open.
With an early Boston loss, the Yankees remain a half game ahead in first place.

Aug 18 - The next day Morneau hits a two run homer. Girardi asks for a review, it's ruled foul and Morneau strikes out.
However, CC was hit hard, but settled in. With three Yankee homers, they were up 6-2. In the 7th, Sabathia gives up two runs, but gets Thome with two on to end the inning. Robertson pitches the 8th. The Yankees score two in the 9th. Wade is perfect in the 9th.
Final score 8-4.
Aug 19 - Hughes is back! Two hits, one run in 7.2 innings. Yankees win 8-1.
Aug 20 - AJ down 7-0 in the second and out. Enough said.
Aug 21 - Nova has another great outing no runs in seven innings. Yankees win 3-0.
Granderson gets an inside the park homer and Teixeira follows with a conventional homer. Robertson and Mo nail it down.

AL EAST Standings
Yankees 77-48
Boston 77-49 .5 GB

Aug 24 - Yankees in an RBI slump - Tuesday they go 2-20 with men on base. Today they leave nine more on base.
Worse, with a 2-1 lead and a runner on second, Girardi leaves Sabathia in to face Sizemore and the game is tied. Robertson allows that run to score, but gets a line drive double play to end the inning. Teixeira ties it in the ninth with a homer to get CC and Girardi off the hook. But Soriano gives up a three run homer in the tenth and the Yankees can only score one. Final 6-4.

Aug 25 - Hughes was bad, seven runs in 2.2 innings.
Yankees behind 7-1. Martin homers, Cano slams, then Martin slams! Yankees up 10-7. This was after loading the bases in earlier innings without a run. Logan strikes out all four batters he faced. Cano comes up with the bases loaded again, but only gets a sac fly. Then Martin comes up with the bases loaded, gets a hit, bases remain loaded. two runs walked in. In the 8th, Granderson hits the team's third grand slam! No team has ever done this. In the ninth, Posada plays second and Swisher moves to first. Final play: grounder to Posada and he guns a low throw, but Swisher makes the scoop and falls down.
Yankees win 22-9!

Aug 26 - The old Burnett is back after one out in the second a homer and four doubles in a row. By the 5th, it was 9-1. When are the Yankees going to release him?
Tweet from Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated: "Irene: tremendous tools, long career, high cost, fell apart when it got to New York. The A.J. Burnett of hurricanes."

Aug 30-Sept 1- Showdown in Boston
With the two teams in first or second since early in the season, the Yankees put Sabathia up against the Sox with first place on the line.
Game 1: Yankees 5-2
Although CC threw 128 pitches in six innings, the Yankees with a scoreless bullpen win.
Game 2: Boston 9-5
Hughes got the lead and gave it up in the 6th.
Game 3: Yankees 4-2
Burnett looked good, but gave up a two run homer and left the game down 2-1 with two on base. The Yankees left 12 men on base through 5! They break through with three in the 7th. Mo loads the bases with two out and strikes out A. Gonzalez looking to end it!

Yankees half game out, tied for loses.

Sept 2 - Nova again shows his stuff and allows only two runs to Toronto.
Mo strikes out Bautista in the 9th on his way to his 596th save, five off the Hoffman record. Together with Boston's 10-0 drubbing at Texas, the Yankees are again in first place by one half game.

Sept 3 - Colon pitched two games: Some innings good others bad. He left losing 4-2.
With Soriano and Rivera both pitching two games in a row, Robertson pitches a two inning save. Yankees come from behind in the 7th, winning 6-4. Montero gets his first MLB hit.

Sept 4 - It's a sweep! Boston lost 11-4!
Jeter gets five RBI, homers by Jeter, A-Rod and Swisher. Yankees win 9-3. Sabathia is 19-7 and goes 7.1 innings and strikes out 10, gives up two runs.

Standings on Labor Day
Yankees 85-53
Boston 84-55 - 1½ games behind

Sept 5 - Montero hits his first two homers. Cano gets another grand slam. Mo is shaky, allows a run and has runners on second and third, but strikes out Hardy to end it, Yankees win 11-10!
Boston loses in 11 at Toronto, 1-0. Yankees in first by 2½ games.

Sept 6 & 7 - When is a split doubleheader, not a split doubleheader? When rain holds the Tuesday night game for four hours and the Wednesday game is due to start at 1:00pm.
Hughes gave up two runs in six innings and left with the lead. Logan again couldn't get a lefty out, allowing the tying runs on a homer. The Yankees went ahead for good in the 7th on back to back homers by Cervelli and Gardner.
Mo gets another save. Boston and Yankees both win.

Burnett gives up four runs, but the Yankees score four. Nunez boots another and the Yankees lose in 11.
But sometimes you're lucky, Boston leading big early loses to Toronto 11-10.

Sept 8 - Soriano allows the game to be tied and Proctor loses in the 10th.
However Cervelli had two plate collisions, keeping the Yankees ahead at the time.
Lucky again, Boston loses!

Sept 9 - Another one run loss, this in the bottom of the 9th, Laffey takes the loss. Sad part, it was Jeter's error in the 5th that led to the tying run at the time. The offense fell asleep.
Lucky again, Boston loses!

Sept 10 - Martin hurts his hand, Cervelli is being checked for concussion from the home plate collisions, and Montero is the DH. So in order to not have Sabathia bat, Posada catches and throws out the first runner attempting to steal! Sabathia is at 120 pitches by the 6th. He gets out of a bases loaded one out jam, still behind 1-0.Then Noesi blows it away.

Slumping: Granderson, Teixeira, and Gardner.
Lucky again, Boston loses again, but to Tampa allowing then to inch up.

Sept 11 - Sometimes it's good to be lucky, what would have been aTeixeira sac fly is played into a three base error, Yankees go up 6-5.
Montero starts his first game at the plate. Then Austin Romine arrives from Trenton AA and takes over in the 7th. Soriano works into and out of trouble in the 7th.
Mo nails it (40th) down with a K and double play.

Lucky again, Boston loses again, but to Tampa allowing then to inch up.

Sept 13 - Mo gets his 600th save. Two more to take the all time record. Yankees win 3-2. Ichiro gets thrown out by Martin to end the game on a strike out-throw out double play.
Standings on September 14
Yankees 90-57
Boston 86-61 - 4 games behind
Tampa Bay 81-64 - 8 GB

Sept 16 - Sabathia again couldn't get his 20th win. The offense is missing Yakees lose 5-4 on a walk off by Molina against Wade. Wade didn't lose, again Logan couldn't get the lead off lefty out, giving up a double.

Sept 17 - Colon again didn't pitch well. He leaves losing 6-1 in four innings.
A-Rod hits a three run homer to get the Yankees only one run down. Granderson has a 12 pitch at bat and hits a two run homer to put them up 7-6. The bullpen allows no hits, including Soriano striking the side out in the 8th. Cano makes another base running blunder by passing Teixeira at third base on what would have been a sac fly, turning it into a double play. The Yankee bats woke up with 11 hits.
Mo nails down his 601st save, tying him with Hoffman for the most saves in MLB history.

Sept 18 - Girardi gave most regulars the day off. Garcia gave up three runs in four innings. Yankees get five hits, three by Nunez and lose 3-0.
This ends a bad road trip 4-6 with four walk off losses.

Sept 19 - Burnett, pitched well for three innings and the Yankees spotted him five runs.
In the 4th, he gave up a homer and left the inning with the bases loaded. In the fifth he gave up a two run homer and was pulled from the game after a double following and no outs.
The bullpen holds it and the Yankees win 6-4.

Mo gets save #602!

Baltimore beats Boston to avoid losing 100 and gets the Yankee magic number down to 5.

Sept 21 - First game a split double header, Girardi gives some regulars the first game off.
Shields pitching for Tampa, Noesi in for a hurting Hughes. Seven Yankee pitchers hold the game at Tampa leading 2-1 to the 8th.
Nunez hits a homer tie the game and Cano hits a two run double to go ahead 4-2. Mo nails it down with 603!

Yankees are in the post season!
Second game: Sabathia gave up one homer in the 5th, the Yankees scored two, but Sabathia gives up a second homer in the 7th and leaves with the score 2-2 and the bases loaded with one out in the 8th.
Boston loses!
Robertson gets a double play on one pitch! Posada pinch hits with the bases loaded in the 8th and puts the Yankees ahead. Soruiano pitches the 9th for the save!

Yankees are AL East Champions!

The last week of the regular season:
Boston is still in a dive, Tampa (other than 1-3 against Yankees) is winning!
Sept 25 - Burnett pitches a great two run game against Boston to the 8th.
Both runs were solo homers to Ellsbury. In the 8th, he struck out two after a lead off double. Not to face Ellsbury again, Robertson comes in and strikes him out on three pitches then gets two more K's in the 9th!
Yankees win 6-2 and Tampa wins and is ½ game behind Boston.

Second game - Tied after nine innings.
They had chances, but couldn't score.
Proctor comes in the 14th inning with one out. A hit, a walk, a long out and a three run homer by Ellsbury. Boston up 7-4!
The Yankees had a chance to break Boston's back, but Proctor failed.

Boston is still alive and might come back to haunt the Yankees in the post season.

Weather Score this Season
Postponed 9 (4 vs. Baltimore)
Delayed games 22
Off days in September 4 cut to 1

2011 Preview

What the New York Daily News thinks
What A-Rod thinks about his hip
Will Andy Pettitte return?

October 25 - Yankees announce that for private reasons, they let pitching coach Dave Eiland go.
October 29 - The Yankees signed manager Joe Girardi to a three-year contract extension on Friday. The Yankees’ manager since 2008, Girardi has posted a 287-199 overall record and has led the squad to one World Series title and one American League pennant in that three-year time span.

November 1 - The SF Giants beat the Texas Rangers 4-1. As good as Lee was against Tampa and the Yankees and he lost two games to the Giants. Will this lower his value in the free agent market?

November 4 - Will Posada see the future and work with the team to educate Jesus Montero in the ways of professioanl tools of ignorance? The plan seems to be toward having Montero catch about 100 games, in which Jorge be the DH. This is much like Posada learning from Girardi during his transiton to becomming the primary catcher.

November 9 - Yankees Robinson Cano (2B), Derek Jeter (SS) and Mark Teixeira (1B) each won the Rawlings Gold Glove awards for their positions.
Cano picks up his first Gold Glove Award after a breakout season for the Yankees in 2010. Jeter and Teixeira were awarded the Gold Glove for the second consecutive year -- the fifth of Jeter's career -- while Teixeira's defense is honored for the fourth time.

November 11 - Robinson Cano wins his second Silver Slugger award.
Cano led all American League second basemen in several offensive categories including, hits (200), runs (103), runs batted in (109), home runs (29), and slugging percentage (.534). His career-high 109 runs batted in 2010 led all major league second basemen.

December 5 - A quick summary:
Mo signs a two year deal for $15 million a year.
The Yankees are still looking at Cliff Lee to bolster the pitching staff.
The surprise so far is they are looking a Carl Crawford to replace one of the outfielders.
After some eleven days of playing chicken, Derek Jeter will sign for three years at some $50 million with incentives taking the contract to over $60 million for four years.

December 17 - It seems that the Philies locked up the NL east with the surprise signing of Cliff Lee.
The Yankees sign Russell Martin as their primary catcher, with Posada becomming the primary DH. Will this lead to minor leaguer Montero as trade bait?
The Yankees are now looking for Pettitte to return or they will have to find another starter. Mo Rivera is officially back. Kerry Wood signed with the Cubs, so there remains a question for the bridge to Mo . . . Joba?
Crawford signs with Boston.

January 14 - The Yankees, having lost all of their top free agent targets, signed Rafael Soriano to a three year contract. He will set up for Rivera.

February 4 - Andy Pettitte announced his retirement. He ends his career with a 240-138 regular season and 19-10 post season records. Only one pitcher of 19 who won 100 or more games than they lost is not in the Hall of Fame. He struggled with the decision, especially after the Yankees lost the bid for Cliff Lee.

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