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The Post Season

Nov 1 - First baseman Mark Teixeira and Second baseman Robinson Cano have won 2012 Rawlings Gold Gloves.

Nov 8 - Congratulations Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter, who won their 4th and 5th Silver Slugger Awards, respectively!

Nov 14 - Congratulations to Mets pitcher R A Dickey for winning the NL Cy Young award.
Dec 5 - Ibanez's power display against the Orioles stuck in the memories of readers, who found Ibanez worthy of a Greatness in Baseball Yearly (GIBBY) Award as this year's best Postseason Moment.

The San Francisco Giants win the World Series in a sweep

At San Francisco
Game 1: Giants win 8-3
Luck goes against Detroit in the 3rd: with two out, a drive hits third base and dribbles into the outfield for a double. Then Verlander gives up a hit, scoring the runner and next gives up a homer to P. Sandoval. In the 4th, after a lead off single, a high chop in front of the plate, Young didn't run, was tagged by the catcher, throw to second tag the runner. Then Zito gets an RBI single off of Verlander!
Sandoval hits a third homer in the 5th.
J Valverde pitches for Detroit in the 7th and gives up two more runs.
Game 2: Giants win 2-0
Giants score on a bases loaded DP in the 7th and a sac fly in the 8th.
Tigers get only two hits.
at Detroit
Game 3: Giants win 2-0
Giants' runs scored in the 2nd. Detroit had five hits.
Game 4: Giants win 4-3 in 10 innings
Extra innings!
Romo strikes out the side in the 10th, including M. Cabrera

AL Championship Series

Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees

At New York
Game 1: Detroit wins 6-4 in 12 innings.
Yankees load the bases on walks with two out. A-Rod hits sharply to short and Ibanez is out on a close play at second.
Yankees load the bases on three hits and Cano is called out, but replay shows he was safe.
6th inning Jackson triples on a ball just behind frist base, that stays at the base of the stands. Pettitte then gives up two singles.
No-Rod strikes out with second and third, no out, the ball was dropped and he didn't run. Swisher walks and Granderson and Martin both strike out. SAD!
In the 9th, with Martin on second, Ichiro homers.
Teixeira walks with two outs and Ibanez ties the game with another homer!
In the 12th, Phelps blows another one with a walk, 'sac' and a double that Swisher should have caught in left.
Next play they had to carry Jeter off the field, twisted ankle on a grounder.
Sad stats: Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Rodriguez, Al 2; Cano 2; Martin 2; Teixeira; Granderson; Jeter.
GIDP: Rodriguez, Al.
Team RISP: 3-for-13.
Team LOB: 13.

Game 2: Detroit wins 3-0, but the umpires scored two runs.
This was the first post season game without Jeter, Posada, Rivera, or Pettitte.
It's time for Cano, Granderson, Swisher, and No-Rod to step up, or the season is done.
Cano grounded out and No-Rod and Granderson struck out.
Nix drove one deep, but it was caught.
7th inning Cano blows the pivot on a DP, one run scores.
Another blind ump in the top of the 8th: runner from first overruns second on a hit and the throw and tag beat him, but the ump was the only one who didn't see it. Then the bullpen can't get anyone out. A 1-0 game becomes 3-0. Eppley finally strikes out Young on three pitches. Yankees go quietly in the 8th.
Kuroda perfect through five innings, strikes out 5/6 first batters and 11 total in 72/3 innings.
Phile Coke, pitching the 9th, strikes out the side, but No-Rod does get a single.
Yankees RISP: 0-5 (M Teixeira 0-1, C Granderson 0-1, J Nix 0-1, R Martin 0-2)
Team LOB: 7

At Detroit
Game 3: Detroit wins 2-1
No No-Rod, no Swisher. Nunez at short, Ibanez DH, Gardner LF vs Verlander.
Hughes gives up a homer to Young in the 4th, then comes out for an injury. Phelps in.
Chavez E-5, stolen base and Cabrera double. Ichiro gets first two Yankee hits.
Nunez leads off the 9th with a homer. Yankees get two on, but Ibanez strikes out.

Game 4: Detroit wins 8-1
Postponed for rain that didn't come for at least 1:30 after the scheduled start time, but would have affected the game if it had begun.
Sabathia didn't last into the 4th inning. Until then, only the Yankee offense was to blame. Only two hits.
The Yankee starters were very good in the post season. However, the hitting was MIA.
This was the worst post season offense ever for any team. Nine games 60/320 a .188 batting average.

In the four ALCS games they were 22/140 - .157. They scored only six runs with three homers. All of their runs were scored in either the 6thor 9th innings.

Detroit goes into the World Series.

NL Championship Series

San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals

At San Francisco
Game 1: Cards win 6-4
Game 2: Giants win 7-1
At St. Louis
Game 3: Cards win 3-1
There was a 3:30 rain delay.
Game 4: Cards win 8-3
Game 5: Giants win 5-0
At San Francisco
Game 6: Giants win 6-1
Game 7: Giants win 9-0
In the rain for the 9th inning.
Beltran was the last out last year for the Giants, but walks for the Cardinals this time to extend the inning.

San Francisco goes into the World Series.

American League

National League

Detroit, having the worst record of the three AL division leaders has the luxury of knowing that they will open the ALDS at home! The Yankees and Oakland will begin on the road.

Washington Nationals vs. the winner of the wild card St. Louis Cardianals or the Atlanta Braves.
Cincinnati Reds at San Francisco Giants

Orioles at Rangers
Orioles win 5-1

Cardianals at Braves
Cardinals win 6-3
A disputed infield fly rule call may have cost Atlanta the game, though they had made errors while they were in the field.

Oakland vs. Detroit
Game 1: Detroit wins 3-1 at Detroit
Game 2: Detroit wins 5-4 in the 9th at Detroit
Game 3: Oakland wins 2-1 at Oakland
Game 4: Oakland wins 4-3 at Oakland
A's score three in the bottom of the 9th!
Game 5: Detroit wins 6-0 at Oakland
Tigers move on to the ALCS

Yankees vs. Baltimore
Game 1: Yankees win 7-2 at Baltimore
After a 2:30 rain delay, Jeter scores on Ichiro double, but Ichiro is thrown out trying to steal. Teixeira is later thrown out trying to stretch an RBI single into a double.
Sabathia gives up a lead off double in the 8th, but gets a strikeout, pop foul and ground out to keep the game tied at 2-2.
Martin leads off the 9th with a homer, then Ibanez and Jeter single. Ichiro had a 50' RBI single. Cano doubles in two more.
Sabathia finished with 82/3 innings, two runs, 120 pitches, seven strike outs. He gives up a double on a 2 strike count. Robertson gets a strike out on four pitches to end it!

Game 2: Orioles win 3-2 at Baltimore
Pettitte gives up three runs in seven innings, but Yankees score only two.
Nunez doubles in the 7th and Jeter drives him in. No-Rod strikes out as Ichiro steals second. Then nothing else. A-Rod strikes out to end it. He would have been the go ahead run.

Game 3: Yankees win 3-2 in 12 innings at Yankees
Martin doubles and Jeter drives him in.
Kuroda gives up two homers. Logan and Soriano get one out each. No-Rod does little to help. In the 9th, Ibanez pinch hits for No-Rod and homers to tie the game! Sorianbo pitches the 10th and give up a single, a sac bunt and line drive double play to short.
In the 12th, Robertson gets the first two outs, but messes up a pop up near the mound, then tags the next batter on a comeback to him that he almost booted.
As TBS is showsg Ibanez exploits during the last few games, he hits the game winning homer!

Game 4: Orioles win 2-1 in 13 Yankees
Tex bats 3rd and No-Rod bats 5th.
Hughes starts with a walk and a bunt singles that didn't go foul, but gets the next three on fly balls. In the 5th, Hughes gives up a solo homer, but Jeter doubles and scores on a ground out.
Hughes goes 62/3, 1 run, but worked into and out of trouble.
In the 8th, No-Rod strikes out with runners on second and third, with one out and Swisher flies out.
Soriano gets out of a generous infield hit with a pick off.
Extra innings again!
12th Joba, in his second inning was hit by a broken bat on a single. Phelps gets out of it. But he gives up two doubles in the 13th. Chavez pinch hits for No-Rod with two outs lines out.
RISP: 0-9 (D Jeter 0-2, M Teixeira 0-1, I Suzuki 0-1, A Rodriguez 0-2, R Cano 0-2, N Swisher 0-1) Team LOB: 10

Game 5: Yankees win 3-1 at Yankees
No-Rod sits this one out! Chavez at 3rd, Ibanez DH.
No Yankee hits to the 5th, when Texiera singles, steals second and scores on Ibanez's single. Swisher GIDP. Granderson comes through with a homer.
Sabathia was tooling until the 8th, when he allows a run and pitches out of a bases loaded one out jam. Sabathia completes the game with 121 pitches, 4 hits, 1 run, 2 BB, and 9 strikeouts.
Yankees and Orioles finished the season 12-11 with an 106-102 total runs scored. Baltimore never overtook the Yankees all season.

Yankees move on to the ALCS

Cincinnati vs San Francisco
Game 1: Reds win 5-2 at Cincinnati
Game 2: Reds win 9-0 at Cincinnati
Game 3: Giants win 2-1 at San Francisco
Game 4: Giants win 8-3 at San Francisco
Game 5: Giants win 6-4 at San Francisco
Giants move on to the NLCS

Washington vs. St. Louis
Game 1: Nationals wins 3-2 at St. Louis
No extra base hits and the Cardinals runs scored before getting any hits!
Washington, behind 2-1, scored the winning runs in the 8th.
Game 2: Cards win 12-4 at St. Louis
Game 3: Cards win 8-0 at Washington
Game 4: Nationals win 2-1at Washington
Scored a run in the 9th.
Game 5: Cards win 9-7at Washington
Cardnials, down 6-1 in the 6th, stage a comeback and pull ahead in the 9th!
Does Washington regret "saving" Stephen Strasburg?

Cardinals move on to the NLCS

2012 Season

March 2, 2012 - This year will have 10 playoff teams, the six division winners and two wild card teams in each league. The wild card teams will compete in a play-in game for the right to play in the division series. This will make it important to win the divison races. The down side this year is that the division series will be two games at the lesser team followed by up to three games at the better team.

April 5 - Opening Day at Tampa -
The Lineup:
1 - Jeter SS
2 - Granderson CF
3 - Cano 2B
4 - Rodriguez 3B
5 - Teixeira 1B
6 - Swisher RF
7 - Ibanez DH
8 - Martin C
9 - Gardner CF
Pitching Sabathia
Two outs, runners on second and third. They walk the next batter to get to Pena and he hits a grand slam. Sad start to the game.
The Yankees go ahead 6-4, on an Ibanez homer, but a homer makes it 6-5 by the third
Mo comes in and gives up a single and triple to allow the game to be tied and loses it after loading the bases! Blown save and loss to start the season.

So a lost opening weekend. First two games the Yankee hitters hit, but the pitchers gave up more. The third game, Hughes gave up only two runs in four plus, but had 99 pitches. Yankees couldn't hit.
They start the season 0-3. The last time that happened they won 125 games!
Giving credit to the other NY team, the Mets are 3-0!

April 11 - Almost normal . . . The Yankees sweep Baltimore and get set for the home opener 3-3. Mo pitched in all three Baltimore games. So far the best starting pitcher has been Nova!
Mets are 4-2 after opening 4-0. Boston is 1-5.

April 13 - Friday the 13th, Stadium opening day, good for the Yankees beating Angels 5-0.
April 14 - Not so much, the good news Hughes strikes out 6, bad news gives up 6 runs in 3 innings. Yankees not hitting, lose 7-1. At least the bull pen is doing its job.

April 20-22 - Into Boston
April 20th was the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Both teams wore replicas of the jerseys worn at the opening. The NY Highlanders had the road grey with the in blue and no numbers. Boston wore the white uniforms with RED SOX on the front.

Game 1: Yankees win 6-2
Five Yankee homers - Ivan Nova wins (3-0)
Game 2: Yankees win 15-9
It's time for Freddy Garcia to quit. Five runs in two innings. Phelps isn't helping either 9-0 in the 5th.
But the Boston bullpen falls apart and the Yankees pull it out!
Aceves threw Yankee batting practice. Teixeira hits two homers and Swisher a grand slam.

Game 3: Rain out - postponed

April 21 - Phillip Humber threw the 21st MLB perfect game for the White Sox vs. the Mariners!

April 24 - Hiroki Kuroda pitched another good game, but Yu Darvish of the Rangers pitched better. Yankees lose 2-0.
Four of the five AL East teams are 10-7 and tied for first place!
April 25 - Micahel Pineda needs shoulder surgery and will miss the entire 2012 season.

April 27 - Sadly, former Yankee first baseman Bill Moose Skowron passed away.
He was the first baseman I grew up with in the early 1960s.

April 29 - Yankees take 2 of 3 from the Tigers. They are 5-3 against AL East teams.

April 30 - May 2 - Three home games against Baltimore: 27 innings and only 3 runs. Now they are 6-5 against the AL East.
On the road to KC next for four games then back home.

May 3 - Rivera might be done! He tore his ACL in his right knee and may not be able to return. Oh, the Yankees came 90' away from tying the game in KC, giving the Royals their first home win of the season. Six runs in the last 36 innings, sad!

May 4 - Mo says, write it in Big letters
I'm not going out like this!

Listen to Don't Stop Relievin'

May 4 - Dave Robertson comes through in a non-save game by striking out the side Yankees win 6-2 behind Sabathia.

May 8 - Dave Robertson gets his first save against Tampa Bay at the stadium. Yankees win 5-3, but Robertosn managed to load the bases before striking out Pena!
The Yankees announced that Andy Pettitte will return to the team on May 13th!

May 9 - This time Robertson loads the bases and gives up a sac fly and a three run homer. Yankees lose 4-1. Of course the offense was again missing. Then he goes to the disabled list, leaving Soriano for the closer role.

May 13 - Pettitte gave up only four runs, but again the Yankees couldn't buy a hit with runners in scoring position. The two runs were scored on bases loaded walks.

May 18 - In his second start, Pettite was himself! Eight shutout innings. And it was a good thing too, the Yankees managed one run on a ground out till then. In the 8th they scored three more on two homers surrounding a hit. Yankees beat the Reds, 4-0.

May 19 - The good news: Nova got the first eight of nine outs by strikeouts and twelve in total. The bad news: he left losing 5-2 on walks, hits, and a homer. Yankees try to rally in the 9th, but fall a run short, 6-5 final. For the second day, the Mets can't help the Yankees by losing to Toronto.

May 20 - Yankees lose another to the Reds. Yankes 21-20 and can't buy a run. They score 2.5 runs a game and the team ERA is north of 4.

May 27 - Things may be looking up. After loss to KC, they have won five in a row, including a sweep of the A's in Oakland. Kuroda came through with 8 innings of shutout ball and Soriano saved it. Teixeira has come through with homers and RBI in the last few games.
The Yankees are 26-21, 2½ games out from the tied Tampa and Baltimore.

May 28 - The Yankees score three runs on two hits and two Angel errors in the first. What does Hughes do? He gives up four runs on five hits. Granderson ties it in the second.
After a near collision between Swisher and Granderson in the first, they do collide in the third. The Angels are hitting Hughes hard. All of the fly balls are reaching the outfield walls. The Yankees manage to tie it in the 7th, but Wade loses it with a walk off homer in the 9th. Both Baltimore and Tampa lost, so the Yankees could catch up to them.

June 1 - Congratulations to Johan Santana and the Mets. He pitched the first no hitter for the franchise after more than 50 years and 8020 games!

A-Rod came through with a homer for two extra insurance runs. Although Detroit loaded the bases in the bottom of the 9th, Soriano came in and induced a game ending double play.

June 2 - While the Mets shut down the world champion Cardinals, the Yankees, again can't win a game without a home run. Teixeira was robbed in left center of a homer.
The Yankees tied the game at 3-3 without a hit as the Detroit closer, Jose Valverde, walked two and hit two giving the Yankees a run. No-Rod again came up empty in clutch situations. But Phelps loaded the bases in the 9th and allowed the winning run on a sac fly.
An observation: at this point in the season, all five AL east teams are within 3 games of the two wildcard spots, only Cleveland and Anaheim are in the mix.
June 3 - A good start against Verlander, first pitch hit for a homer by Jeter.
Followed by a sac fly by Teixeira and a third inning homer by A-Rod. They've hit two homers, can they win today? Hughes gives up a solo homer to Prince Fielder. Yankees knock Verlander out in the 7th losing 5-1.
Hughes finishes the game on 118 pitches, one run four hits.

Yankees finish the road trip 6-3. They remian 1½ games behind.
Mets are tied for first place and held St. Louis to one run over three games!

June 8 - 10 Mets visit Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Yankees 9-1 - Mets two hits.
Santana vs. Kuroda.
Santana's no hitter and the shutout lost in the second on a Cano homer with A-Rod on with a walk.
In the third, A-Rod gets a two out hit and Cano hits another homer! Follwed by Swisher and then Jones. 6-0 Yankees. Back-to-back-to back.
Jeter boots a ball for an error, erased by a DP.
The first Met hit, a double with 2 outs in the 6thby Quintanilla. Santan doesn't come out for the 6th, his ERA at the new Yankee Stadium is 12.21, so it may not be the after affects of the pitch count in the no hitter.
Kuroda out in 7th after he's hit by a line drive on the foot, which bounded to A-Rod on the fly for the 3rd out of the inning. X-rays negative, it was his best game as a Yankee.
Duda ruins the shutout with two strikes and two out in the 9th against Igarashi.
Game 2: Yankees 4-2
A relatively quiet game Teixeiera and Granderson Homer for Yankees. Wright and Quintanilla for the Mets. Soriano saves the game for Hughes.
Game 3: Yankees 5-4
Pettitte gives up three runs in the second. Yankees seem clueless until the 7th when Martin homers making the score 3-2. The Yankees pull ahead in the 8th 4-3, but Soriano blows the save. Play of the inning: with Davis on second Yankees put on wheel play against a bunt, but Nix reads it as a hit and throws out Davis at 3rd. Logan gets the 3rd out and Martin again homers to win it in the 9th!

Yankees Sweep the Mets!
Yankees are 34-25 ½ a half game behind Tampa.

June 12 - Sabathia has command trouble in the first against Atlanta and the Yankees go down 3-0. He gives up another run in the 7th and is lifted for a pinch hitter, Martin, in the 8th.
After Martin is out, Jeter and Granderson get hits and Teixeira walks to load the bases. With a full count A-Rod finally comes through with his 23rd career grand slam to tie the game and himself with Lou Gehrig for the most slams in a career! Cano follows with a hit and Swisher homers for a 6-4 lead that the bullpen makes hold up. Sabatia gets the win and Soriano the save.
Thanks go to the Mets for trampling Tampa 11-2. The Yankees are alone in first place.

June 13 - This time it was Granderson who bailed out Kuroda, who gave up a 1-0 lead in the 5th. Yankees win 3-2 and Mets again beat Tampa, pushing them into 3rd place.

Matt Cain, of the Giants threw the 22nd MLB perfect game against the Astros.
June 14 - Mets sweep Tampa!

June 15 - 17 Yankees vs. Washington
Both in first place, both on six game winning streaks.
Game 1: Yankees 7-2
The streaks continue: A-Rod gets a third inning RBI and the Yankees win. It was 6-1 in the 9th when Granderson hit a homer, so though it wasn't needed, it kept that record going. Hughes held Nationals to one run. Robertson returned to the bull pen and though he gave up a run, was effective.
Thanks also go to Atlanta, coming off of the sweep by the Yankees, they rally in the 6thto beat Baltimore 4-2.
Mets are playing the only NL series over the weekend, so there's no impact on the Yankees, but the Yankees tried to help them.
Game 2: Yankees 5-3 in 14 innings
Pettitte pitched well and left the game leading 3-2. But after two outs on two pitches in the 8th, Wade gives up a homer to Desmond to tie the game. Then a hit and a bad call by the home plate umpire got the Yankees off the hook.
Teixiera gets a two RBI double in the top of the 14th. Garcia gets the win in relief as Soriano gets the save, but was facing the winning run, who grounded out to end it.
This is the first game won without a homer! The team is still suffering with lack of hits with runners in scoring position.
Game 3: Yankees 4-1
Homers by Granderson and Cano. Nova great, Soriano nails it!

Yankees go 6-0 on the road trip and 10-2 against the NL teams. Six more to go.
The Mets lost all three games over the weekend, so they couldn't take advantage of the Yankees winning.
Baltimore keeps pace.

Yankees in first place by 1½ games.

June 18 - Trivia question (hold mouse over the question to see the answer):
C. C. Sabathia and R. A. Dickey each pitched a complete game victory and struck out at least ten batters. Since 1900, when was the last time that two New York pitchers did this?

June 19 - The ten game win streak is over, Yankees lose to Atlanta 4-3. They had chances and two runners were thrown out at the plate.
The Mets beat Baltimore, so the standings remain.

June 19 - Hughes gives up four homers. Enough said.
The Yankee offense did hit four homers , but then the bull pen fell apart.
Yankees lose 10-5.Thanks to the Mets, they beat Baltimore again.

June 22 - 24 Yankees visit Citi Field
Before the series, Mets closer, Frank Francisco, called the Yankees chicken.
Game 1: Mets 6-4
Pettitte needed a few more warmup pitches after a rain delay. He gave up five runs in the first. Yankee offense was still MIA with runners in scoring position.
Yankees manage three homers for all the runs.
Game 2: Yankees 4-3
Nova was good until he gave up an RBI single to Young, the opposing pitcher. Both A-Rod and Jeter had errors.
Then the fireworks! Tex and Swish get hits and Ibanez hits a three run homer! Chavez hits a solo pinch homer!
The bull pen holds and Soriano nails it down.
Before the game, Mets closer, Frank Francisco, went onto the disabled list.
Game 3: Yankees: 5-4
In the top of the 3rd, the Dickey streak is over. A bases loaded Teixeira sac fly followed by a swisher three run homer.
Two errors on Met stolen bases, one leads to a sac fly.
A Cano error leads to bases loaded two run hit in the 6th, then the Mets tie it. In the 8th, Cano atones with a lead off homer.
Logan, Robertson, and Soriano close it down.

Yankees take Subway Series 5-1 and close out interleague 13-5.
Yankees in first place by 2½ games.

June 26 - With a little help from the umpire!
Dewayne Wise goes into the left field stands after a foul ball. He comes out and the ump calls the batter out. Wise never had the ball in his glove, but the fans hid it from view and the ump never looked into the glove. The batter, Hannahan (third baseman), was ejected from the game later when he confronted the umpire.

June 27 - Sabathia goes onto the DL for a strained muscle, will miss two starts.
During the game, Pettitte gets hit by a shot back to him. He's hurt so badly that he can't get up to retrieve the ball. He tries to pitch, gets a strike and comes out of the game. He's got a fractured ankle and will be out 6-8 weeks.
The good news, the Yankees sweep the Indians. It's the fourth sweep in six series.

June 28 - Yankees up 3-1 with an insurance run on a Teixeira homer. But Rapada throws away a 1-6-3 DP and Robertson gives up a three run homer. Why didn't Robertson start the inning?
Yankees lose to White Sox 4-3.
As luck would have it, all of the AL east teams lost, so the standings remian.

June 29 - Welcome to the big leagues, Adam Warren. After a good first inning and the Yankees spot him four runs in the bottom half, he gives up six runs in the second and third.
The Yankees tie it, but the bullpen fails again. Final 14-7
DeWanye Wise showed he could do it all. In addition to hitting homers and driving in runs, he got two outs as a reliever!
Yankees split four with the White Sox.

Cano, Jeter, Granderson, and Sabathia were elected to the All Star Game in Kansas City.
David Wright of the Mets was wronged by not being the starter at third for the NL.
It's time to take the ASG voting away from the fans. If the game counts toward the WS home field, it should NOT be subject to ballot box stuffing by fans who may dislike a superior player and vote for weaker ones.

Standings on July 1
Yankees - 48-30
Orioles - 42-36 6
Red Sox - 41-37 7
Rays - 41-38 7½
Blue Jays - 40-38 8

July 2 to 4 - Yankees lose two of three in Tampa.
In the last game, as fate would have it, our buddy Farnsworth was the loser when he walked four in the 8th. Cano drove in the tying and winning runs. Robertson and Soriano held and saved it.

July 6 to 8 - four in Boston.
Friday - Game 1: Yankees 10-8
Beckett gives up five runs and Kuroda matches it in the first.
Then 6-6 in the second. then 6-7, but the Yankees go ahead in the 7th, but need Robertson to get the third out. Then Soriano comes inin the 8th with two on and two out and gets his first four out save since 2007.
Saturday afternoon - Game 2: Yankees 6-1
Jones two homers, also Nix & Swisher. Jeter three hits.
Saturday night - Game 3: Boston 9-5
The Yankees score three in the first on a Teixeria homer, then nothing. Boston creeps back on Yankee errors and take the lead in the 6th. Then the bullpen collapsed in the 7th. Yankee rallies fall short.
Sunday - Game 4: Yankees 7-3
In the first inning of each game, the Yankees scored 5-4-3-2 runs!
Nova throws 111 pitches, six hits, two runs and 10 Strikeouts.

Standings on July 8 at the All Star Break
Yankees - 52-33 The best record in baseball
Orioles - 45-40 - 7
Rays - 45-41 -7½
Red Sox - 43-43 -9½
Blue Jays - 43-43 -9½

The two AL wild card teams are the Angels and Baltimore.

Cano is captain of the AL Home Run Derby team.
Cano, Jeter, and Granderson start for the AL

July 10 - Justin Verlander gives up five runs, four hits and two walks in the first.
Final score 8-0 NL. Jeter and Cano each get a hit, but the AL couldn't score.

July 13 - Unlucky for the Angels and Lucky for Martin.
Yankees behind 5-2 in the 8th. Jeter doubles, Granderson walks and Teixeira homers to tie the game.
In the top of the 9th, with two out, Howard Kendrick out at 2nd, catcher Russell Martin to shortstop Derek Jeter on an attempt to advance on what could have been a wild pitch.

July 15 - Yankees come close to pulling out a sweep. Bases loaded, three runs in, but A-Rod, pops out to end it. The Yankees lost a few runners in the game on bad base running and the bull pen couldn't hold the Angels.
Standings July 15
Yankees - 54-34 The best record in baseball
Orioles - 46-42 - 8
Rays - 46-43 -8½
Red Sox - 45-44 -9½
Blue Jays - 45-44 -9½

The two AL wild card teams are the Angels and Baltimore.

July 16 to 18 - Toronto comes in for three games.
Sabathia returned in the second game and pitched well, leaving with a 6-1 lead. In the first two games, the Yankees had 6-1 and 6-2 leads and in both they needed Soriano to save the games.
The third game started late and was called in the 7th with the Yankees leading 6-0.
Yankees take five of six games since the All Star Game.

July 19 to 22 - Lost weekend in Oakland. .
The Yankees had scored at least three runs in 43 consecutive games, which ended on Saturday.
In the last game, Sabathia leaves the game leading 4-3, but Soriano blows his second save of the year.
Jeter blows what should have been an out, and Eppley gives up a hit. Yankees lose the sweep all by one run, this 5-4 in 12 innings and lost 4-3, 3-2, 2-1 in the first three games.

Standings July 22
Yankees - 57-38 Best best record in baseball - Texas is ½ game back.
Orioles - 46-42 - 6
Rays - 49-47 -8½
Blue Jays - 48-47 -9
Red Sox - 48-48 -9½

The AL wild card teams are the Angels, Oakland and Baltimore (all are 51-44).

Next: three games in Seattle. Then they are done with the west coast.

July 23 - Before the games begin, it was announced that Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the Yankees! He had asked the Mariners for a trade a few ago, as the team is rebuilding with youth.
He will bat 8th to break up lefty-righty batting order.

July 24 - A-Rod is hit by a pitch late in the game and breaks his hand. Out 6-8 weeks!
Yankees lose the game too.
The Yankees pull out a win in the last game in Seattle in the 8th on a bases loaded double by Nix! They finish the last west coast trip for this season with a dismal 2-5 record.

July 27 to 29 - Boston visits the Stadium for three games:
Game 1: Yankees win 10-3
Hughes gave up three solo homers in 7 innings. Boston pitchers gave up three homers also, but the first two had a runner on each.
Granderson hit a grand slam to put the game out of reach in the 8th.
Eppley put two on with two outs in the 9th, but got a force to end it!
Game 2: Boston wins 8-6
After a two hour rain delay, Sabathia didn't have it. Yankees try to battle back and Teixeira ties it in the 8th!
But in the non save tie in the 9th, Soriano gives up the lead.
Game 3: Boston wins 3-2 in 10
Kuroda has a five pitch first then gives up two runs in the second. Yankees leave men on base.
Martin homers in the 7th. Ichiro and Jeter get hits, but Granderson and Teixeira can't get them in.
With two out in the 8th Jones doubles and Martin comes through with an RBI!
A walk, a single, a force and a flare single over the drawn in infield get Boston a run in the 10th against Robertson.
The Yankees left 10 men on base. Got five double plays.
Observation: The camera work by the ESPN crew missed two different pickoff attempts.

Standings July 29
Yankees - 67-46 - Best record in the AL
Orioles - 61-52 - 6
Rays -60-52 - 6½
Red Sox - 56-58 - 11½
Blue Jays - 53-60 - 14

The AL wild card teams are the Orioles and Tigers.

July 31 - After a loss in the first game to Baltimore, Nova throws a seven pitch first inning. The Yankees bat around and score five runs. But Nova needs over 30 pitches and gives up seven runs in the second.
Baltimore scores four more and the Yankees are shut down. Has the August swoon begun?

Aug 1 - In the deja vu department, Hughes is given a 2-0 lead in the first, but only gives up one run in the second.
Yankees crush the Orioles for ten more runs. Hughes scatters nine hits over six innings.
Joba comes in and gives up a homer against the first batter he faces. Then an out, two singles and a double play. For his second inning, he gives up another run on two hits and a close play at the plate. Throws 2 2/3 innings.
Yankees win 12-3. Lead again 6½ games.

Aug 3 and 4 - CC Sabathia and Felix Hernandez trade complete games. Yanks win Friday 6-3 and get shut out 1-0 on Satruday.
Yankees take the rubber game behind Garcia 6-2

Standings August 5
Yankees 63-44 - GB
Orioles - 57-51 - 6½
Rays - 56-52 - 7½
Orioles beat Rays 1-0 in 10 innings
Red Sox - 54-55 -10
Blue Jays - 53-55 - 10½

The AL wild card teams are the Tigers and Athletics.

Aug 5 - The SF Giants executed a perfect 1-5-6-4-5-3-1 caught stealing putout.

Aug 6 to 9 - In Detroit, the Yankees lose the first two games.
In the third game, Sabathia pitches well and leaves the game with a good lead, but the Robertson allows it to get close in the 8th, but the Yankees score a few more for a 12-8 win.
In the fourth game, the Yankees stake Kuroda to a 2-0 lead, which he gives up a two run homer. Then on a protested play, the third base umpire rules a ball foul and Ibanez slows down on the chase for the ball, but the umpire then says fair ball and the third run scores. In the 8th, two Yankee homers give them the lead and Robertson and Soriano nail it down with a breath holding finish

Aug 11 - during the game in Toronto, Jeter gets season hits 150 and 151. Only Hank Aaron and Derek Jeter have at least 150 hits in 17 consecutive seasons!
On the bad news side, Sabathia, who's been pitching with stiffness in his pitching elbow, was placed on the 15 day DL.

Aug 12 - Hughes gives up seven runs by the 4th, the Yankees have one hit. McGehee drive in Jones with two outs in the 5th.
Igarashi gives up three more, preventing the Yankee six run rally from tying the game.

Standings August 12
Yankees 67-47 - GB
Rays - 62-52 - 5
Orioles - 62-53 - 5½
Red Sox - 57-59 -11
Blue Jays - 54-60 - 13

The AL wild card teams are the Rays and Orioles.

Aug 13 - Phelps subs for Sabathia and pitches a two run five inning gem against Texas. Swisher hit a grand slam. Derek Lowe, in his first appearance for the Yankees, throws a two hit four inning save, his first since 2001. Yankees win 8-2.
Aug 14 - Kuroda follows with a two hit, complete game shutout. Swisher and Teixeira provide support in the 7th with back to back homers. Yankees win 3-0.

Aug 15 - Former Yankee and current SF Giant Melky Cabrera, was suspended for fifty games by MLB for using performance enhancing substances. The Giants said they were saddended that he was suspended, not that he used them.

At least Cabrera admited to the use and apologized. He will be eligiable to play again in the post season, if the Giants make it. Otherwise he will be a free agent for 2013. Very sad.

Aug 15 - Felix Hernandez pitched the 23rd perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays! Seattle wins 1-0. This is the first time in MLB history that there were three perfect games in one season.

Freddie Garcia allowed four hits, but two were solo homers by Hamilton. Yankees score three in the 3rd and win 3-2. Soriano strikes out Hamilton to start the 9th and survives another bad call by the umpire.

Aug 16 - Nova was hit for four runs in six innings. The Yankees go ahead 5-4 in the 7th, but Logan and Joba gave up the lead to the tune of 9-6 in the 8th. Even Ichiro missplayed a ball. Final score 10-6. Oh well 3-1 against the AL west leader isn't bad.

Aug 17 to 19 - Boston at the Stadium for three games.
Game 1: Yankees win 6-4
Hughes was good-bad-great. He threw what should have been a 1-6-3 double play into center field. A few batters later, Pedroia hit a three run homer, erasing the three solo homers hit by the Yankees. Yanks down 4-3. Jeter ties it later on his 250th homer, as Hughes settled down. Nix got the game winner on a single and Swisher hit his second homer to wrap it up.
Game 2: Boston wins 4-1
Jon Lester decides to find himself in time for the Yankees. Phelps made a few bad pitches, but the Yanks couldn't get a critical hit.
Game3: Yankees win 4-1
Jeter 3-4, Ichiro two homers. Kuroda eight innings, four hits, one run.

Standings August 19
Yankees 72-49 - GB - best record in AL.
Rays - 67-54 - 5
Orioles - 66-55 - 6
Red Sox - 59-63 -13½
Blue Jays - 56-65 - 16

The AL wild card teams are the Rays and Orioles.

Aug 20 to 22 - Three games lost to the White Sox. If the hitters hit, the pitchers couldn't hold the Sox. If the pitchers did well, the hitters went to sleep in the sweep. Dewayne Wise got even with the Yankees releasing him. Yankees only three games ahead of the Rays.
Nova may go on the DL for a tight shoulder.
Yankees need the day off!

Aug 23 - Good news and bad for the Mets: Collin McHugh, in his first major league game, 7 innings, 2 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, and 9 strikeouts. But the Mets lose it in the 9th 1-0.
Aug 24 - Sabathia is back vs. Cleveland. Yankees load the bases in the 1st and 2nd and only score one run.
Jeter is hit in the head, Sabathia retaliates and A Cabrera hits a homer on the next pitch. In the 5th, the Yankees have runners on second and third, with one out and the still don't score. Finally, in the 7th, Swisher hits a homer with Jeter on base.
Sabathia finishes 71/3 innings one run.
Soriano, sloppy, loads the bases but gets out of it .

Yankees win 3-1.

Red Sox team is cleaning house. Big trade with the Dodgers.. Boston is paying just $12M of the $270M+ they’re dumping.
Later, in his first at bat for the Dodgers, Gonzalez hit a three run homer!

Aug 25 - Kuroda gives up a three run homer in a shakey first inning then settles in for an eight inning four hit outing.
But, the Yankees have the bases loaded or runners in scoring position four times and manage only one run.
Yankees lose 3-1.

Aug 26 - Garcia starts and runs into trouble in the 5th, leading 3-2.
Bullpen holds and Granderson homers.
Yankees win 4-2.

Road trip 2-4, so they lose a game in the standings and hold a 4 game lead.

Standings August 26
Yankees 74-53 - GB
Rays - 70-57 - 4 no game for the RNC
Orioles - 69-57 - 4½ postponed rain
Red Sox - 61-67 -13½
Blue Jays - 56-70 - 17½

The AL wild card teams are the Rays with O's and A's tied.

Aug 27 to 29 - Aganist Toronto, Phelps pitches a great game leaving with a 6-4 lead. Soriano blows the save and the lead, Jeter ties it in the 9th, but Lowe loses it in the 11th, 8-7. Games like this can't be lost! Tampa loses and Baltimore wins, so the Yankees are still 4 game in front.
Game 2: Hughes wins 2-1.
Sabathia can't hold a 5-4 lead and batters strike out/hit outs with runners in scoring position. Lead run in the 8th was on a safety squeeze.
The Yankees are the only MLB team that has never won a game after trailing after the 8th inning. Joba does it again!Sad when they can't beat the last place team.

Aug 30 - A-Rod will play in a few rehab games.

Aug 31 to Sept 2 - Baltimore three critical games at the Stadium.
Game 1: Orioles win 6-1
Kuroda gives up four runs in 81/3 innings and the Yankees can't buy a run. Lowe implodes in the 9th.
Game 2: Yankees win 4-3
Phelps allows only three runs. But the Yankees were hitless until a homer by Cano, breaks up the perfect game in the 4th.
Nunez drives in Pearce in the 7th. Ichiro walks and Jeter walks with the bases loaded, to tie game. Then Hardy double bobbled a grounder by Swisher and the Yankees get the lead.
Robertson and Soriano each have clean innings.
Game 3: Baltimore wins 8-3
Hughes gets into the 6th with a 3-1 lead and then gives up 4 runs, the offense is missing and the bullpen implodes.

Standings Sept 2
Yankees 76-57 - GB
Orioles - 74-59 - 2
Rays - 73-61 - 3½
Red Sox -63-73 -15
Blue Jays - 60-73 - 16

The AL wild card teams are the O's and A's.

Sept 3 - Forget magic numbers.
Yankees go ahead 3-2 in th 4th with Sabathia pitching against Tampa. Tampa ties in the 5th and Robertson gives up the lead in the 8th. Jeter is slumping and Granderson strikes out to end it with the tying run on thrid.
Sept 4 - Yankees lose to Tampa 5-2 after spotting Garcia two runs in the first.
No hitting, still! Baltimore has tied them for first place.
Sept 5 - Kuroda gives up two leads, but with the score 4-4, the Yankees get a sac bunt and a error on a throw home to score two. Yankees win 6-4.
Toronto beat Baltimore 6-4.
Yankees alone in first place again.

Sept 6 to 9 - in Baltimore, the battle for first place!
Game 1: Baltimore wins 10-6
Phelps gave up five runs in four innings. Joba gave up a homer too. Yankees bats agains missing.
Yankees come all the way back in the 8th, tie the game 6-6.
Baltimore hit six homers in the game.
The bullpen then collapses statrting with Robertson.
Game 2: Yankees win 8-5
Hughes pitches well. Yankees hit three homers. Bullpen gives up two solo homers. Good comeback!
Game 3: Baltimore wins 5-4
CC Sabathia wasn't even so-so. Three homers after the Yankees got him a two run lead. Then the offense went away again.
In the 9th, the Yankees had first and third with one out. Teixeira at bat and clearly beats the double play throw,

but a terrible call by umpire Jerry Meals ends the game. YES and the News compare it to the Jeffrey Maier blown call.
Game 4: Yankees win 13-3
Yankees go up 5-0 by the 4th, but Garcia walks the lead off, then hits the next batter on 0-2 count. then a few hits. Lead cut to 5-3.Joba comes in from the bullpen. He strikes out both batters that inning and two more, for an excellent outing and got the win.
Granderson pinch hits for Jones and hits a homer on the first pitch!
The bullpen closes the door allowing only one hit in 5 2/3 innings.

Standings Sept 9
Yankees 79-61 - GB
Orioles - 78-62 - 1
Rays - 77-63 - 2
Blue Jays - 64-75 - 14½
Red Sox - 63-78 -16½

The AL wild card teams are the O's and A's. The A's have a better record than the White Sox, but they are second place in the west.

Next, three games in Boston while Tampa and Baltimore beat each other up!

Sept 11 - Kuroda again gets slim leads twice and gives them up. Robertson has a spectacular 8th, but loses the game in the 9th. Baltimore beats Tampa, so the Yankees are again tied for first place.

Sept 12 & 13 - Logan and Hughes both put in great games. Yankees keep pace with Baltimore. Jeter ties Willie Mays for 10th on the all-time hits list.
Yankees end road trip 5-5 and this was the first time they won two games in a row since August.

Sept 14 to 16 - The battle to keep Tampa tamped down.
Tampa lost three to the Orioles while the Yankees were in Boston. Now the Yankees try the same as Baltimore plays in Oakland.
Game 1: Tampa wins 6-4
Sabathia can no longer hold a lead. The Yankees try a come back, but they are 0-54 in games that they are behind after the 8th inning.
Baltimore lost too, so no loss in the standings.
Game 2: Yankees win 5-3
Nova is spectacular in his return, but Joba gives up a hit to get the Rays back into the game4-3, but holds it there. Robertson has a clean 8th and Soriano has a breath holding save.
A's beat the O's, so the Yankees are one game up in the east.
Game 3: Yankees win 6-4
The first nine outs all recorded by strike outs.
In the 6th, with a 5-1 lead, Kuroda had a rough patch. Walked the #9 hitter, then an infield hit, a walk and what should have been a 5-4-3 DP bounded over A-Rod's head to score two. Next batter GIDP with a run scoring. Not all his fault, but the score became 6-4.
Robertson has a clean 8thand Soriano closes it with a DP.

Standings Sept 16
Yankees 83-63 - GB
Orioles - 82 -64 - 1
(O's 1-2 in the series vs A's)
Rays - 78-68- 5
Blue Jays - 66-79 - 16½
Red Sox - 66-81 -17½

The AL wild card teams are the O's and A's. The A's and O's have better records than the White Sox, but they are second place in their divisions.

Sept 19 - Pettitte pitches in the first game Wednesday vs. Toronto. Five innings 75 pitches, no runs, four hits. Yankees up 3-0.
Robertson gives up five hits, forcing Soriano into a four out save. Ichiro mkaes a great catch to save the game, then doubles and scores on Swisher's hit. Soriano has an easy 9th for the save.
Yankees win game one 4-2.

In Game two, Phelps give 6 2/3 innings of one run ball and Ichiro is 4-4 and drives in the winning run and four steals.
Yankees win game two 2-1.

Baltimore swept Seattle and is ½ game back.
Sept 20 - Hughes gets game three.
He gives up two runs early. But the Yankees go ahead 8-2 in the 4th, but Hughes gives up a two out walk and homer in the 5th.
By the 8th a 10-4 lead dwindled to 10-7, sad.
Robertson gets the save by striking out the side on 12 pitches.
Yankees win 10-7 and are one game ahead of the Orioles.

Sept 21 to 23 vs Oakland
Game 1: Yankees win 2-1
Sabathia pitches a beauty no runs in eight innings. Yankees score one in the 4th on a Granderson sac fly. Soriano blows the game in the 9th, allowing a solo homer.
Martin hits a walk off homer in the 10th.
Baltimore beat Boston to stay one game back.
Game 2: Yankees win 10-9 in 14!
Oh Nova! Three doubles to start the game. But Ichiro homers after a long fly out by Jeter.
The Yankees score three in the first and another in the second. But Nova implodes and Rapada gets a 1-2-3 DP to end the threat.
Next inning a HBP and two singles - game tied. Ibanez pinch hits a home for the lead. But Oakland ties the game at 5 in the 7th.
Joba pitches a clean 9th and Garcia a clean 10th.
Umpires need glasses: Chavez called out when the first baseman is clearly off the bag.
Yankees squander chances to end it a number of times, but fail.
Garcia runs out of steam in his 4th inning and gives up two homers in the 13th.
But the Yankees load the bases, a wild pitch, sac fly and a two run homer by Ibanez ties it!
Melky Mesa missed third on an A-Rod single and had to return. Bases loaded for Cano, who forces Mesa at the plate.
Nunez hits a Buckneresq grounder to first which is booted by the first baseman!
Each team used nine pitchers!
Baltimore beat Boston again, in 12 innings.
Game 3: A's win 5-4
Kuroda needs no help in giving up runs. Umpire at first blew another call, making the following homer two runs.
Yankees go ahead in the 4th 4-3. But Kuroda gives it back and then some, 5-4 A's.
Yankees 2-8 with RISP.
Baltimore lost to Boston - Yankees can't take advantage.
The Yankees and Baltimore have been one game or tied for first since early September, this hasn't happened in this late in the season since 1951, Yankees and Indians.

Standings Sept 23
Yankees 88-64 - GB
Orioles - 87 -65 - 1
Rays - 83-70 - 5½
Red Sox - 69-85 -20
Blue Jays - 66-85 - 21½

The AL wild card teams are the O's and A's. The A's, O's, Angles, and Rays have better records than the White Sox, but they are second or third place in their divisions.
Cincinati and San Francisco have clinched their divisions. Washington has cliched at least a wild card spot.

To the end of the season:
Sept 24 to 26 at Twins - three games
Game 1: Yankees win 6-3
Orioles split a double header, Yankees up1½ games.
Game 2:Twins win 5-4
Hughes pitched well for 62/3 innings, then loaded the bases with the score 3-1. Logan comes in and throws a wild pitch then gives up a double - Yanks down 5-3!
Game 3: Yankees win 8-2
Sabathia was spectacular! Dickerson starts a six run third inning. The game was capped by a Dickerson two run homer in the 6th. Gardner returned to the outfield in the 9th.

Sept 27 - Congratulations to Met pitcher R. A. Dickey on winning his 20th game of the season!

Sept 27 to 30 at Toronto - four games
Game 1: Blue Jays win 6-0
Nova loses it after four innings. Yankees don't hit.
Game 2: Yankees win 11-4
Kuroda had men on base throughout his innings, he got outs when he needed them. Martin homers in the 6th the rout.
Game 3: Blue Jays win 3-2
Pettitte was given a two run lead in the first, but gave up a homer. Yankees had the bases loaded a number of times, but only got two sac flies. By the 6th, Toronto went ahead on a double given up by Joba. Then he strikes out the side in the next inning! Gardner pinch runs and is caught stealing.
Another sad game.
Baltimore beat the Red Sox, so they are tied for first place.
Game 4: Yankees pull it out 9-6
Hughes puts two on with one out in the first and gives up two runs. Chavez homers. Hughes leave with a 5-1 score after 42/3.
Yankees tie it 5-5-, but two runs scored on wild pitches. Cano gets doubled off third on a line drive DP by Swisher.
Martin sac bunt with two on, Nunez sac fly gets Yankees up 6-5. RBI singel by Jeter. Two more runs in the 9th.
Robertson pitches a good 8th, but Soriano loads the bases before getting two ground outs.

Baltimore beat Boston again. Yankees and Orioles remian tied for first place. Both clinched playoff spots.
It's complicated: If the Yanks and O's remain tied on Wed, they play one game on Thurs(?) to see which is east champ and which is wildcard. Then the wildcard plays either Oakland or Texas to play in the division series. The location of the play-in depends on the final win-loss of the competing teams.

Oct 1 to 3
Baltimore at Tampa and
Yankees vs. Boston - three games each for the AL East or wildcard.
Game 1: Yankees win 10-2
Yankees go up 9-0 in the 2nd on four homers.
Baltimore loses 5-3

Game 2: Yankees win 4-3 in 12 innings.
Yankees down 2-1 in the 8th, Martin singles with two out. Gardner runs for him and gets picked off. Soriano gives up a homer to make it worse.
In the 9th, Granderson singles and Ibanez pinch hits a homer to tie the game!
Teixeira pops out with the bases loaded and Cano grounds out. Extra innings.
In the 12th Cervelli, walked, Granderson walked and Ibanez hit an RBI single. Derick Lowe got the win for two scoreless innings.
Baltimore wins 1-0 and Texas loses 3-1 to Oakland keeping the Yankees one game up.
A win Wednesday gets them the AL east and best record in the AL.

Game 3: Yankees clinch 14-2
Matsuzaka vs. Kuroda. Boston goes up 1-0 an two singles and two grounders. Granderson hits a three run homer in the 2nd.
Cano hits two homers Yankees up 9-1 in the 6th.
Baltimore loses 4-1

The Texas Rangers were in first place since April 9th. They lost game 162, while tied for first with the Oakland A's and lost 12-5 to become the first wildcard.

Final Standings Oct 3
Yankees 95-67 - GB - Best record in AL!
Orioles - 93-69 - 2
Rays - 90-72 - 5
Blue Jays - 73-89 - 22
Red Sox - 69-93 -26

AL wildcard teams: Texas and Baltimore - Play on Friday.

Miguel Cabrera wins the first triple crown since 1967.
Boston announces that Bobby Valentine would not return as the Red Sox manager for 2013.
Post Season

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2012 Preview

October 30, 2011 - The Yankees excercised the options on Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano for 2012.
The Yankees offered and Sabathia accepted a contract extension to 2016 with a club option to 2017. He is 59-23 since joining the Yankees.
Tony LaRusa announced his retirement after leading the Cardinals to a come from behind victory in the World Series.

November 9, 2011 - It looks like Jorge Posada has played his last game as a Yankee. The team has not talked to him or his agent.

November 25, 2011 - in a can't lose situation, the Yankees signed Freddy Garcia to a one year contract worth between $4 and $5 million. If he had signed eslewhere, the Yankees would have gotten a draft pick because they offered him arbitration.

January 8, 2012 - A story is leaked that Jorge Posada will announce his retirement in the next few weeks. A member of the Core Four, he will hang up his mit and mask after 17 years as a Yankee (.276, 1664 hits, 275 homers 1065 RBI). Is he Hall of Fame worthy? Check back in five years.

January 13, 2012 - After a very quiet off season, the Yankees trade Noesi and Montero for RHPs Michael Pineda and Jose Campos from Seattle. RHP Hiroki Kuroda was signed as a free agent from the Dodgers after his price for one year came down to $10 million. All transactions are pending physicals.
The Yankees most likely starting rotation will be: Sabathia, Pineda, Kuroda, Nova & another pitcher.

January 24, 2012 - It's official, Jorge Posada retires. Is Hall of Fame Next?

February 17, 2012 - It's close to bye-bye for the PIE MAN. AJ Burnett will go the Pirates for two Minor Leaguers: right-handed reliever Diego Moreno, 25, and outfielder Exicardo Cayones, 20. MLB still must approve the $20 million of Burnett's contract.

February 20, 2012 - The Yankees signed Raul Ibanez to a one-year, $1.1 million contract as lefthanded DH.
Mariano Rivera said he made a decision about playing in 2013, but said he won't tell what it is.

March 16, 2012 - Andy Pettitte signed a one year minor league contract and was invited to the ML team's spring training. His career record is 240-138 (.635) with a 3.88 ERA (3,055.1 IP, 1,317 ER) and in the post season he is 19-10 with a 3.83 ERA in 42 career starts.

March 23, 2012 - While jumping on a trampoline with his son, Joba Chamberlin dislocates his ankle and might miss the season and possibly his career. March 24, the outlook seems better.

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