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Mariano Rivera Retirement

The Post Season
Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox
for winning their Eighth World Series

Nov 4, 2013 - Mariano Rivera Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, along with Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Francisco Liriano, have been named the recipients of the 2013 American League and National League Comeback Player of the Year Awards.
Nov 6, 2013 -Robinson Cano was named the AL Silver Slugger Award winner at second base. It’s his fourth straight Silver Slugger and fifth overall. He also won way back in 2006.

Play begins in Fenway Park, because the AL won All Star game 3-0 at Citi Field.
St. Louis Cardinals (2-4) vs. Boston Red Sox (4-2)
@ Boston
Game 1: Red Sox win 8-1
Ortiz robbed of a slam in the 2nd, hits two run homer in the 7th.
Cards: seven hits, ten strikeouts, score on Holiday homer in the 9th and made three errors.
Game 2: Cardinals win 4-2
Rosenthal strikes out the side in the 9th.
@ St. Louis
Game 3: Cardinals win 5-4
Walk off Obstruction: with runners on second and third, infield grounder, the throw home gets the runner. Catcher throws wide of third trying to get the runner from second. Runner trips over third baseman, the throw back from the outfield gets the runner at home, but the third base umpire ruled OBSTRUCTION and the run scored ending the game.
Game 4: Red Sox win 4-2
The last out in the 9th was a pick off of a pinch runner with Beltran at the plate.
Game 5: Red Sox win 3-1

@ Boston
Game 6: Red Sox win 6-1

American League

Red Sox win east (9/20)
Tigers win central (9/25)
A's win west (9/22)
Rays & Rangers tied (9/29)
One game play in to get second wild card
Indians win wild card 1
Rays win wild card 2 in one game playoff (163rd game)

National League

Braves win east (9/22)
Cardinals win central (9/27)
Dodgers win west (9/19)
Pirates win wild card 1
Reds win wild card 2

Red Sox (4-2) vs. Tigers (2-4)
@ Boston
Game 1: Tigers win 1-0
Boston: one 9thinning hit, 17 strikeouts
Game 2: Red Sox win 6-5
Ortiz hits a grand slam in 8thoff closer Benoit. Win on hit, error, wild pitch and hit in 9th.
@ Detroit
Game 3: Red Sox win 1-0
Game 4: Tigers win 7-3
Benoit, again aloows a run in 9th, but this time gets Ortiz on a fly ball with a runner on third base.
Game 5: Red Sox win 4-3
@ Boston
Game 6: Red Sox win 5-2
On a 7th inning error followed by a grand slam by Victorino.

Red Sox win series 4-2

Dodgers (2-4) vs. Cardinals (4-2)
@ St. Louis
Game 1: Cardinals win 3-2 in 13 innings
Game 2: Cardinals win 1-0
@ Los Angeles
Game 3: Dodgers win 3-0
Game 4: Cardinals win 4-2
Game 5: Dodgers win 6-4
Dodgers' closer K. Jansen comes in with a 6-1 lead in the 9th and gives up three runs.
@ St. Louis
Game 6: Cardinals win 9-0
Cardinals win series 4-2

Red Sox (3-1) vs. Rays (1-3)
@ Boston
Game 1: Red Sox win 12-2
Game 2: Red Sox win 7-4
@ Tampa
Game 3: Rays win 5-4
Walk off homer.
Game 4: Red Sox win 3-1

A's (2-3) vs. Tigers (3-2)
@ Oakland
Game 1: Tigers win 3-2
Game :2 A's win 1-0
Walk off single bases loaded in the 9th
@ Detroit
Game 3: A's win 6-3
Game 4: Tigers win 8-6
@ Oakland
Game 5: Tigers win 3-0

Dodgers (3-1) vs. Braves (1-3)
@ Atlanta
Game 1: Dodgers win 6-1
Game 2: Braves win 4-3
@ Los Angeles
Game 3: Dodgers win 13-6
Game 4: Dodgers win 4-3

Cardinals (3-2) vs. Pirates (2-3)
@ St. Louis
Game 1: Cardinals win 9-1
Game 2: Pirates win 7-1
@ Pittsburgh
Game 3 :Pirates wins 5-3
Russel Martin has 4 RBI so far.
Game 4: Cardinals win 2-1
@ St. Louis
Game 5: Cardinals win 6-1

9/30 - Rays beat the Rangers 5-2 at Texas for second wild card
10/2 - Rays beat Indians at Cleveland 3-1

10/1 - Pirates beat Reds at Pittsburgh 6-2

2013 Season

April 1 - Opening Day!
Yankees Starting Lineup vs. the Red Sox
1. CF: Brett Gardner
2. SS: Eduardo Nunez
3. 2B: Robinson Cano
4. 1B: Kevin Youkilis
5. LF: Vernon Wells
6. DH: Ben Francisco
7. RF: Ichiro Suzuki
8. 3B: Jayson Nix
9. C: Francisco Cervelli
SP: CC Sabathia
A few bad hops and ill placed pitches, and CC is down 4-0 in the first, but settles down. Only finishes the 5th inning. Going into the 9th down 5-2, Joba Chamberlain gives up three more.

Boston wins 8-2. This breaks the string of 11 Yankee opening day wins at the Stadium (old or New).

Oh, the Mets won their game 11-2

April 4 - With Koroda getting his pitching hand injured in game two, it took the combo of Andy and Mo to get the Yankees' first win. Pettitte went eight innings and threw 94 pitches.

April 7 - Sabathia vs. Verlander: Nix hits a 2nd inning two run homer after Cervelli drove in Ichiro with a double.
CC goes seven innings on 114 pitches 3-0 lead. Robertson makes the 8th interesting for a change, first and third one out and gets a fly ball and strikeout. Jason Nix gets three hits! Coke and Dotel each give up two runs. Mo nails it down with a 21 pitch two bloop hit scoreless inning. The key to the game was keeping the 1-5 hitters 2-20 with two walks and the Yankees had 13 hits.
Yankees win 7-0.
One week in, the Yankees are 2-4, two games behind.

R. A. Dickey, 2012 NL Cy Young winner, gets roughed up by Boston.

April 8 - Koroda returns from his injury and is staked to three runs on a Hafner homer, gives them back, but in fairness there were a few bad bounces.
Yankees pull ahead with runs in the third to seventh innings. Cano hits two homers!
In the 8th, Kelly strikes out the side, but also gives up three runs on doubles, two wild pitches, and a homer.
Joba Chamberlain gives up two 9th inning walks and Mo has to warm up with the score 11-6.

April 12 - After a double rain out in Cleveland, the Yankees return home to face Baltimore.
Sabathia was coasting along with a 2-1 lead, when in the 7th, he is called for a balk, moving the runner into scoring position. The run scored on a single. In the Yankee half, with the bases loaded and two outs, Jones, the Oriole center fielder tracks a long fly, blows a bubble and drops the ball. All three runs score.
In the Oriole 8th, the first two batters get on base, then the Yankees pull off a typical 4-6-5-6-5-3-4 triple play!
Rivera nails down the win in the 9th.

April 13 - Hughes leaves the game in the 4th after giving up 5 runs.
Phelps comes in and prevents more damage, going five innings, followed by Chamberlain and Robertson. Yankees can't recover, lose 5-3.

April 14 - Hiroki Kuroda pitched a gem five hit shutout. Gardner hit a towering homer in the 3-0 win vs. Baltimore.

April 16 - On the day that the Yankees and Arizona honored the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cano hit a three run homer to put the Yankees ahead and Rivera closed the game out.

April 18 - Bad news about Jeter: a CT scan revealed a small fracture in the shortstop's surgically repaired left ankle. He won't be available until after the All Star Game.

April 20 - Kiroda pitches a beauty, but Robertson has a bad day and allows the tie at 3-3.
In the 11th, the Yankees score two runs on a botched sac bunt. Mo nails it down after giving up a lead off double.
Yankees win 5-3.

April 21 - Nova blows another one, with the help of the bull pen. Yankees lose 8-4 after leading 4-2.
April 23 - The good Hughes is good news. He battled David Price (0-2) to a no decision. Mo nails the win, though he gave up a homer to Longoria. Yankees win 4-3.

April 26 - Another game, another two injuries. Cervelli, hit by foul tip is out for six weeks with a broken hand. Nova experienced elbow tenderness and left the game after three innings.
Yankees win 6-4, with Phelps pitching four one run innings and Mo getting the save.

April 27 - CC was so-so, but pitched eight innings, allowing four runs.
With Robertson and Rivera having each pithing three of the four last days, Joba came in got the save. Yankees come from behind on Hafner and Wells key hits and RBIs.
Yankees win 5-4

April 28 - Phil Hughes was good, except that he gave up two runs on 110 pitches through six innings.
But the Yankees could only get two hits vs. RA Dickey, one was a Boesch solo homer. In the 7th, the Yankees get a single and an Overbay homer to put the Yankees up 3-2. Roberrtson throws a seven pitch eighth. Mo throws a 10 pitch ninth.
Yankees sweep the Jays with a 3-2 win.

May 2 - The good news: A-Rod is cleared for baseball activities. The bad news: Joba Chamberlain on the DL with a strained oblique.
Yankees record: 17-10, in second place with the second best record in the majors.

May 10 - A relatively quiet week. The Yankees continue to win series. They have a higher winning percentage because they played fewer games than Boston and Baltimore.
In the May 9th game, Cano got his 1500th hit as well as a home run. Rivera is 13-13 in saves.

May 12 - Yankees (23-13) complete the sweep of the Royals and remain in first place, ahead of Baltimore and Boston.

May 13 - Yankees in Cleveland for a daytime double header makeup for the earlier rainouts.
Game 1: Phelps pitches a beauty, except for one, a homer. Yankees go down on three hits 1-0.
Game 2: Vidal Nuno went five shutout innings, Adam Warren continued the shutout. Yankees win split 7-0.

May 13 - The bad Hughes showed up again. Six hits, seven runs in 2/3 of an inning.

May 17 - Another day, another DL. This time Andy Pettitte for his shoulder.
Koroda throws another gem shutout for eight innings, the Claiborne throws a scoreless 9th. Adams and Romine each have their first multi-hit games. Yankees beat Toronto 5-0.

May 18 - Phelps throws seven innings of one run ball. He wiggled out of trouble a number of times. Robertson and Logan nail it down. Yankees win 7-2.

The Yankees end the record of 19-0 in games that they scored first. This is a AL record beating the 1912 White Sox!
In the 5/20 game vs. Baltimore the Yankees scored first, but the game was tied and they needed 10 innings to win it.
Finally in the 5/21 game vs. Baltimore the Yankees scored first, but again the game became tied, this time the Yankees lost in the 10th inning.

May 22 - Koroda didn't have much early and gave up three runs on two homers in the first inning. Then he took a liner off his calf and left the game. The usually reilable bullpen gave up three more and the Yankees lose 6-3. A day off then a weekend in Tampa.

So far, the Yankees have used 36 different players. They didn't use that many last season until July29!

May 24 - The Yankees win 9-4 vs. Tampa on another good performance by Phelps. But they lose Granderson again on a hit by pitch, this time his left pinkie finger is broken.

May 25 - Vidal Nuno pitched another great game: 2 runs on 5 hits in 6+ innings.
He would have been on the losing end, except that the Rays' closer Rodney, blew the save in the 9th and the Yankees won 4-3 on an Overbay 11th inning homer, and Mo's 18th save for Nova, returning from the DL.

May 26 - A bad 2nd inning: hit batter and two successive botched fielder's choices load the bases. Then a bloop and sac fly puts CC behind 2-0. He gives up two two run homers. The only good thing is that Sabathia went seven innings, saving the bullpen, leaving down 7-0. Huff gave up another run.
The Yankees manage one bad call hit by Nix through five innings off of Cobb. Gardner hits a homer leading off the 9th. The Yankees score two more runs and had runners on second and third when Nix struck out to end it.
Cleveland couldn't hold a 5-1 lead against Boston - Boston wins 6-5 in the 9th.

Yankees and Boston in virtual tie for first.

May 27 to May 30 - Four games vs. the Mets: two at Citi Field and two at the Stadium

Game 1 @ Citi field: Mets win 2-1
We had the good Hughes until the 7th, when he gave up the tying run on a Wright homer. Neise held the Yankees to one run, though they had men on base often. Robertson got the loss in the 8th.
Game 2 @ Citi field: Mets win 2-1
It had to happen sooner or later: Mo blew his first save of the year and took the loss. He didn't even get an out!
I wonder if the gifts he got from the Mets jinxed him.
Game 3 @ Yankee Stadium: Mets win 9-4
This one was over in the first inning, Phelps phlopped! and the Yankees couldn't recover.
Even the Mets players threatened with AAA ball came through. Their starter had been 0-5, now 1-5.
The only good news was Philadelphia beat Boston again. Yankees remain one game back.
Game 4 @ Yankee Stadium: <ets win 3-1
First and second innings start with two on and no out, and score nothing. Nuno gives up a two run homer.

Mets sweep the season series

May 31 to June 2 - Yankees are two games behind the Red Sox and play them over the weekend.
Game 1: Yankees win 4-1
Youkilis and Teixeira return. Sabathia is back in form. Mo gets the save.
Game 2: Boston wins 11-1
Bad Hurghes returns. Walk Ortiz with two on one out. Napoli hits grand slam on0-2 count. Then the bullpen falls apart.
Game 3: Boston wins 3-0 in 5 innings +
The Sunday night game was held up for 45 minutes, but it never rained. Play began and Koroda had a bad outing giving up two homers, the Yankees scored one run..In the top of the 6th, it began to rain and the game was called.

Thanks to a bad week, the Yankees are in third place, three games out.

June 3 to June 5 - Yankees sweep Cleveland to end the homestand 4-4. Teixeira is getting hot, but Cano and Wells are cold.

June 6 - The beginning of a ten game west coast trip. The good Hughes vs. Seattle. Yankees win 6-1, but score all their runs in the third inning oneight hits, two homers.

June 8 - Pettitte throws a 71/3 inning, three hit, one run game. It's his 250th win!

June 9 - Phelps battled King Felix Hernandez. It was 1-1 by the time both starters left the game. Stewart drives in Ichiro in the 9th and Mo holds it down, Yankees win 2-1

Yakees in second place 11/2 game behind Boston.

June 11 - 13 Off to a bad start in Oakland. So-So Sabathia lost the first game in the first and the bad Hughes Phil in the second inning of the second game.

Koroda in the third game was perfect for seven innings. In the third he allowed the tying run 2-2, the game remained tied into extra innings.
Yankees missed chances in the 11th, 12th, 13th, & 14th. Athletics win it in the 18th with Rivera inheriting runners and giving up two hits.

The good news: Boston lost, the bad news: it was to Baltimore. Yankees are in third 31/2 games behind.

June 14 - 16 Weekend in Anaheim, the Angels are in as bad a shape as the Yankees, but without as many injuries.
The offense doesn't score until the 4th, leaving them with 20 scoreless innings. The Yankees DL is catching up with them, Youkilis is back on for his back and with Cano given the night as DH, the fourth string left side of the infield allows a pop up to fall between them leading to more runs. Pettitte, couldn't hold it and the Yankees lost 5-2.

Phelps did an OK job, giving up four runs in six innings, but Teixeira had to leave the game and the bull pen fell apart and with the anemic offense Yankees lose 6-2.

Sabathia on Sunday vs Jared Weaver. It started out like previous games, Yankees start with second and third no out, but can't score. But with almost the same thing in the third, Hafner hits a three run homer and they score two more. The Yankees tack one more in the 8th. Sabathia pitches a shutout into the 9th, but gives up a double and a walk.
Robertson comes in and the second pitch hits for a single losing the shutout.
Mo comes in and allows four more runs on some bloops, bringing the winning run at the plate.
Pujols strikes out on three pitches with the bases loaded.
Yankees win 6-5!
West coast disaster 4-6 and lost five in a row.
Three games behind Boston in third place.

June 18 - Teixeira back on DL for his wrist, Youkilis needs surgery on his back, we may have seen the last of him as a Yankee.

June 19 - Day night double header vs. the Dodgers and Donnie Baseball due to rain out Tuesday night.
Kuroda faced his old team in the first game.
Yankees win 6-4. Some sloppy play and four errors by the Dodgers.
The bad Hughes pitched second game. Five runs by the fifth inning. Yankees lose 6-0, no offense again.

June 21 - Zoilo Almonte makes his first ML start vs. Tampa and goes 3-4 with a homer and two singles. He is 4-6 overall after entering the previous day as a late inning substitute. He elps Phelps to a win 6-4, Yankees.

June 23 - Almonte continues to get hits, but no one else.
Nova returns for a spot start, gives up one run through six innings, but hits two batters with two out in the seventh and the bullpen blows it with a walk and a hit.
Yankees lose 3-1 and split the four games vs. Tampa.

The 67th annual Old-Timers Day in the Bronx. Yankees legends gathered to see old friends, play a little baseball and be recognized in front of the fans who adored them during their playing days.

Yankees end the week in third place 21/2 games back.

June 25 - Kuroda vs. Darvish. Martin, the 9th place hitter for Texas hits two homers.
The Yankees answer with three of their own, but the game is tied into the 9th. Mo pitches a scoreless inning. Stewart walks, leading off the Yankee half. But, is forced by Gardner. Expect Gardner to steal with Ichiro at bat, but he's thrown out. On a 1-2 pitch, Ichiro hits a walk off homer, giving Mo the win.
His only other walk off homer was vs. Mo in Seattle!
The irony!

June 26 - The Yankees announced that doctors recommended that Mark Teixeira have surgery to correct the problem in his wrist.

A-Rod started another feud by tweeting that he had been cleared to play baseball. Cashman emphatically said not until the team clears you. The the claim was made that A-Rod wanted to start game activities, so that he could claim a career ending disability to receive his pay and avoid the possible suspension on the HGH scandal.

June 28 - Sabathia, given a three run lead, was mowing the Orioles down until the 6th. Then the wheels come off and the game is tied 3-3. In the 7th, he gives up a homer and the Yankees can't recover.

The remiander of the weekend was no better. Yankees fall to 6 1/2 games back in 4th place.

So the pain continues!

July 1 - Andy Pettitte recorded his 1,957th strikeout making him the Yankees' all time leader, passing Whitey Ford. The Yankees beat the Twins 10-4, but needed a rally after Pettitte left the game losing 4-3 after the 5th inning.

July 4 - Yankees complete the sweep of the Twins, gain on Baltimore, and move into 3rd.

July 5 - Ivan Nova pitches his first complete game vs. Baltimore. He ends the 9th down 2-1.
Yankees bottom half:

Johnson is the Baltimore closer and leads the league in blown saves.

July 6 - Nunez returns and Pettitte hangs in Rivera saves, Yankees beat Baltimore 5-4.

July 7 - Say it ain't so Mo! Blows a 1-0 lead in the 9th, ruins Kuroda's shutout. Yankees can't recover, lose sweep.

Yankees end the week in 4th place five games behind Boston.

July 10 - Nova throws another great game. One run over eight innings. This time the Yankees come through with Cano and Overbay homers after disappointing first inning. Yankees break three game losing streak 8-1.

July 11 - Jeter returns, goes 1-4 with an RBI and a run, but gets an MRI for a muscle issue in his leg. He has a greade 1 strain, will miss at least till after the All Star Game.
Yankees win 8-4.

July 12 - Kuroda returns for the 5th after a rain delay. Yankees score two runs in the bottom and the bull pen holds for a 2-0 win vs. the Twins.

July 13 - Bad news Hughes made another appearance with the one run a game Yankees. Three homers do him in, even though he struk out ten Twins.

July 14 - Bad defense puts Yankees in a 8-1 hole by the 4th and 10-4 by the 9th.

Mid season evaluation:
Considering the number of homers not resigned and those lost to the DL, it's a wonder that the Yankees are seven games over .500, in 4th place, six games behind.

All Star Game at Citi Field

Mets pitcher Mat Harvey starts by giving up a double and hits Cano, but pitches two scoreless innings. AL comes through scoring three runs by the 8th. Rivera pitches a perfect bottom half and is given the MVP award. AL wins 3-0, NL gets only three hits.
Rivera enters the game in the 8th from the New York Post

The Second Half

A-Rod may be back Monday 7/22, even with pending MLB rumors about the steroid scandal.

July 19 - With a grade 1 quad strain. He's on the 15 day DL and may return July 27th.

Weekend series in Boston.

Game 1: Boston wins 4-2
Pettitte gives up three runs on two homers by the second inning. Yankees score their first run on a walk, two stolen bases and a wild throw on the second steal.
Game 2: Ya nkees win 5-2
Kuroda throws another great game. Gardner, Overbay, and Nunez get three hits each. Rivera saves it.
Game 3: Boston wins 8-7 in 11 innings
Sabathia had a 3-0 lead and blew it. Yankees tie it, but lose in extra innings. Some Yankee runs were scored on Boston's three errors, so it wasn't an offesive outburst as it may seem.

No-Rod stays on DL due to quad injury. He's not entitled to any more rehab games.
Yankees seven games out.

July 23 - Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun came clean Monday and accepted a suspension through the remainder of 2013 for violations of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.
Can No-Rod be next?

The good Hughes showed up, pitched 5.2 great innings.
With an 80 pitch count and a 3-2 lead, but with a runner on, Girardi brings Logan in with a lefty at bat. Of course that leads to a two run homer. The runs were all unearned due to a Lillibridge error. But he got redemption by driving in the go ahead run in the 9th after a Nunez triple ties the game. The irony: the runs were scored off of Joe Nathan, who got the save in the All Star Game and gave the ball to Mo, who shut Texas down for the save. Yankees win 5-4.

July 26 - What happened to Sabathia?Another bad outing the Yankees fall 10-6.
Alphonso Soriano returned to the Yankees and went 0-5, but he does have more homers than most of the Yankees.
A-Rod is having a verbal war with Yankee management. It's one of three things:
Do they want him back?
Are they trying to get out of his contract?
Collect on the injury insurance?

July 27 - Another great game by Nova, another 1-0 loss.
Hafner is on the DL for his shoulder.
July 28 - Before the game, the Yankees honored Matsui and signed him to a minor league contract so he can retire as a Yankee.

Derek Jeter takes the first pitch he sees after returning from the second DL and hits a home run. Yankees score three in the inning.
Of course Hughes gives one run back and escapes with the bases loaded.
He then gives up a three run homer on a 3-2 pitch in the third.

Soriano hit a homer with Jeter on to put the Yankees up 5-4. And Hughes can't hold that lead either.
Soriano drives Gardner in from second with his fourth hit with one out. Mo gets the win in a tie game 9th.

Boston is back in first place. Yankees 7½ games out.

July 30 & 31 - West coast trip to LA Dodgers:
Four great performances by four pitchers. In the first game, the Yankees lose in the 9th 3-2 on a Mark Ellis hit with a runner on second.
The Yankees win the second in the 9th 3-0 after Mark Ellis commits an error allowing two additional runs. Mo saves it with a two K and ground out 9th.

Aug 2 - 4 - Weekend set in San Diego:
Game 1: CC is getting worse, but says he's OK.
Game 2: Nova is a bright star: another seven inning shutout, Yankees win 3-0.
Game 3: Hughes vs. Kennedy
Hughes gives up 5 runs by the 3rd. Yankees chip away, but Wells strikes out as the tying run in the 9th.

Yankees 9½ games behind.

Jeter had another MRI, this time for his calf.

Aug 5 - MLB announced the Biogenesis suspensions for 13 players. No-Rod will get 211 games, but he is appealing the decision. This will take him to his 40th birthday in 2015.
Since he can play until the appeal is done, Jeter went onto the DL in place of No-Rod.
The Yankees say that they agree with MBL's decision.

Pettite gives up three runs in the first vs. Chicago White Sox. No-Rod gets a hit in his first at bat, but the Yankees can't score, lose 8-1.

Aug 6 - Kuroda pitches well, Yankees don't hit.
Aug 7 - Sabathia has a good game, but almost blows it in the 7th.
But Mo does blow it in the 9th allowing a 4-4 tie. Cano homers in the 12th, but Warren loses it in the bottom half 6-5.
Yankees were 1/13 with runners in scoring position.

Aug 8 - Day off, can they regroup? How will fans greet No-Rod?
Is the season over?

Aug 9 - Nova pitches another gem, one run for seven innings vs. Detroit.
But Mo blows another and the Yankees need an extra inning win to bail him out.
No-Rod 0-4 with three strikeouts - gets booed!

Aug 10 - Bad Hughes again, down 3-0 and 99 pitches through the 5th and out!
Yankees get nothing through 3 and leave two on in the 4th.
JAP Joba comes in later and gives up a three run homer.

Yankees lose 9-3.
Aug 11 - Pettite left in the 4th with a 4-1 lead and runners on base.
The play of the game: Torii Hunter flied into double play.
The bull pen holds until Robertson gives up a homer and Rivera gives up two solo homers - game tied.
Gardner bails Mo out with a two out homer in the 9th!

Yankees 59-57, 10 games out of first and three teams behind the wildcard.

Aug 12 - Aug 15 Four games vs the Angels.
Game 1: Robertson saves Kuroda gem, but gives up a lone run 2-1. Struck out last batter on a high 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded.
Game 2: Everything went wrong for the Angels. Bad calls, especially the home plate umpire calling runner out at third for leaving too early on appeal of a sac fly. Runner clearly left after the catch.
Sabathis pitches well amd Yankees explode and win 14-7.
Game 3:Soriano comes through again and Yankees win 11-3 behind another stong Nova performance.
Game 4: An OK game by Hughes, but after 25 runs in the last two games, the Yankees only manage one run through seven innings. Boone Logan gives up a three run homer in the 8th and Joba gives up another.
Yankees lose 8-4 with three runs in the 9th.

MLB announced that there will be a vote by all parties involved to allow disputed calls to be video reviewed from the MLB offices in NYC. Each team will get one challenge between the first and sixth inning and two after that. If the challenge is upheld, the team gets another. It will be tested in the Arizona Fall League.

The next 16 games vs. AL East starting with a Weekend in Boston.
Game 1: Yankees win 10-3
Pettite threw 62/3 strong innings. Joba manages to load the bases in the 9th with two outs and needed Huff to bail him out, but Mo had to warm up.
Game 2: Boston wins 6-1
Kuroda was again victimized by lack of offense, compounded by an error and bad umpiring.
Game 3: Yankees win 9-6
In A-Rod's first at bat, with Boston ahead 2-0, Dempster hits him on a 3-0 count. Since the first pitch was behind him and the other two were close inside, Girardi wanted Dempster ejected, but instead he was. Later A-Rod scored and later hit a home run all off Dempster. Sabathia gave up the six runs, but stayed long eonough to get the win. Mo got the save, but had the tying run at the plate for the third out.

Aug 20 - Yankees sweep double header from Toronto. Came from behind in both games.
In the day game, Nova gave up four runs and held it there as the Yankees took a four run lead into the 9th. But Joba got a putout by running down Reyes between home a first on a dribbler. He walks the next batter bringing Mo in for a non save appearance. Yankees win 8-4.
Nix tied the second game in the 7th with a homer and won it in the 9th with a drawn in infield hit with Ichiro on third. Yankees win 3-2.

Depmster received a five game suspension from MLB for throwing at and hitting No-Rod. With days off, he will not miss a turn.

Aug 21 - Ichiro Suzuki got his 4000th professional hit against R.A. Dickey in his first at bat.
Warren started and gave up two runs in three innings. Huff took over and got the win for five innings of one hit ball. Mo saves it.
The Yankees beat Dickey 4-2 on an 8th inning two run homer by Soriano.
Nix, hit by pitch is on DL with broken hand.

Aug 22 - Yankees complete the four game sweep of the Blue Jays, 5-3 behind Pettite.
Weird play of the game. It was ruled a force out of Stewart, but a run scored. The umpires blew this one.
Robertson gets the save, but has to go 3-2 count on all three batters in the 9th.

Aug 23 - 25 Weekend in Tampa
Game 1: Yankees lose 7-2
After not giving up a homer since June, Kuroda gives up four in a 7-2 loss to the Rays. But thanks to other wildcard team losses, the Yankees reamain 3½ games out.
Game 2: Yankees lose 4-2
Sabathia was dominant for five innings, gave up a two run lead in the 6th. The offense was again MIA.
Game 3: Yankees win 3-2 in 11 innings
Nova pitched well again, but left with the game 2-2. Yankees score in the 11th on a Soriano double, stolen 3rd and scoring on a sac fly by Granderson.
Mo saves it on six pitches, all strikes.
Yankees 3½ games out of the wild card.

Aug 26 - 28 for three games in Toronto
With Jeter, A-Rod, and Ichiro in the lineup, there are a total of 8,952 career hits.
Game 1: Yankees lose 5-2.
Thanks to an Ichiro rare error, Hughes blows a 2-2 game. Still no offense.
Game 2: Yankees win 7-1
The offense comes alive with four homers behind Pettitte.
Cano hit on hand by Happ, the pitcher who hit Granderson in Spring Training
Game 3: Yankees lose 7-2
Reynolds played second base in place of injured Cano and Nunez. Kuroda gave up five earned runs and the offense was MIA again.
This was the same team that swept the Blue Jays last week.

Aug 30 - Sept 1 Weekend vs. Baltimore at Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Yankees win 8-5
After Sabathia again gave back the lead, the Yankee offense showed up and the bull pen held.
Game 2: Yankees win 2-0
Nova throws a three hit complete game. Cano gets both RBIs on a double and 8th inning homer.
Game 3: Yankees lose 7-3
Pettitte throws 6 great innings. He gives up two hits, then the bullpen falls apart giving up two 3 run homers.

Yankees have 4 teams in front of them in the wild card race.

Sept 2 - JR Murphy, the record 52nd player this season, got his first major league base hit while pinch hitting for Cano in a 9-1 rout of the White Sox.
Sept 3 -Yankees down 4-1 in the 8th vs. Sales, score 5 to come from behind.
Mo nails it for his 9th season of 40 or more saves (tied with Hoffman).
Now 2 games behind Tampa for the second wild card with Oakland and Texas battling for the AL west.

Sept 4 -With a 6-1 game and one out in the 8th, Sabathia gives up two hits.
Robertson relieves him and allows both runners to score, plus two of his own. This forces Mo to get a four out save by striking out the batter in the 8th and a 1-2-3 9th.
Will Robertson be able to close in 2014?

Sept 5 - 8 Four games vs Boston
Game 1: Yamkees lose 9-8 in 10 innings
Nova had nothing and trew 80 pitches by the 3rd inning.
The Yankees go up 8-7, but Mo blows the save 8-8.
Soriano gets picked off second. Extra innings. Joba gives up a run.
Game 2: Yankees lose 12-8
Pettitte pitches 6 great innings and leaves leading 8-3. Hughes comes in and the game is tied 8-8 and the bullpen collapses again.
Game 3: Yankees lose 13-9
Logan and Robertson both sidelined with injuries - no DL since call ups are not restricted in September.
Yankees call up minor leaguers who had already gone home at the end of their seasons.
Jeter left the game with a tweak of his ankle on a bad throw. He did get a hit later.

Boston ahead 10-3 by the fourth - I can't watch! Yankees make a small comeback.
Game 4: Yankees win 4-3 but,
Better lucky than power: in the 5th three bloops load the bases. Soriano strikes out, Cano doubles to left field. Yankees up 3-1.
Mo tries for a six out save, but blows it on a 9th inning homer. With Ichiro on third and Soriano at bat, a wild pitch ends it!
Three home games, the Yankees score eight runs and lose! That's the first time that's the first time EVER!

Thanks to the Mets and White Sox, the Yankees are only ½ game out of the second wild card behind the Indians and Orioles. All with 76 wins.

Sept 9 - 12 Four games in Baltimore this could be it!
Game 1: Yankees lose 4-2
CC again gives up the lead and loses.

Game 2: Yankees win 7-4
Yankees score 5 in the 8th. Soriano hits two homers. Mo gets four out save!
Game 3: Yankees win 5-4
Yankees score in the 1st on a walk to Gardner, stolen base and two ground outs. They don't get a hit until Granderson homers in the 5th. Pettitte throws 6.1 innings giving up 3 runs.
A-Rod and Cano also homer.
Mo gets his 43rd save, but gives up one run.
Game 4: Yamkees win 6-5
In his first t bat, Stewart strikes out on two strikes. He though the first pitch was a strike, but it was called a ball.
Hughes was pulled after three innings and left leading 4-1. In the 8th, with the score 5-2, Robertson puts two on and gives up a homer to tie the game.
Yankees score on a wild pitch. Mo gets the win by the official scorer not giving it to Robertson.

Sept 11 - Jeter is out for the season.
Seattle Mariners traded SS Brendan Ryan to New York Yankees for Player To Be Named Later.

Yankees remain one game behind Tampa for the second wildcard, Yankees played and lost two more games.

Sept 13 to 15 - Weekend in Boston - it doesn't get any easier!
Game 1: Yankees lose 8-4
Cano's first hit: a bunt double to left field to beat the shift, he later had two conventional doubles and a single.
Kuroda had a bad 1st inning, giving up four runs and almost 50 pitches by the 2nd. He still managed to pitch into the 7th. He gave up a lead-off hit and was relieved by lefty Cabral, who then hit Ortiz. Clairborne comes in and walks the next batter and gives up a grand slam.
Game 2: Yankees lose 5-1

Sabathia is not getting the job done - again. Left after 6 innings losing 5-1. Joba in the 7th. He walks the first two batters then a line drive DP at first base.
Granderson was the only bright spot with a double, triple and scored on a Cano ground out.
Game 3: Yankees lose 9-2 - another sweep
Nova gave up five runs. The Yankees' first run scored without a hit again!
A-Rod pulled from DHing in the 5th due to a sore calf muscle.

Winning pitcher rules:
on Thursday, Robertson comes in with the lead and allows the game to be tied. The Yankees score in the 9th and Mo finishes the game. The official scorer says Robertson was ineffective and gave the win to Mo.
On Friday, a shaky Kuroda pitched to a 4-4 game into the 7th, but gives up a lead off single. the next two pitchers hit a batter, walk a batter and give up a grand slam, who's ineffective?
Kuroda gets the loss!
Something is wrong with this picture.

Sept 13 - Gardner may miss the rest of the season. He struck out looking Thursday night!
Sept 14 - Soriano is out with a bruised thumb from a diving catch he made in Baltimore, but returns on Sept 15.
Jeter placed on 60 day DL to allow Phelps to return to the active roster.

The Yankees are mathematically eliminated from winning the AL east.
Thanks to losses by Texas and Tampa, the Yankees remain 3 games out of the wild card, with Cleveland and Baltimore ahead of them. Another week, another lost possiblity to gain ground.

Sept 16 to 19 - A day off then three games in Toronto.
Game 1 (12 games to go): Yankees lose 2-0
The good news: Pettitte held the Jays to one run through 62/3 innings, Kelly gave up a second homer.
The bad news: Yankees couldn't figure out Dickey's knuckle ball. Yankees left five on base in the first two innings.
3½ games back in wild card.
Game 2: (11 games to go)Yankees win 4-3
The bad news: Hughes gave up two runs on a homer in 41/3 innings, Huff gave up another homer in that inning.
The good news: the Yankee offense comes alive in the 8th to score four runs, capped by Wells' double.
Roberrtson gets two out, allows a single and stolen base. Rivera gets a four out save.
Game 3: (10 games to go)Yankees lose 6-2
Kuroda pitched well, three runs in six innings. Joba comes in for the 7th and gives up a three run homer.
Yankee offense was a Granderson homer in the 6th and a five other hits. The second run scored by A-Rod on a ground out, who walked in the 9th and got to third on a hit and another walk.
The interesting rules twist play of the game: double play at third base, bottom of the first inning, runners on first and third, one out.

In the three games, they scored in 3 of the 27 innings. They leave Toronto 14-5 on the season.

Sept 20 - Andy Pettitte announced that he will be retiring after this season.
His last game at the Stadium will be Sunday (Rivera's farewell). The two have 74 wins/saves, the most in MLB history.

Sept 20 to 22 - Three games vs. San Francisco Giants.
Game 1 (9 games to go): Yankees win 5-1
Another quiet game, CC pitched his best game in months.
A-Roid, in a slump, hit his 24th career grand slam to break the 1-1 game. Robertson and Mo closed out the game.
Game 2: (8 games to go)Yankees win 6-0
Nova throws a six hit complete game shutout!
Game 3: (7 games to go)Yankees lose 2-1
Mariano Rivera day and Andy Pettitte last regular season start at Yankee Stadium.
Petit vs. Pettitte
In the 6th inning, the first hit against Andy was E Adrianza's first ML homer.
The offense twice had runners as far as second and struck out each time.
Pettitte gives up a lead off double. Robertson comes in and allows the run. It's Mo time in the 8th!
Yankees get second and third with no out. Yankees can't score with two out at home.

So far, SS Brendan Ryan has been a great defensive replacement for Jeter.

Four games out of the wild card.

Sept 23 - Sabathia had injured is left hamstring and will not start again in 2013. He should be ready for spring training 2014.
It's time to call it a season.

Sept 24 to 26 - Three games vs. Tampa.
Game 1 (6 games to go): Yankees lose 7-0
Kuroda gives up three runs in the first. It'a all down hill from there.
Game 2: (5 games to go)Yankees lose 8-3
Hughes removed with bases loaded and no outs in 3rd, three runs scored.
Yankees come close, but Huff gieves up four more.
But with the Cleveland win, the Yankees are eliminated.
Game 3: (4 games to go)Doesn't matter
Rivera cme in with two outs in the 8th, got the last out.
In the 9th, Mo got the first two outs and left the field to cheers and tears when Pettitte and Jeter cmae to the mound to take him from the gam,e.

Yankees eliminated from playoffs Sept 25

The above table shows the net home runs lost after adding back the count of the home runs by the partial season DL and full and partial season replacement players.
The bottom rows compare the total homers between 2012 and 2013

I hereby declare the Yankees new knick name: the one run a game Yankees (ORAGYs)

Sept 28 - As only the Yankees can, Pettitte pitches a 2-1 complete game win to end his career in Houston.
The run against him scored on a ground out to short with Altuve on SECOND. By the time Ryan got the ball, the runner was rounding third and didn't stop. The throw to first got the batter, but the throw home was too late to get Altuve at the plate.
However, the Yankee go ahead run was even more bizzare. With Nunez the lead runner with the bases loaded, the catcher, Pagnozzi, tried to pick off Cano at second, but spiked the ball and couldn't find it. By the time he did, Nunez was safe on a close play.
Pettitte gets the first two batters in the 9thon fly balls, allowed a single and then a ground out to Nunez at third for the final out of his career.
This makes Pettitte the ONLY pitcher in ML history with at least 15 seasons with NO sub .500 years. For the season 11-11 with a 3.85 ERA.

Box Score - see links to Play by Play and videos here
Andy Pettitte career statistics

Sept 29 - Henderson Alvarez of Miami throws a no hitter through nine innings vs. Detroit, but the Marlins failed to score until the 9th. A bases loaded wild pitch wins the game!

Yankees and Astros play into the 14th inning and Reynolds hits a lead off homer. Then three more runs. Robertson nails it down.
Yankees finish 85-77, third place.
Final East Standings:

Robinson Cano leads the team in:
RBI 107
OBP .383
HITS 190

Is there any reason that he shouldn't be signed, even if he wants ten years and $30 million per year?
He only played in 160 games.

Post Season

Mariano Rivera Retirement Celebration

Mariano Rivera was honored by each team usually before the last game played in each city.
Teams should know that he will save any game in which he is honored.

Interesting gift from the Tampa Bay Rays

Sept 22 - The Yankees replaced the Jackie Robinson retired #42 with a bronze placque and placed it alone on the wall in Monument Park, the only non Yankee to have that honor.
Mariano Rivera's Yankee #42 was officially retired and placed with the other Yankee numbers.

Highest wins/save combinations:
Pettitte/Rivera - 74
Welch/Eckersley - 58
Mussina/Rivera - 49
Stewart/Eckersley - 43

Mariano Rivera 652
Trevor Hoffman 601
Lee Smith 478
John Franco 424

Mariano Rivera Career Statistics

He has the lowest ERA ever recorded - 2.21, when taken out to additional places it's 2.209 vs.2.210 for Ed Cicotte

David Robertson will probably be the closer beginning in 2014. I realize no one is close to Rivera, but Robertson's nick name is Houdini. But that shouldn't be a closer's name.
What should his theme be, "Mission Impossible"?

Remind me again why the Houston Astros were moved to the AL West, but they seem to be able to beat the Angels. They would be in last place no matter what divison they play in except sometimes the NL East. All the move served to do was force at least one interleague game every day during the season. I thought two weeks a year was more than enough.

Sept 29 vs. the Yankees, the Astros struck out 19 times, to set the team record for striking out for the season: 1537.

2013 Preview

October 20 - Jeter had surgery to aid in the healing process for his broken ankle. Four to five months before he can resume work on his feet.
C.C. Sabathia will have his left elbow checked out.

Oct. 22 - The NY Daily news reports that Cashman is willing to trade A-Rod, if the price is right.

Oct. 25 - the Yankees announced that CC Sabathia had arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone spur from his left elbow today. He is expected to be ready in time for Spring Training. Dr. James Andrews performed the procedure at his practice in Alabama.

Oct. 26 - In a talk with GM Cashman, Mariano Rivera says he's not sure he wants to pitch in 2013 and may want to retire. This will affect Soriano's decision to go free agency or not a few days after the World Series is over.

Nov. 20 - The New York Yankees signed right-handed pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year Major League contract. Kuroda, 37, went 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA , 81ER with career bests in wins, starts (33), innings pitched (219.2) and strikeouts (167).

Nov. 28 - The Yankees signed Andy Pettitte to a one year $12 million contract.

Nov. 29 - The Yankees signed Mariano Rivera, but lost Russel Martin to the Pirates.

Dec. 4 - With the reported hip surgery for A-Rod, the Yankees are now looking for a third baseman to hold the fort until A-Rod can return. Reportedly under considereation is former Red Sox nemesis Kevin Youkilis. To replace the departed Russel Martin the Yankees are considering catcher A.J. Pierzynski from the other sox team.

Dec. 6 - The Yankees offered Kevin Youkilis $12 million for one year. Cleveland offered him less per year for a two year contract, let's see what happens.

Dec. 11 - Kevin Youkilis signs with the Yankees. Dec. 14, it's official. It was said that Joba had reached out to him to welcome him to the team.

Dec. 19 - Ichiro signed a two year deal with the Yankees.

Jan 7 - In the first major HOF vote of the steroid era, NO players were named to the Hall.
Together, Bonds and Clemens didn't reach the 75% required. Some of the ballots were returned blank, which still count in the denominator to calculate the percentage. There were 569 ballots and 427 needed for election.

However the Veterans commitee voted in Decon White, Hank O'Day, and Jacob Rupert

Jan 16 - A-Rod surgery was successful. His return to playing is expected after the All Star Game.

Jan 29 - A-Rod and other baseball players and athletes have been linked to a now closed anti-aging clinic in Florida. A-Rod, through his lawyer, denies it. If the report is true, the palyers can be suspended even without a positive banned substance test. One of the other ball palyers is Melky Cabrera, who was suspended for fifty games last season, after testing positive and being named All Star Game MVP.

Feb 24 - In his first spring at bat, Curtis Granderson is hit by a pitch and X-Rays show a break in his right arm. Out 10 weeks!
March 6 - Mark Teixeira hurts his wrist swinging a bat at the WBC. Out 10 weeks!
The Yankees are in a world of hurt. Between injuries and non-signing free agents, they've lost over 150 homers.
March 9 - It's official, Mariano Rivera announced his retirement for the end of the 2013 season. That would put him in the Hall of Fame for 2018.
In their first spring game of the year, Mo pitched a perfect inning with two strike outs and Jeter was 1-2 as the DH.
March 19 - The Dominican Republic defeated Puerto Rico 3-0 to go undefeated in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. The Yankees' Robinson Cano was the series MVP by batting .469 (15-for-32) with four doubles, two home runs, six RBIs and six runs scored, leading all Classic players with 15 hits.

Now let's start playing for real!

March 20 - Jeter's ankle acted up and he was scratched form the lineup. There is a possibility that he may start the seaon on the DL. What else can go wrong?

March 26 to 27 - It's official, more can go wrong: Jeter will begin the season on the DL, but back dated so that he can return to the team by about April 6.

An analysis by the Daily News' John Harper about the causes of the problems the Yankees are having this year.

The Yankees acquired Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay both as place holders until the regulars come off the DL.

March 28 - It was announced that the Mets Johan Santana will need a second shoulder surgery and will miss this season. Sadly no pitcher has ever recovered from a second such procedure. My thoughts are with him.

March 31 - Opening day on April 1!

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