Yankees Final Exam (84-78)

The good:
Gregorius and Castro were the first keystone combo teammates to each hit 20 homers in Yankee history
Gary Sanchez had a spectaular rookie season with 20 homers in only 50+ games
The middle bullpen wasn't an issue before Miller and Chapman were traded
The Yankees finished above .500 thanks to better play after the trades
The team hit 189 homers
Only three catchers in MLB history had hit 20+ home runs in at least 10 seasons. Brian McCann is now the fourth

The bad
The other rookies, not so much
Beltran, who was traded in August led the team in homers
Betances was overused and lost his confidence toward the end of the season
A-Rod and Teixeira didn't hit as they did last season
The middle bullpen was 50-50 before Miller and Chapman were traded
Ellsbury, Gardner, Hicks, and Headly didn't perform well on offense
The Yankees looked so bad at the trade deadline, that they traded away Beltran, Nova, Miller, and Chapman.
Starters gave up 140 home runs
Yankees scored 680 runs vs. giving up 702 (-22 difference)

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All Star Game - at SanDiego

The Post Season

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Nov 10 - Congratulations to Brett Gardner on winning a Gold Glove and Wilson Defensive Player of the Year.

Post Season Scores

The Cubs (4-3) beat the Indians (3-4)
Aside from the 68 and 108 years since their last WS wins, the two relievers traded from the Yankees might just face off in saving the games.
Game 1:Indians win 6-0
Game 2:Cubs win 5-1

Game 3:Indians wins 1-0
First WS game at Cubs since 1945!
Game 4:Indians win 7-2
Game 5:Cubs win 3-2
Chapman 2 2/3, 1 hit, 4K, scoreless innings.
Game 6:Cubs win 9-3
Chapman throws 1 1/3 on 20 pitches.
Game 7: Cubs win 8-7
Fowler lead off homer for Cubs
Indians score 2 runs on one Lester wild pitch.
Miller gave up 2 runs and 4 hits.
Chapman gave up the tying run on homer in the 8th
Then the rain came in the 10th for 17 minutes.
Cubs score 2 and Indians 1.
Chapman got the win.

Post Season Scores

American League

East - Boston (9/28)
Central - Cleveland Indians (9/26)
West - Texas Rangers (9/24) & best league record
Wild card 1 - Toronto Blue Jays (10/2)
Wild card 2 - Baltimore Orioles (10/2)

National League

East - Washington Nationals (9/25)
Central - Chicago Cubs (9/15) & best league record
West - Los Angeles Dodgers (9/25)
Wild card 1 - New York Mets
Wild card 2 - San Francisco Giants (10/2)

Blue Jays (1-4) vs. Indians (4-1)
Game 1:Indians wins 2-0
Game 2:Indians win 2-1

Game 3:Indians wins 4-2
Game 4:Blue Jays win 5-1
Game 5: Indians win 3-0
Miller 2-2/3 scoreless innings, 21 pitches

Cubs (4-2) vs. Dodgers(2-4)
Game 1:Cubs win 8-4
Báez stole home in the 2nd.
Cubs score 5 in the 8th, including a pinch hit grand slam by Montero
Game 2:Dodgers win 1-0
Five hits total.
@ Los Angeles
Game 3: Dodgers win 6-0
First Dodger back to back post season shutouts in over 200 games.
Game 4:Cubs win 10-2
Game 5:Cubs win 8-4
Game 6:Cubs win 5-0
Dodgers shut out on two hits

Post Season Scores

Red Sox (0-3) vs Indians (3-0)
@ Cleveland
Game 1: Indians win 5-4
Six home runs
Game 2: Indians win 6-0
Boston 3 hits
Game 3:Indians win 4-3 Red Sox had two on and two out in 9th

Rangers (0-3) vs. Blue Jays (3-0)
@ Texas
Game 1: Blue Jays win 10-1
Game 2:Blue Jays win 5-3
@ Toronto
Game 3:Blue Jays win 7-6 11 innings
Leadoff double- IBB, K, ground out no DP.

Nationals (2-3) vs. Dodgers (3-2)
@ Washington
Game 1: Dodgers win 4-3
Scherzer 4 runs, Kershaw 3 runs
Both bullpens shut down other team
Game 2:Nationals win 5-2
@Los Angeles
Game 3:Nationals win 8-3
Game 4:Dodgers win 6-5
@ Washington
Game 5:Dodger win 4-3

Cubs (3-1) vs. Giants (1-3)
@ Chicago
Game 1:Cubs win 1-0
Cubs 3 hits, Giants 6 hits.
Báez homered in 8th.
Game 2:Cubs win 5-3
Wood, relief pitcher hit a homer for Cubs and got the win. Chapman the save.
@ San Francisco
Game 3: Giants wins 6-5
13 innings
Game 4:Cubs wins 6-5
Cubs score 4 in the 9th.

Post Season Scores

Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays @ Toronto (10/4)
Orioles - 2
Blue Jays - 5
11th innings
Walk off homer by Encarnación off Jiménez 2 on, 1 Out

New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants @ NY (10/5)
Giants - 3
Mets - 0
9th inning 3 run homer
Mets 0-4 with RISP.
Bumgarner 9 inning, 4 hit shutout

New York Yankees!

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All Star Game - at SanDiego

2016 Season

Opening Day Lineup (postponed to April 5)
Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Aaron Hicks - LF
Alex Rodriguez - DH
Mark Teixeira - 1B
Carlos Beltran - RF
Brian McCann - C
Chase Headly - 3B
Starlin Castro - 2B
Didi Gregorius - SS

Masahiro Tanaka - RHP
The good news, the Yanks score two runs off of Keuchel, the bad the upmirwes made some bad calls allowing Houston to score three in the 8th. A-Rod ends his streak of consecutive openers with a hit, but he walks and steals second!
Yankees lose 5-3

April 6 - Yankee bats explode vs. Astros and win 16-6. Pineda got the win, Nova a four inning save.

April 9 - Sabathia passed his first test of the season, beating Detroit 8-4.

April 17 - After losing four in a row with weak hitting, the Yankees salvage the last game of a three game set vs. Seattle.

After the first two weeks of the season, the Yankees are 5-6 and most of the team have yet to get hot hitting. OK starting pitchers and a great bullpen has kept them close. In the last two games, Betances and Miller each struck out the side in both games.

April 17 - 24The first long homestand and they managed only 3 wins.

April 22 - The Yankees bats woke up along with Ellsbury stealing home.

The Yankees Class A ball Riverdogs tied a minor league record with FIVE strikeouts in one inning, but four runs scored and they lost in 10 innings.

April 23 - Garder hits a walk off homer. Ellsbury gets his third catcher interferance call of the season.

April 24 - Pineda gave up four homers after getting the first two batters on seven pitches. Yankees lose 8-1.

A-Rod hurt with oblique muscle, MRI negative.

Yankees in last place 7-10.

May 2 - Now it gets worse. The Yankee bats finally come alive in the last game, but the pitching collapsed in a weekend sweep by Boston.

A-Rod is beginning to hit homers again.

Yankees in last place 8-15. Only one win all week.

May 3 - A-rod injures hamstring running out a GIDP, placed on the 15 day DL.
Yankees lose to Orioles.

May 4 - CC was CC again! Pitches seven shutout innings vs. the Orioles. Though Yeats allowed two walks and a hit, he got one out and Betances preserved the shutout.
Yankees win 7-0.

May 5 - It was Tanaka's turn to throw eight innings of shutout ball, but this time the Yankees can't score and lose 1-0 in 10 innings.
Road trip ends 2-7.

Ten game home stand vs. both Sox and Royals.

May 6 - Sabathia goes onto the DL for a groin strain. Phil Coke recalled after signing a minor league contract.

May 6 - Yankees beat Boston 3-2, after Miller loads bases in 9th. Ellsbury removed from game with hip injury in 1st.

May 8 - Yankees take 2/3 from Red Sox, winning 8-2 and losing 5-1.

Yankees in last place 11-18, 6½ games behind. Some life was shown this week.
Oh, the Mets are in first place!

Yankees take three of four games from WS Champ Royals at the Stadium May 9 - 12
Game 1: Yankees win 6-3
Nova missed the win by one out. Chapman made his Yankee debut with 100+MPH fast balls. Offense hits five homers!
Game 2: Yankees win 10-7
In a see-saw slugfest, Yankees hold on to beat the Royals 10-7. Chapman gets first Yankee save.
Game 3: Royals win 7-3
Pineda gave up four runs in the 1st.
Game 4: Yankees win 7-3
Headley finally gets his first extra base hit, a two run homer.

All this without A-Rod or Ellsbury!

May 13 - 15 vs. White Sox with best record in AL.
Game 1:Sox win 7-1
vs. Chris Sale, enough said.
They also lose Severino (0-6) to the DL.
The only good news was Headly hit a second homer in two days.
Game 2:Yankees win 2-1
Yankees score two runs in the 2nd.
Nova goes 5-2/3 innings. Betances, Miller, and Chapman strike out 8 of the 11 batters they faced.
Game 3: Yankees win 7-5
Beltran hits his 400th homer to put the Yankees up in the 6th.
Betances gives up the tying run on three hits, but with runners on 2nd and 3rd gets a ground out and two strikeouts.
Headley gets a pinch hit RBI double.
Miller and Chapamn are again perfect.
Yankee pitchers strikeout 12.

Yankees 7-3 on the home stand, 16-20 overall, but still in last place.

May 18 - After dropping the first two games to the D-backs, Eovaldi gives up a hit and a run in the first and nothing else in six innings. Yankees win 4-2.
Betances, Miller, and Chapman close it out giving up one run on a hit and strike out six.

May 19 - 22 How sweep it is - Yankees get even for the A's sweep in NY earlier by taking four games in Oakland.

Yankees are 21-22, in third place, 5½ games behind.

May 24 - 26 Yankees lose two games vs. Toronto after taking the first game.

A ten game road trip to Tampa, Toronto, Detroit, and Baltimore.

May 28 - At Tampa. Pinada has to change something. He gave up 5 runs in the first two innings.
May 29 - Thanks to Castro's two run homer in the 7th, the Yankee's only hit they win the game 2-1 and the Tampa series 2-1.
Evoldi is now 6-2. Odorizzi had the no hitter until Castro's hit.
Yankee pitchers sruck out 14 Rays batters.

Yankees in 4thplace 5½ games behind Boston.

June 1 - Back to their losing ways, though not the fault of the starting pitchers. Swept by Blue Jays.

June 2 - Almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in makeup game vs. Tigers.
Pineda pitched into the 6th, left with the game 1-1.
Refsnyder went 2/3, scoring twice and getting an RBI. Spectacular defense by Gregorius twice saved runs.
Leading 5-1 into the 6th, Betances, Miller, and Chapman each give up a run.
Chapman gets M. Cabrera to ground out with the winning run on 3rd.

June 3 - Betances allows the winning run as the Yankees lose to Baltimore in a game that they led 5-1 in the 6th.
Is he over used?
Teixiera goes on the DL for a knee issue, removed from the game for Refsnyder, playing his first game at first base.

June 4 - Nova pitched well into the 6th.
With a 7-0 lead, he gave up two homers and left with two on base and no outs. Goody comes in and gives up another homer: 7-6.
Miller gets out of the inning and pitches the 8th. Yankees get one more run and Chapman saves it.
Gardner and Ellsbury pull double steal of second and home.

June 5 - Chapman blows the save in the 8th, Yankees lose 3-1.
The good news was that Sabathia, though he had to work out of trouble, only gave up one run in five innings.

Yankees are 26-30, in fourth place, 6½ games behind.

June 6 - Again with no hits with RISP and down 2-0 to the Angels in the 7th, McCann and Castro go back to back with middle deck homers to tie the game.
Miller strikes out the side in the 8th and Beltran hits a three run homer to put Yankees ahead. Champan closes it with Paramlee making two foul out catches from first base.

June 9 - Yankees complete the sweep of the Angels and reach .500 at 30-30.
Backup first baseman Parmelee hurts his hamstrig stretching for an important out. On 15 day DL, will be out at least a month.

June 12 - Then drop two of three to the Tigers.

They are in 4th place at 31-32 and 5½ games behind.

June 14 - Yankees add former Met first baseman Ike Davis to roster.

June 14 - 15 - Ten runs aren't enough as Eovaldi and the bullpen give up 13 to the Rockies and are swept in Colorado.

June 16 - 19 - Yankees take three of four from the Twins.

Yankees 34-35, 4th place, and 6½ games behind.

June 22 - Yankees salvage the last game in the season series vs. Rockies with three homers, but they were down 8-4 in the 7th. Castro walks off with the 3rd homer in the bottom of the 9th on the second pitch.

June 24 - Yankees beat Twins 5-3 with Betances, Miller, and Chapman strike out 5 in perfect 7-9th innings.

June 25 - Yankees win 2-1. Chapman only threw one pitch over 100MPH.
Teixiera returns, Ike Davis designated for assignment.

June 26 - Eovaldi cruising with only one homer against him in the 6th, with two outs, he give up a walk and then THREE homers in a row. Meanwhile, the Yankees have yet to get a hit until Hicks in the bottom half. The relief didn't help.
Teixiera hit a solo in the 8th.
Yankees lose 7-1 on two hits.

Yankees 37-37 in 4th place, 7½ games behind.

June 29 - So they're not completely dead yet!
Down 7-1 in the 8th on the way to being 10 games behind, a solo homer by McCann. Then in the 9th, a three run homer by McCann followed by a walk and a walkoff homer by Gregorius.
Yankees win 9-7!

June 30 - With another 9th inning walk off win 2-1 on a passed ball with Headley on third, Yankees earn a split with best record in AL Texas Rangers.

July 3 - After losing the first two games to the Padres, the Yankees were up 6-1 in the 9th , but Swarzak allowed a two run homer forcing Chapman to nail it down.

At the halfway point, Yankees are 40-41, 7 games behind.

July 4 - 6 - Yankees go 1-2 vs. White Sox. Pineda gave up 5 runs in 6 innings, hitters are not hitting with RISP (5-39 - all in winning middle game).

Beltran, Betances, and Miller named to the All Star game by manager & players.

Four game set in Cleveland going into the All Star break.
Game 1: Yankees win 5-4
Two reversed calls in favor of Yankees:
In the 6th, Castro was called out trying to score on Headly's hit, reversed to safe.
In the 9th, with two on and two outs, Chapman covered first on an infield hit, that was reverse to the final out of the game.
Game 2:Cleveland wins 10-2

Game 3:Yankees win 7-6 in 11 innings
In a brilliant move, Girardi puts Terreyes in to run for Beltran, who singled with two out in the 11th. He scored on a double by McCann.
Game 4: Yankees win 11-7 (only 3 earned runs)
Tanaka enters the 5thinning with an 11-1 lead and leaves with two outs 11-7, no win for him.
Eovaldi goes the rest of the way to earn the win.

At the All Star break the Yankees are 44-44, 7½ games behind.
They are 5½ games behind the second wild card with four teams ahead of them.

In San Diego, but the AL was the "Home Team".
AL wins 4-2, three homers. Betances (2) and Miller struk out three, but Miller left with the bases loaded in the 8th.

2016 Second Half

The second half begins with the Yankees at 44-44, 7½ games behind.
They are 5½ games behind the second wild card with four teams ahead of them.
Will they sell or stay pat by the end of July?

July 15 - 17 - Yankees vs. Red Sox at Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Boston wins 5-3
Pineda gave up all 5 runs in 5 innings. Offense: 4 hits and 8 LOB.
Game 2:Boston wins 5-2
Game 3:Yankees win 3-1
Tanaka gave up one run on a homer in first and just two other hits. Yanks score in in the 4th and get 11 hits.

The Yankees are 45-46, 8½ games behind. They are 5½ games behind in the wildcard, with 6 teams ahead of them.

July 18 - 21 -Yankees vs. first place Orioles at Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Yankees win 2-1
A-Rod homers, Nova and pen holds.
Game 2:Yankees win 7-1
Five inning Eovaldi is great for five inning and collapses in the 5th. Swarzak bails him out and Goody closes it.
Castro and Headley hit homers.
Game 3:Yankees win 5-0
The good Pineda showed up for 6 innings.
Teixeira and Beltran homer. Gardner and Torreyes triple.
Betances, Goody and Shreve shut it down.
Game 4:Orioles win 4-1
CC=NG. Nothing good to report.

The Yankees took three of four games from the Orioles, knocked them out of first place and gained 1½ games behind Boston.

July 22 -Tanaka allowed four hits in six innings of shutout ball. The offense was again missing, but did score a run in each of the first two innings.
But No-Runs DMC is not invincible. Both Betances and Miller gave up runs to Giants in the 7th & 8th for a 2-2 game.
Headly scores thanks to Crawford's 3rd error of the game and a wild pitch in the 8th. Miller got the win and Chapman the save.

July 23 -What was Girardi thinking? Two on and no outs, Ellsbury up and Beltran to follow. Ellsbury sacrifices the runners and Beltran was walked.
The two harmless pop-outs. Yankees lose in the 11th. Swarzak took the loss, 2-1, after no-runs DMC threw four innings.
Offense 0-10 wRISP, 11 LOB.

July 24 -The good Eovaldi showed up, allowing two runs in 62/3 innings.
Beltran and Teixeira each homer. Yankees win 5-2.
Yankees pull a 4-1-5 double play, which is the area code of San Francisco.
Chad Green got the save with 2 1/3 scorless innings.

Yankees 7½ games behind and 4½ games behind with three teams ahead of them in the Wild Card.

July 24 -Yankees trade Chapman for minor league IF Gleyber Torres, minor league OF Billy McKinney, pitcher Adam Warren and OF Rashad Crawford.

July 27 -Yankees take two of three from the Astros in Houston. In the loss, Tanaka once again proves that he needs an extra day's rest. He gave up all four runs in five innings.

July 30 -Eovaldi and Swarzak each gave up three runs and No-Rod had four strikeoouts in a 6-3 loss to last pace Tampa.

July 30 - Mets retire Mike Piazza's number 31 at Citi Field.

July 31 - I guess it's over:
Miller is traded to Cleveland for outfielder Clint Frazier, LHP Justus Sheffield, RHPs Ben Heller, and J.P. Feyereisen.
In a separate trade, RHP reliever Tyler Clippard from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for minor league RHP Vicente Campos.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, the Yankees get struck out five in a row in the first two innings.

Last place Tampa sweeps the Yankees.
Yankees fading at 52-52, 7 games behind. They are 5 games behind the second wild card with four teams ahead of them.

Aug 1 - At the trade deadline:
Beltran traded to Rangers for RHP Dillon Tate, the fourth pick in the 2015 draft and RHPs Erik Swanson and Nick Green

Nova traded to Pirates for two players to be named later.

The Yankees now have the highest rated minor league system thanks to the trades.

Aug 1 - 4 Yankees vs. Mets home & home
at Citi Field
Game 1:Yankees win 6-5 in 10 innings
Gardner leads off with a triple and is thrown out trying to stretch it into a homer.
CC is relieved losing 5-3 in the 6th.
Yankkees tie it on a two run single by Gregorius. Get the winning run in the 10th on a bases loaded sac by Castro.
Betances has first and third, one out and gets the save on a comebacker, holding the runner and a strikeout of Granderson.
Game 2: Mets win 7-1
Tanaka was awful, even on an extra day rest. The offnese was again MIA. No-Rod made the last out on a fly out.

at Yankee Stadium
Game 3: Yankees win 9-5
First pitch from Greene to Granderson is a homer.
Yankees go ahead 3-2 and Greene gives that back.
Teixeira hits a 3 run homer and is on base all four times. Later he's accused of signalling pitches to the batter.
Benches clear, but no fights after Tex is hit by pitch.
Severino pitches 41/3 innings giving up 1 run.
Game 4: Mets win 4-1
Eovoldi gives up 4 runs in the 5th.
Offense goes MIA.

The NY Daily News reports that A-Rod may be gone before the end of the season.

Aug 5 - Mark Teixeira announced his retirement for the end of this season and his Yankee contract.
With the score 11-4, Girardi puts in his second team in the 8th. Cleveland scores 3 more runs, Warren shuts them down.
Teixeira went 2-4 with a walk in the first game since announcing his retirement.
Yankees win 13-7

Aug 6 - Yankees lose 5-2, Miller saves the game for Cleveland.

Aug 7 - A press conference called about No-Rod for 11:00AM. He will play his last game Friday Aug 12 and will continue as a special advisor and instructor for the team through 2017.

Yankees take two from Cleveland.

Yankees 7½ games behind in the AL East and 5 games behind with 4 teams ahead in wildcard

Aug 10 - Eovaldi threw a 1-2-3 first inning and left the game with a tender elbow.
Girardi put together a seven pitcher bullpen. Yankees down 4-1 in the 7th and score eight times, some on wild pitches/passed balls and win 9-4.
A-Rod had a fly ball out that allowed Sanchez to get to third, he later scored on a single.
Sanchez hit his first ML homer, a 426' shot to the back of the center field bleachers.

Aug 11 - A-Rod's last road game. He is 0-4, but drove in an insurance run in the 8th.
Yankees win 4-2.

Aug 12 - A-Rod's last game at the stadium. A brief ceremony was rained on. Then he drove in the tying run with a double to the right-center gap in the first. He went 1-4. Castro drove in four runs.
A-Rod played third base for one out in the 9th, Betances struck out the side for the save.
Yankees win 6-3.

Aug 13 - The 1996 Championship team was honored before the game.
Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge each hit their first MLB homers in their first at bats in the 2nd inning back to back!
In the 4th, after getting the first ten outs, Tanaka gave a bunt single, a single and a homer, to ruin a great day to that point.
Hicks hit a 3 run homer!
Yankees win 8-4, five homers total.

Aug 14 - Mariano Rivera recieved a plaque in Monument Park.

Seravino and Cessa were awful and Yankees lost 12-3. Judge hit another homer.

Aug 15 - Chad Green strikes out 11, Judge drives in the run, and the bullpen hold it vs. Toronto.
Yankees win 1-0.

Aug 16 - Pineda takes a 6-0 shutout into the 5th, when it started to rain.
After the delay of 42 minutes, the bull pen collapses and the Yankees lose 12-6!
That's been the story of the season.

Aug 21 - After shutting down the Angels' offense for two games, the Yankees lose the sweep 2-0.

Yankees are 63-60 and 6½ games behind in the east, 4 games behind in wild card.

Aug 22-24 - Yankees take two from Seattle with a line score of 5-9-0 in all three games.

Aug 26-27 - All of a sudden, the Yankees are hitting. Sanchez is HOT!
Yankees vs Orioles 14-4 on Friday and Yankees 13-5 Saturday.

Aug 28 - Orioles avoid the sweep as the Yankees can't buy a hit.

Yankees had a chance to close the gaps, but they are 67-62 and 6½ games behind in the east, 3½ games behind in wild card.

Aug 29 - 31Yankees take two of three from Royals to move to 2½ games out of the wild card.

Sept 2 - 4 -Yankees vs. Orioles at Baltimore
Game 1:Orioles win 8-0
Chad Green hurt his elbow - he and Goody allow three homers in 2nd.
Game 2:Orioles win 2-0
CC gave up a run in 4th and it was over.
Game 3:Yankees win 5-1
Pineda, given a 4-0 lead couldn't get out of the 5th.
The baby bombers have become a bust!
Shaky Severino helps Pineda and gets the win.

Yankees 3½ games with 3 teams ahead in the wild card.

Sept 5 -7 -Yankees SWEEP Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium
Game 1: Yaness win 5-3
Five pitches in, Tanaka gives up a run and is hit hard, but survives 1st.
Ellsbury hits a two run homer in the bottom half.
But the baby bullpen almost blow it.
Game 2:Yankees win 7-6
Yankees hit three homers!
Betances is pulled in 9th after loading the bases with one out. With two out, Gardner makes an icecream cone catch to end it. Blake Parker got the save.
Game 3:Yankees win 2-0
Mitchell gets win, Clippard the save. Castro homers, McCann gets RBI.

Yankees knock Jays out of first in east, 2½ games from wildcard!

Sept 8 - 11Yankees vs. Tampa Bay at Yankee Stadium
Game 1:Yankees win 5-4
Sanchez hit a two out walk off homer.
Game 2:Yankees win 7-5
In a badly umpired game, the Yankees managed to hang on.
Teixeira had a grand slam to put the Yankees up 7-2. Three rain delays were called, the first two were unnecessary, as the rain passed in minutes. Pineda was pulled with runners on first and third and two outs after the first rain delay in the 5th inning. He allowed back to back homers earlier making the score 3-2.
The third was called in the top of the 9th and one out with runners on first and third and a 2-2 count on the batter. After 51 minutes, Betances came out again and recorded two strike outs around an RBI single to get the save.
Game 3:Yankees win 5-1
With runners on second and third, Sanchez hit a sac fly on what was supposed to be the first pitch of an intentioanl walk!
Game 4:Rays win 4-2
Cessa gives up four runs with three homers early and Yankee bats can't recover.

Yankees had won seven in a row and got to 10 games over .500.

The White Sox pulled off an odd triple play. Bases loaded fly to right, runner from first over-runs bag on return, then the runner from third is tagged in a rundown.

Sept 13 - After a great performance by Sabathia, Yankees hit three homers to beat Dodgers 3-0.

Sept 14 - Yankees and Dodgers battle for eight innings and Betances gives up two unearned runs for the loss.

Sept 15 - 18 Four games in Boston.

Game 1:Red Sox win 7-5
Tanaka pitches a beautiful game.
Butler got two RBI in his first game with Yankees
Betances comes in with one on and one out and blows it!
Game 2:Red Sox win 7-4
Cessa allows only 3 runs in 5 innings and is pulled aftter only 64 pitches.
The bullpen allows four more runs in the loss.
Butler got two RBI with a pinch hiot two run homer!
Game 3:Red Sox win 6-5
Boston goes ahead on a Warren wild pitch and the runner from second almost scores because Romine wasn't watching.
Game 4: Red Sox win 5-4
This time Griardi left Sabathia in too long.

Sept 19 - As promising as the post Sept 1 games seemed, a combination of bad bull pen, poor hitting, and some questionable decisions doomed them.
The tragic number is now six with 13 games left.
The Mets are now the wild card leader in the NL with two games separating three teams.

Sept 21 - Gary Sanchez hit his 18th and 19th home runs in his 45th game, the fastest to 19 in MLB history.
But after getting a 7-0 lead Tanaka give up three homers in a row and four in total in the 3rd inning. Yankees win 11-5.

Sept 24 - Yankees shut out for third game in a row.

Sept 25 - Now 33 scoreless innings.
Pineda strikes out five in a row and then gives up a homer to Batista.

Gregorius hit a homer in the 7th to break the drought and tie the game.
Betances in the 8th: walk, stolen base, ground out, and a drawn in infield single score a run, Yankees down 2-1.
In the 9th, Yankees go up 3-2, but Betances walks the leadoff and Clippard blows it.
Yankees lose 4-3.

Yankees are 79 - 76 with 7 games left to play, with elimination at 2 games.

Sept 26 - They finally get everything in order and score five in the 9th. But Betances loads the bases and is pulled for Layne to save it, Yankees win 7-5.

They were 3-8 on the road trip, I guess reality set in.

Sept 28 - Although Toronto lost allowing Boston to clinch the east, the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-3 on a Teixeira grand slam in the bottom of the 9th!
The game was scoreless until the top of the 8th when the Sox scored three, including one on a passed ball.

But thier tragic number is down to one with four teams ahead of them.

Sept 29 - The Yankees are scheduled to honor David Ortiz, who said after the loss on 9/28, "I wanted to celebrate on that field so bad, but it is what it is. We end up being the first-place team in the American League [East] and we're going to celebrate anyway."
Will the Yankees show class or a video of Big Papi striking out and GIDP?
The Yankees gave him a signature book with good wishes from many Yankees past and present and a painting of him standing at home plate in Yankee stadium.

It's over, even with the Yankee sweep of Boston, with Baltimore winning its game, the Yankees are eliminated from the playoffs.

Sept 30-Oct 2 - The Yankees (84-78) manage 1-2 vs. Baltimore (89-73).

Teixeira went 0-3 in his final game, but a few spectaular fielding plays in 6 innings.

Post Season

2016 Preview

Oct 22, 2015 - Don Mattingly and the Dodgers agree that he won't return as manager for 2016.

Oct 29, 2015 - Don Mattingly will be the Marlins manager.

Nov 3, 2015 - Brenden Ryan excercised his one year extension after the Yankees declined their option.
The Yankees also declined reliever Andrew Bailey's option.
Either may be retained or traded.

Nov 11, 2015 - Yankee backup catcher JR Murphy was traded to the Twins for outfielder Aaron Hicks.

Dec 9, 2015 - The Yankees traded Adam Warren (3.29 ERA -131.1 innings - 17 starts and 26 relief) and Brendan Ryan (.229/.275/.333 - 103 plate appearances) to the Cubs for Starlin Castro (infielder - .265/.296/.375 with 11 homers - 578 plate appearances)

Jan 6, 2016 - Ken Griffey, Jr and Mike Piazza were elected to the MLB Hall of Fame.

Feb 1, 2016 - Minor Leaguer and potential backup first baseman Greg Bird had season ending shoulder surgery.

Feb 25, 2016 - MLB released new rules:
for sliding and "neighborhood" plays at second base.
Impose a 30 second time vor visiting the mound.

Mar 1, 2016 - Aroldis Chapman accepts a 30 day suspension for his domestic violence charge, which was dismissed in court.

Mar 23, 2016 - A-Rod announced that he will retire at the end of his contract in 2017!

Mar 29, 2016 - In his last game before heading north Miller gets hit by a line drive and has a chip on his non-throwing wrist. He was supposed to be the closer until Chapman serves his suspension. He will try to play through it.
One inning later, Bryan Mitchell sustained a sprained left big toe while covering first base. Mitchell -- who learned on Tuesday that he will make the Opening Day roster -- will undergo an MRI exam. He will miss 3 months, this affects the bullpen and spot starter.

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