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This Month's Transit History 'ROLLSIGN'

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Some interesting things of transit history and non-history. Including: Chrystie St, Brooklyn's Park Ave el, the South 4th St subway, Opening of 59th Lex express station, BAHN layouts, MTA 1968 Program for Action, and much more

Other NYC Transit Items

Selected?NYC Subway Car Information

Car fleets, car numbers, rollsigns, hardware and more.

Selected?Flushing Line to Javits

Personal thoughts about the Flushing Line Extension to the Javits Center. As of 12/21/2007, the expansion of the Javits Center has been cancelled, so why is money being spent on the #7 Line?

Selected?Transit strike 12/20/2005

Some notes and observations and questions about the third transit strike since 1966.
As of 12/16/2006, it's over. The arbitrator ruled, the TWU President won re-elelction, and the members lost pay.

Selected?1904-2004 Centenial of the New York City Subway system

Logos through the years plus links to other things related to the centenial celebration

Selected?Board Of Transportation 1949 Report

Some interesting project plans from the 3-1/2 year report published in 1949.

Selected?Board of Transportation 1951 Plan

Among famous plans: Second Ave Subway, Rockaway to Roosevelt Ave. IRT Nostrand Ave to Sheepshead Bay,
And stuff that was done: Dekalb-Chrystie St, 57/6th Ave, Rockaway to Euclid,
Plus more with maps.

Selected?Service Levels 1954

Scan of the 1954 Service levels diagram from the TA annual report. This is courtesy of Mr. Ian Brady of Waverton, Austrailia via Stephen Bauman of nyc.transit.

Selected?MTA Program for Action
In 1968, the MTA had just been formed and was tasked with improving public transportation in the New York City area. To accomplish this, many plans that were previously proposed were combined, mixed, improved and published in a report entitled:

- a program for action
Here is the complete report.
Selected?The case of the missing train

The story of an IND train that allegedly couldn't be found.

Selected?A Subway Journey Home

Fact based fiction (PG13) from Lloyd Burkett, another friend of the JoeKorNer.

Selected?Brooklyn Trolleys

Routes sorted by closing date. Documenting the end of a great system.

Selected?Stillwell Ave

Artist's rendering of the new Stillwell Ave Terminal. Construction to begin in 2001. This is from the TA employee magazine, At Your Service


The Flexibles - Going Fast through the Tunnels First graders sing about the subway


An Interesting thing was found behind the wall of the IRT Columbus Circle station.

Selected?Story of NYC Transit as told by William Reid, Chairman of the Board of Transportation, Sept 3, 1948.

Looking Out the Front

Selected?Q-Broadway-BrightonWhistle Signals

NYC Subway Stations & Lines

Selected?Subway Line Names
Selected?indrollsignIND History
Selected?Lo_V Car Marker Lamp Marker Lights
Selected?Station List - All Time Subway station list including opening and closing dates!
Selected?BMT Lines Summary

The summary by division appears first. Then you may drill down line by line in each division.

Selected?IND Lines Summary
Selected?IRT Lines Summary

Paul Shaw's Helvetica and the New York City Subway. There is a commonly held belief that Helvetica is the signage typeface of the New York City subway system, a belief reinforced by Helvetica, Gary Hustwit’s popular 2007 documentary about the typeface. But it is not true—or rather, it is only somewhat true. Helvetica is the official typeface of the MTA today, but it was not the typeface specified by Unimark International when it created a new signage system at the end of the 1960s.

NYC Subway Maps of Interest

Selected?Historic Maps

- Link to the NYSR historic map page.

As one of my first jobs with the TA in the late 1970's I worked on the map committee for the first version of what is now the current map. For my efforts, I received a letter from Chairman Ravitch

Selected?The IND Second System

page links to a number of pages about the non-history of the unbuilt parts of the IND Phase II system.

Selected?The ways to Jamaica Center

- A question asked by Ed(NY) in 2001 now has the full answer.

Selected?Brooklyn Trackless Trolleys

- Between 1930 and 1960 Brooklyn sported a fleet of Trackless Trolleys that operated on the 23, 45, 47, 48, 62, and 65 routes.


Chrystie St Connection information 1967

Chrystie Street Public Information Package

November since the BMT and IND were integrated.

This page contains the information packet that the TA issued describing the changes, a track diagram of the connection and a service diagram from 1961, that is different from what was implemented.

Also included is the ERA Headlights page showing the changes to DeKalb Ave that were needed to improve the train movements to facilitate the Chrystie St. connection.

Selected?Brooklyn and Manhattan Elevated Lines

Myrtle Ave El - Poster closing the Myrtle Ave el in October 1969.
Park Ave El - Brooklyn's forgotten el 1885-1891.
Downtown Brooklyn Els - Two maps from The Tracks of NY showing the Els in Downtown Brooklyn.
Tribute to the Third Avenue El by Rapid T. Rabbit On You Tube

Other Railroad & Metro NYC Area Systems

Selected?LIRR Brochures

Turbotrain experiments and the 100 anniversary story.

Selected?Hudson-Bergen Light Rail

Photos, giveaways on opening day, map and more

Selected?Dining Car Menus

A tasty piece of history.

Selected?Seat Headrest Covers

Keeps the seat clean

Selected? PRR 100 Year

Booklet showing 1846-1946 history of the 'Standard Railroad of the World'

Selected?Pullman Company

The Pullman Company, from 1860, was the builder and operator of most of the first class passenger accommodation in the US and Canada. Here are scans of the 1934 and the mid-1950's brochures showing the accommodations on their cars.

Selected? Union Stations

Historical booklets about Washington and Cincinnati Union Stations

Selected?An assortment of Hudson & Manhattan and PATH items

Other Photo Pages

Selected?The Brooklyn Trolley photos - D.W. Harold

Trolley photos from Brooklyn in the 40's and 50's

Selected?The Larry Berke Page

Postcards and photos in memory of a good friend

Selected?The Trolley & Elevated photos

The Late Francis J. Goldsmith was kind enough to allow me to make prints of his 1940's era photos of various NY City transit items.

Selected?Fred Pohl Photos
Historic & Current Photo Albums

City and Red Arrow trolley and some P&W Bullets in a variety of paint jobs.

Selected?DC Transit and
Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee

Bill Armstrong photos

Selected?Historic Photos

From ABL A R C H I T E C T U R E
I have no information about these photos.


Joe's NYCT Movies - 1970's various fan trips and locations

Fares Please

Selected?Railroad Ticket Forms
Selected?Tokens & Metrocards
Selected?Fare Signs - Ah, the good old days.

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Sunday September 4, 2016
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