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The New York City Subway System
Railroads and Transit

Map of scheduled and some real time transit, buses, subways, and trains in the world.

Be sure to watch an express train like the #5 in the Bronx. It doesn't follow the tracks, but takes a straight line between 149th & 3rd and E.180th St!

Click on a bullet and some details about the trip will be displayed.

Quick Jump Page to a number of US and European cities.

Animated Graphic of the Building of the Subway

This is based on an official TA map from about 2004, after the B/D swap in Brooklyn.

With the deconstructed animation, it is possible to look at each increment added.
The Canarsie line between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Parkway doesn't show up until after the subway portions, though it opened in 1906.
The entire 14th St line to Broadway Junction is shown at once, though it opened in two parts in 1924 and 1928.
The Jamaica line shows the part between Alabama and Cypress Hills opening first, but that's the section that basically hasn't been rebuilt.
The Franklin Shuttle is put up at the same time as the Jamaica Line, but it was still connected to the Fulton Elevated.
The Nassau line between Chambers and Broad didn't open until 1931, but it is shown right after the Williamsburg Bridge.
Chambers to Broad is repeated with the 1931 opening of 6th to 8th on 14th St.
The 6th Ave line between 47th and 57th opened in 1968, a few months after Chrystie St opened in 1967.

How well do you know the NYC Subway?

Operation Lifesaver

Stay off the tracks. Always expect a train

in either direction at anytime.

Union Pacific - What a way to run a railroad.
At 01:11, watch the kid get picked up.
Would it have hurt the UP if they held that other freight, know there were folks on the ROW taking movies?

Whenever someone asks why we like trains, I refer them to this hobby.

Then I ask why not trains?

Staten Island Ferry - Joe's photos
The Staten Island Ferry - an unofficial web site
Staten Island Ferry NYC DOT web page

The railfan dance!

Official MTA Web Site.........MTA.........MTA Capital Programs

Special Events

This section displays various special events, transit, science fiction, or anything that your webmaster might find interesting.
Sometimes it's blank!

The JoeKorNer is not responsible for changes to these events nor any loss incurred due to changes.


Tri-State Transportation Campaign
Mobilizing the Region

News and opinion from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. Updated daily, Monday-Friday.

The MTA Fuels the Upstate Economy, Too
The Argument for the Ravitch Plan to aid the MTA finances
Rethink New York

Some interesting proposals:
The region's 26 commuter rail lines are split between three terminals—Grand Central, Hoboken, and Penn Station—and run by four operators—MetroNorth, NJTransit, LIRR, and Amtrak. This disconnect forces passengers to make multiple transfers to travel between systems. For example, to travel to Washington, DC from Mount Kisco, NY (on the Harlem Line), commuters have to first ride Metro-North to Grand Central and then take two subway lines to get to Penn Station before catching an Amtrak train..

Manhattan Address Finder

Metrocard Bonus Calculator

For the new fares March 2015.

Use the calculator to show how much to put a Metrocard to get it to an even number of trips.

The JoeKorNer is NOT responsible for any loss due to errors on the above links, nor changes to the fares indicated.

Government & the Debt Clock

See my Political Comments.

The 2016 Election - Success

View Full Page Debt Clock

Learn more about US debt.

New York Subway Resources

Photo Rules

The rules for taking photographs on various transit systems with some commentary
Please send updates to me for other cities and revisions.

Nailed 'Em - Amtrak Photographer Colbert Nation report

Radio Interview with Joe Korman on WNYC (8/98)
Hear it Interview1.8MB
Read it
A second Radio Interview with Joe Korman on WNYC was done on 5/14/2007. This one was live on the Brian Lehrer Show at 11:55AM.
Here's the link to the show's page and scroll down and click on the Listen button.
or click this link to hear it directly (this may not work on some browsers).

Links about the Star Spangled Banner:

The Full Lyrics
The Fourth Stanza Sung by a Marine
The Story of how Francis Scott Key came to write it.

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Transit & Rail
Web Page Links

Selected? Metro NY Transit Information
Selected? Commercial Railroad Sites
Purchase Railroadianna
Selected? Railroad Stories and information
Selected? Joe's Transit and Rail Album
Joe's Transit Movies
Selected? Railfan WEB Sites
Selected? Other RR and Transit information
Selected? Mainline Railroad WEB Sites
Selected? Other Transit WEB Sites
Selected? Transit & Rail Museums and model RR associations
Selected? BAHN Layoutsbuilt by Joe
Selected? An assortment of Hudson & Manhattan and PATH items

Transit & Rail
Paper & Hardware

Selected? NY Central GCT MenuDining Car Menus
Selected? PRR headrestHeadrest Covers
Selected? Chrystie StNYC Transit Brochures
Selected? Chrystie StTransit Magazine Articles from the 1950's employee magazine
Selected? NYC Transit Subway Sun & Notices
Selected? handleSubway & Railroad Badges
Selected? handleBMT Conductor Rules - 1924
Selected? handleRailroad Timetables
Selected? handleNY Subway Timetables
Selected? matchesMatchbook Covers

Fares Please

Selected?Railroad Ticket Forms
Selected?Tokens & Metrocards
Selected?Fare Signs - Ah, the good old days.

NYC Subway Stations & Lines

Selected?Subway Line Names
Selected?indrollsignIND History
Selected?Lo_V Car Marker Lamp Marker Lights
Selected?Station List - All Time Subway station list including opening and closing dates!
Selected?BMT Lines Summary

The summary by division appears first. Then you may drill down line by line in each division.

Selected?IND Lines Summary
Selected?IRT Lines Summary

Paul Shaw's Helvetica and the New York City Subway. There is a commonly held belief that Helvetica is the signage typeface of the New York City subway system, a belief reinforced by Helvetica, Gary Hustwit’s popular 2007 documentary about the typeface. But it is not true—or rather, it is only somewhat true. Helvetica is the official typeface of the MTA today, but it was not the typeface specified by Unimark International when it created a new signage system at the end of the 1960s.

Railroad information

Selected? PRR 100 Year Booklet
Selected? Signal pages from the
1956 PRR
1956 NYC
1956 NYNH&H and
1968 Penn Central Rule Books
Including AMTRAK NEC Signal information
Selected? Pullman Company
Car layouts and accommodations
Selected? Union Stations
Cincinnati & Washington

NYC Subway Car Information

Selected?Rollsigns Roll Signs

All of these signs are for sale from Subway Al.

Selected?HandlesSubway Handles
Selected?KeysSubway Keys
Selected?Car Assignments beginning with mid 1998
Selected?NYC Subway Cars

Looking Out the Front

Whistle Signals

Other Photo and Movie Pages


Joe's NYCT Movies - 1970's

D-Type Fantrip - Franklin-Brighton-West End
BMT-IND Culver - R-1 and B-types
Lo-V Fantrip - 3rd Ave El
D-Types-Culver shuttle
SOAC train on Brighton Line

Selected?Fred Pohl Photos
Historic & Current Photo Albums

City and Red Arrow trolley and some P&W Bullets in a variety of paint jobs. Plus various modern systems.

Selected?The Brooklyn Trolley photos - D.W. Harold

Trolley photos from Brooklyn in the 40's and 50's

Selected?DC Transit and
Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee

Bill Armstrong photos

Selected?The Larry Berke Page

Postcards and photos in memory of a good friend

Selected?The Trolley & Elevated photos

The Late Francis J. Goldsmith was kind enough to allow me to make prints of his 1940's era photos of various NY City transit items.

Colorblind Pages

Many of my friends know that I am colorblind. Most people think this means I can only see in black and white. This is not true. I have located a number of pages that explain what colorblind means, how one is colorblind, and what types of color-blindedness there are. There are also a number of on line tests you can take.
Terrace L. Waggoner, O.D.
Not quite colorblind, but I call it revenge
And here is a color test

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Science Fiction

Man Conquers Space

This film is based on an alternative timeline to the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo era of reality - it is based on the premise that all that had been proposed in the early 1950's in Colliers actually came to pass - and sooner than they expected.

I'm Captain James T. Kirk,
who are you in Star Trek?

Five Leadership Lessons From Captain James T. Kirk By Alex Knapp, Forbes Staff Science writer.

Captain James T. Kirk is one of the most famous Captains in the history of Starfleet. There’s a good reason for that. He saved the planet Earth several times, stopped the Doomsday Machine, helped negotiate peace with the Klingon Empire, kept the balance of power between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, and even managed to fight Nazis. On his five-year mission commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as subsequent commands, James T. Kirk was a quintessential leader, who led his crew into the unknown and continued to succeed time and time again.

OK, here it is, I saw Star Trek - the Re-Boot. It was very well done, with the characters prety much on target to what we have come to expect. However, there is much that is different from what's been on the screen. Read my commentary here, but be aware of spoilers, don't read it if you haven't seen the movie.

Star Trek puns and jokes
21 Star Trek Memes That Will Make You Shatner Yourself

The Evolution of the Starship Enterprise An interesting video tacing the famed ship from NX-01 to NCC 1701E and beyond.


My thoughts on the rise and fall of Battlestar Galatica with information about the end of the series.

My attempt to put a Timeline to the BSG Story.

Life on Mars had a great ending!

The Plan, released on the 105th anniversary of the opening of the IRT, tells the story of the 200 plus days after the attack from the point of view of the Cylons. Don't read this, if you haven't seen the DVD yet.

Top Ten reasons for watching Battlestar Galactica
as seen on the The Late Show with David Letterman 3/19/2008

Great fun! But, do some of us have too much time on our hands?

Battlestar TREK - Kirk/Adama/Klingons/Cylons etc. etc.

Star Trek Wars - Picard vs. Darth Vader

The newest agency to come under the MTA and the uniforms for employees


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Baseball Links


Tribute to Derek Jeter - 2014

Photos from the original Yankee Stadium - Taken at the last game, September 30, 1973. Additional photos of the exterior of the stadium added September 13, 2008 taken in July 2008. Some photos added from my daughter, who attended a game on July 21, 2009 and from me on August 3, 2010.

Yankees Mets Comparison
Yankees Red Sox Comparison
There is NO truth to the rumor that President Obama has asked the Steelers and Yankees to evenly distribute their respective Super Bowl and World Series trophies to other less fortunate teams!
Baseball Quiz now 15 questions

World Series Last Wins

Each major league team listed by:
World Series Last Win
Teams that never won or played
World Series Last Appearance
Teams that never played

Who was the best player to wear each uniform number in MLB?

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ComputerPrograms and Tips - Computer programming (MS Visual Basic)
WWWJoeKorNer Web Site Service
NotesArtMusic and Art Sites

WWWOther web sites of interest
Random Thoughts from the JoeKorNer
this may be the major indication that I have too much time on my hands!

Palindromes and other word oddities
WWWWeb Search Pages
JoeKorNer The JoeKorNer Visitor Center
E-mail Joe, Register this page with ChangeDetect, Sign the Guest book

JoeKorNer Here is a list of old friends that I'm looking for.

Gold Star Mothers

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Brooklyn Tech Grads . . .

Brooklyn Tech - the best of New York!

Brooklyn Tech The Official WWW Page
BTHS_ Yahoo Group over 600 strong (yeah we were 6,000 strong in 1966!)
BTHS Alumni Association
................BTHS 90th Anniversary Gala information -
................BTHS 85th Anniversary Gala Journal - PDF format
................Event Journal From the first annual Celebrating Brooklyn Tech - 2011
................Brooklyn Tech Notable_alumni
................BTHS-50th-Homecoming Photo -

I'm in the front row, four from the right, next to John Catsimatidis,

who has been honored with a national stamp issued in Greece.


Join the BTHS Facebook page

The Tech Alma Mater as I learned it in 1962. Sung by the BTHS chorus at the 2009 homecoming.

Class of 1966

Joe's photo page from the 40th reunion - with additional photos by Gabe Rothauser and John Catsimatidis
Joe at his old post West Center main entrance
BTHS-Class of '66 Memories a 4MB PDF file
Download Adobe reader
BTHS_Class Of 1966 Yahoo Group

. . . Build things that work!

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The Subway and Rail Quizes

So, you think you know your way around the New York City subway system? Here are three quizzes designed to test your knowledge.

I AM NO LONGER grading the quizes. If you wis to try them below each quiz is a link to the answers.

The scores for all of the quizes have been moved to The Quiz Page links.

Take the New York City Subway Quiz

Don Johnson tied Michael594 at 90% on 11/12/2004 as the high scorer in the original subway quiz! Michael was at the top of the heap since 5/22/1997.
(Effective 8/18/2002 only scores above 80 will be posted)
12/16/2007 - An honorable mention goes to UNKNOWN, who got all of the answers wrong, but admitted that they were looking for a quiz about SUBWAY RESTAURANTS!


Take the New York Area Bridge & Tunnel Quiz

On June 18, 1999 Sanford Gardner - 109%knocked off Peter Cafiero and Hank Eisenstein as high scorer on the B&T quiz. Hank had been on top since June 5, 1997 and Peter joined him on March 26, 1998.
(Effective 5/3/2005 only scores above 85 will be posted)

Take the New York Area Rail and Transit Quiz


On November 21,1999, Morris J. Shlyaf - 73%dethroned Conrad Misek - 66% who held the top spot since November 20,1999 - the shortest time on top!




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The JoeKorNer Archives

The JoeKorNer has been in operation for more than years. There is information about Trains, Baseball, and Science Fiction. Perhaps you've missed something or never knew it was here. From time to time, items will be featured in this section.

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Joe and a tanker
Joe on HBLR on fan trip taken by Bill Armstrong.
Joe at City Hall - 10/27/2004 - 100 years of the IRT
Joe checking out for last time after 33 years of work photo by P. Ghosh (4/28/2005)
SIR fan trip October 2008 (in the caboose)

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