Joseph D. Korman
A short Autobiography

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Living at end of the Brooklyn trolley and elevated train era, I became interested in trains (and actually wanted to be a trolley motorman). I attended Brooklyn Technical High School (1966). By that time I found that I enjoyed math and I had visions of becomming a math teacher. I attended the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1970,72).

It was there, as a Math Major, that I discovered that theoretical math was NOT for me. In my sophomore year, I discovered that Poly had a MS program in TRANSPORTATION PLANNING with classes devoted to public transit. My first thought, 'I can get a Master's Degree in TROLLEYS? WOW!'.

I made an appointment to see the head of the TP department (which had been created the previous year). He was eager to get students, so he guided me through the remaining time to my bachelor's in Math and accepted me in the MS program. By the time I started the program, one or two PhD candidates had been graduated from the TP program.

Because of my hobby interest in subways, trolleys, and railroads, I breezed through the public trainsit related courses. Unfortunately there were also highway and road design classes as well as finacial planning (BIG UGH!) classes that were required. I managed to get the degree.

Because of the Viet Nam War, I enroled in ROTC while at Poly and I went on active duty in 1971 (but for only 3 months). I was able to get a job with the NYC Transit Authority in March of 1972. I retired in April 2005 after 33 years of service.

I started as an analyst in the Subway Department and got hands on experience in all aspects of the system (Operations, Car and Track Maintenance, and Budget (BIG UGH!). In 1981, I was asked to look into Word Processing technology and recommend a system to replace the IBM Selectrics that were in use.

This lead to the second part of my career, computers. I found that the machines were getting smaller and more powerful and that I liked programming. I spearheaded dragging the Subway Department and later the Buses Department into the computer age.
The system I designed controls the crew assignments, timekeeping and personnel control for the 19 bus garages in New York. The system runs on the proprietory WANG Operating System and must now be replaced. A project team has been assembled to build a system that will work for Buses and Subways (the Subway's system in worse shape being on a PR1ME computer).

I have been married for years and we have two 'adult' children. Our son got married in 2003.

That's Joe, Laurie, Debbie, Seth, and Miriam

I have retired from Transit after 33 years. The new system is almost completed for Buses. Laurie and I are looking forward to a long and happy retirement. Maybe I will start my third career and become a
Trolley Motorman!

Joe checking out for last time after 33 years of work photo by P. Ghosh (4/28/2005)

But, in keeping with the family tradition in transportation, Seth joined New Jersey Transit as a conductor in August 2005

One of the major projects after retiremnet was house renovations beginning in November 2005. No, I did not do this myself, I wanted it done right!

And on May 5, 2007, the next generation has arrived!

Chad Michael
8lbs, 13 oz

Chad's first web page!

On behalf of Seth and Debbie, thanks for all of the good wishes from my friends about this happy event.

Almost two years old (Chad, not me), but I'm wearing the same shirt, I do have others.

My son Seth, called on July 26, 2009 to invite me on a ride to the Meadowlands Sports complex on the first day of service.

We welcomed my son's second child, Emily Kate, on March 25, 2012. 8lb 15 oz, 21.5 inches

August 4, 2014, our 39th anniversary (plus one day).

July 26, 2015, Seth and Miriam totally surprised us with a party for our 40th anniversary!