Hudson and Manhattan

The PATH was created in 1962 to take over operations of the H&M system when it went bankrupt. The take over by the Port Authority was part of the deal that allowed the PA to demolish the Hudson Terminal buildings and construct the World Trade Center.

Along with neglected right of way, most of the car operating at the takeover were built before 1930 as classes A-J. The newest cars at the takeover were the Class K & PRR MP-52 totaling 50 cars. These were one of the first successful subway type cars with air conditioning.


Unfortuneately with the overreacting to the WTC terrorism, the PATH has virtually banned photography on the property. See the PATH part of this document.
So don't look at these photos!

- H&M token
Through ticket to Newark -
Path token -
- PATH refund ticket

Clinton and Russell Architectural Renderings and Plans for the Hudson Terminal Buildings.

An assortment of H&M and PATH information from my collection.


H&M-PATH Index
American Museum of Safety
The Hudson & Manhattan was awarded the Traveler Insurance Gold Medal for 1915. This is the booklet with the text of the presentation
by F. R. Hutton, VP, at the annual dinner meeting Feb 3, 1916
General Dimensions
H&M Class D Cars
Board of Trans Permit
for work on 6th Ave subway - 1935
Hudson & Manhattan Map
Reprint from a Corn Exchange Bank folder
H&M Announcments-1935
Instructions to Trainmen about announcements at each station. This was in effect before Penn Station Newark opened March 23, 1935, as the last stop in New Jersey was Park Place. It is about 3"x5" in size and folds out.
Hudson Terminal Buildings
Renderings from Clinton & Russell, Architects
Full size is 22" x 17"
Undated H&M ICC Hearing Map
H&M 1939 World's Fair map and information
Not to be left out, the H&M (now PATH) had a WF map too. It listed service to Hudson Terminal and 28th St (33rd was to re-open in July of 1939) and the fair via the BMT, IRT or IND.
H&M - United Transport Agreement
For cleaners and porters
H&M Map from "Black Car"
1954 to 1956 - The 19th Station is closed and the 3rd Ave El is in operation.
Click the View Image link to view the Map in larger size.
PATH Photos
My personal photos taken in the 1960s-70s, plus some 21st Century
H&M Safety Rules - 1961
H&M and PATH Roster
Compiled from ERA documents of 1959 and some current internet sources.
H&M Car to St. Louis - 1965
H&M "Black Car" 256 was donated to the St. Louis Museum of Transport
PATH Journal Square - 8/1971
Plans for improvements around the transit hub
Introduction to PATH - 1962
Pamphlet distributed to passengers to introduce them to PATH
Fares Changes for the implementation of the Aldene Plan - 1967
PATH Fact Sheets - 1966-68
PATH Black Cars
1963 plan to maintain "Black Cars" while awaiting approvals for the PA-1 Fleet
Rebirth of a Rail Transit System
October 1971
PATH Railway Age Article
Reprint from July 10, 1972 - at the 10th anniversary of the system
PATH Signals
Part of the JoeKorNer page dealing with PATH Signals
H&M-PATH Index

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