H&M-PATH Index
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1915 American Museum of Safety Gold Medal
General Dimensions
H&M Class D Cars
Board of Trans Permit
Hudson & Manhattan Map
Reprint from a Corn Exchange Bank folder
H&M Announcments-1935
Hudson Terminal Buildings
Renderings from Clinton & Russell, Architects
Undated H&M ICC Hearing Map
H&M 1939 World's Fair map and information
H&M - United Transport Agreement
H&M Map from "Black Car" - 1954 to 1956
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PATH Photos
My personal photos taken in the 1960s-70s, plus some 21st Century
H&M and PATH Roster
H&M Safety Rules - 1961
H&M Car to St. Louis - 1965
PATH Journal Square - 8/1971
Introduction to PATH - 1962
Fares Changes for Aldene
PATH Fact Sheets - 1966-68
PATH Black Cars
PATH Notice - End of E-L Ferries
Rebirth of a Rail Transit System
PATH Railway Age
PATH Signals
H&M-PATH Index

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