The Brighton Line

These photos are a mix of pre-and post Chrystie St along the Brighton Line. Some of them were taken from my bedroom widow in Luna Park. I lived there from 1966 to 1975. My folks till 1997.

Historic Photos

Some of the highlights are:
the original Brighton M train Bankers' special
R-16's on the QJ
R-1 on the D
Work Trains and R-11's
The Kings Highway tower
The 1969 blizzard
The beginning of graffiti and my photo taking hiatus
In July 2001, the D stopped operating on the Brighton line for the final (???) repairs to the Manhattan Bridge.
Two Q trains (circle and diamond) were started (ah the old days! - almost). Photos added 7/30/2001.
In February 2004, the Manhattan Bridge was returned to four track operation. The Brighton Line now hosts the Q 24/7 between Brighton Beach and 57th/7th and the weekday only B Express in Brooklyn and local north of 59th St to 145th or Bedford Park Blvd .
In May 2004, the new Stillwell Station re-opened and the Q operates from there 24/7 (photos added 6/27/2004).

Avenue H station

The Ave H station on the Brighton line was built in 1905 and achieved landmark status in 2004. The Transit Authority will be renovating the station in the near future. On 12/31/2004 I ventured out to document the current condition of the building. Also see the link to The Third Rail for more on the history of the station.

Retiring the R-40 and R-42 Fleets

The R-40 and R-42 cars are began to reach the end of the line in 2008. With the deliveries of the R-160's going to the Eastern BMT lines, more of R-40/42 cars are being taken out of service. I ventured out on the Brighton line on April 24, 2008 to track some down.

Ocean Parkway Work

I noticed that even with the 2002 to 2004 reconstruction of Stillwell, with Ocean Parkway closed too, the southbound platform was being replaced in 2008. Watch and listen to the jackhammers at the end of the movie.
Brighton Movie 20 minutes - 35 MB

Local Station reconstruction 2009-2010

On September 14, 2009 construction began on the complete rehabilitation of the local stations on the Brighton line between Newkirk and Kings Highway. The work on Neck Rd and Ave. U had begun earlier. In order to do this, the northbound express track was removed from service, though is still connected. The southbound express and local tracks are now connected with a hard rail crossover just south of Cortelyou Rd.

Temporary platforms are built over the northbound express track at Kings Highway and Ave. J.

At Ave J an overpass was built connecting the temporary platform with the original southbound platform for exiting and changing directions. I wasn't sure why a track level ramp across the SB local at Ave J wasn't built. The way it is set up, passengers must go up down, down and up to get to the Manhattan bound side.

After this was published, I found out that the entire southbound platform at Ave J was demolished and a temporary fare collection area was built on the north side of Ave J where the exit only control was for the southbound passengers. It is now impossible to change directions at Ave J. I stopped there on December 4th to get photos of the temporary exit.

The temporary platform at KH is connected directly to the northbound platform to allow across the platform transfers between directions. At Kings Highway, there were a number of pieces of road/track trucks, so I wonder if the SB local can be used by the equipment. Because parts of Newkirk are in short tunnels, they couldn't build a full length paltform between the two directions.

Construction Movie 12 minutes - 30MB

For the first time in a long time a TA employee questioned me about taking photographs.

April 14, 2010 - after the snow and rain of the winter, I got out to Avenue U and
Neck Road
to photograph the newly opened southbound platforms.

It turns out that although the platforms are in service, the stairs and entrance ways are not completed.

I also stopped at Sheepshead Bay, where I noticed the temporary overpass between the platforms to aid NB passengers from Ave U and Neck Road to change to NB trains.

Train service has been modified with all trains operating on the northbound express track between Brighton Beach and Kings Highway. All southbound trains use the local track. The temporary platforms at Ave J and Kings Highway remain in service.

The May 2010 issue of the ERA NY Division Bulletin had photos of the abandoned LIRR stairway at Neck Road. I was in Brooklyn May 23, and took photos of my own. LIRR service operated between Ave H at the Bay Ridge Branch to the Sheepshead Bay Race Track located east of Ocean Ave at about Ave X. Service ended in 1924. Houses have been built in the space that was the LIRR tracks. Their back yards, get great views of the passing subway trains.

On November 12, 2010 I ventured out on the line again to document the changes for the Work on Northbound Platforms at Ave M, Ave, J, and Ave H. To do this, the temporary platforms at Kings Highway and Ave J were moved to cover the southbound express track and all northbound trains operated on the express track between Kings Highway and Newkirk Ave. At Newkirk a temporary hard rail connection was made between the northbound A4 to A2 tracks, just north of the station. The previous connection of the southbound side was restored to its normal configuration.

With local platform work done by 2012, I got out on the line May 18. The Ave H photos have some side-by-side comparison photos between 2004 and 2012.

As I came down from the northbound platform to photograph the station building, the RR Porter told me that the RR Clerk in the booth said I wasn't allowed to take pictures. I showed them both the web pages from the TA saying that photography was permitted. He insisted, so I told him to call the police to straighten out the issue. While he called, I took photos outside and in the underpass outside the fare controls. I waited about twenty minutes for the police, but they never came. Then the agent told me I could take pictures inside, I guess someone called him to tell him the correct rules.

The completion of Ave M and Ave J are also included on a separate index.

- The JoeKorNer