The Sea Beach Line

The four track Sea Beach line in Brooklyn was part of the original BMT Subway that opened in 1915. There was the Sunny Summer Sunday Specials that operated from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Fourth Ave, Sea Beach Express, Brighton Express to Franklin Ave.
After Chrystie St opened in 1967, there was the NX service, which lasted less than a year.

Origianlly the Sea Beach Express (though local on its namesake route) was the unchanging BMT service: Coney Island to 57th/7th 24/7. The Brighton, Fourth Ave, and West End trains provided local service in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
After Chrystie St, the Manhattan Bridge track closings, and the elimination of the EE Jamaica (IND) to Whitehall St service, the N train has been R-160 sea Beachreduced to a shadow of its former self.R-68 Sea Beach
Here are some memories.
I learned that the R-160 cars were in service on the Sea Beach (N) line in early 2007. On March 27th I ventured out with my Kodak Z710 camera. I made stops at a number of stations and got an assortment of equipment, including Track Geometry Car #1 (TGC-1), a W transfer to Coney Island Yard, a northboiund D train routed via the express track (movie), and R-40, R-68, and R-160 N trains. I also shot some movies with the camera and included them in the page.TGC1

TGC1 surprised me. I was set up for a movie at the north end of 8th Ave. I heard some strange sound and thought it was auto traffic. I turned and saw TGC1. I flipped the camera to photo mode and got a poor shot (right) in the station and one telephoto shot of it after it passed out of the station.

Sea Beach
Sea Beach - NX Service
Sea Beach-3/27/2007

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