An engineer had been running for some time when orders came through that all engineers had to pass an intelligence test. This one was not very bright and was afraid he would fail the test, so he convinced the examiner that he would do better if he took the test on Sunday.

His argument was that he had a family to support and could not afford to lose a day's pay. Finally the examiner was convinced and gave the test on Sunday. He said, "There is only one question. You are running a train from Rouses Point to Albany, stopping at Saratoga. Tell me where you would stop, side track, and so forth for other trains, signals, etc.

The engineer answered quickly, "I'd stop at Saratoga and Albany." The examiner yelled, "Why, that's ridiculous! You'd have seven accidents. You'd hit the rear of a freight, one place you'd hit a passenger train. You'd never make it. I never heard anything so foolish!" The engineer said I'm running this train today, didn't you?"


"Well, today is Sunday and them other trains aren't runnin'."

Adapted from "A Treasury of RAILROAD FOLKLORE" - 1953
2004 by Joseph D. Korman