There was a law on the Kansas books that that read: ."When two trains approach each other at a crossing, they both shall come to a full stop and neither shall start up until the other has gone."

An Indiana law prohibits attacking trains.

In Texas you cannot use cocoa mats in waiting rooms.

In South Dakota you cannot place fire crackers on the tracks, especially if you've lit them.

No one may show the movie "THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY" in Montana.

Nebraska train crews may go muskrat hunting.

A number of states had specific guidelines for the number of cuspidors needed in stations and cars.

Los Angeles prohibits firing on jack rabbits from the rear platforms of trains.

It is a crime in Rhode Island to operate a passenger car between the engine and a car of dirt.

In Mississippi you may not put soap on the tracks, but in Alabama you may not salt the tracks.

In Illinois if you see anyone carrying opium, you had better report it, or YOU will be fined $5000.

In Arizona a train must stop in the desert to give water to anyone needing it.

A Florida train must stop anywhere a doctor wishes to get off.

Any Minnesota railroad car is a building.

In Washington State a dog must be carried on the cowcatcher of all trains to scare livestock from the tracks. Only the Walla Walla and Columbia roads ever followed that law.

Adapted from "A Treasury of RAILROAD FOLKLORE" - 1953
2004 by Joseph D. Korman