Staten Island Ferry

October 27, 2004
On my return from the 100th anniversary celebration of the IRT subway, I mixed in the newest NYC Transit feature, the new Ferry Boat Guy V. Molinari, docked at St. George.
December 17, 2004
In order to document the JFK class of boats that will be taken out of Service with the arrival of the new boats (Molinari Class?), I ventured out in the early AM rush to get shots of the JFK Class. I was surprised to ride the JFK itself in 2011.
May 11, 2005
I got to ride the Molonari on my return from the Jerome Ave photo shoot.
The Molonari has four decks, from top to bottom:
sides and ends note where outside viewing is possible on each deck
Hurricane - the bridge is actually on this deck (sides)
Bridge - the stair to the bridge is on this deck (sides & ends)
Saloon - main passenger entrance/exit (ends)
Main - There is room for cars on the main deck (ends)
(but as with the JFK class, cars are not carried for security)
The Bridge Deck, has outside space on the ends and the sides. The door to the ends swings out. In front of the door is a railing that when the door is open, there is no room for anyone to stand. With the wind while underway, the door slams shut and is sure to injure someone. See the photos of the door/railing.
The elevator is still not working.
The doors on the Saloon Deck (out to the ends) are sliding, like the JFK class.

During the summer and fall 2008, the city had a number of waterfalls installed. I'm not sure who is paying for them, but here is a 2 minute Movie of two from the SI Ferry.

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