Many users of ABIT Motherboards (I have a BH6) have a problem with CD RW's (I have the HP 8100). No matter how the hardware is set up and the BIOS adjusted, the CR's are not found at boot time.

With a two CD system, neither CD is found. If the CDRW is removed, the system finds the other CDROM. Plug it back in, no CDROM. No configurations work with the HP connected.

SOLUTION to startup the system

Do a CTL-ALT-DLT when the F4 to skip message is on the boot screen, both CDROMS will be found on the warm start. Later if you need to do a restart from the WINDOWS START button the CD's will be found.

Once in Windows

If the system freezes and to CTL-ALT-DLT is pressed to get the task list up, the another CTL-ALT-DLT to restart, or a hardware button reset, you will have to CTL-ALT-DLT again when the F4 message returns.

START Button

Once in Windows, a START - Shutdwon - Restart will also bring the CD's up without the CTL-ALT-DLT.

The author is NOT responsible for the use or mis-use of this information. It provided as is for ABIT Motherboard users who have had problems with the ABIT Motherboards and CDROMs.

2006 by Joseph D. Korman