Folders on the Desktop

If you have been using Windows 95 for any length of time, you probably have placed shortcuts to your most used programs on the desktop. For me it got to the point that I six rows of eight or so. I decided to consolidate these into folders.

I did the usual to right click on the desktop, select Create Folder and labled it to match the common topic. I them dragged the icons into the new folder. This works fine except, you lose the meaning of the folder, since all folders look the same. Quite by accident I discovered a fix for this.

  1. Right click on the folder
  2. Select create shortcut
  3. Right click on the shortcut select Properties
  4. Select the tab for Shortcut
  5. Click the Change Icon button
  6. Select an Icon (you can browse for other icons on your system - including executables)
  7. Apply these changes
  8. Right click on the original folder on the desktop
  9. Select Properties
  10. Click the hidden button on
  11. Double click the new shortcut
  12. Close the folder

The folder should disappear and the shortcut now has the new icon. Move the shortcut to where the folder was and you're done.

If you ever need to display the folder again:

  1. Double click Windows Explorer
  2. Click on Desktop
  3. If the folders are not visible select View Options on the menu
  4. Right click on the folder you wnat to see on the desk top
  5. Select Properties
  6. Uncheck Hidden
  7. Close My Computer

2006 by Joseph D. Korman