The Shortcut to Shortcuts

A few of us in the office were talking about adding icons to the Windows 95 desktop. We all agreed on the right click on the screen and New etc. I started to demonstrate the method of copying a shortcut from the task bar that I have used since Win95 came out.

Turns out there is a faster way:

  1. Right Click on the actual Start button (Win 98 may not work)
  2. Select Open
  3. This opens the contents of the start button as a folder
  4. Find the item you want (you may have to open sub folders)
  5. Right click and drag the item to the desktop
  6. Select Create Shortcut Here

That's it. It sure beats opening the Task bar properties!

Thanks to Fred Chapin.

If you have Win98 and
the Open and Explore menu options are NOT there


If you have the TWEAK UI application from MS

  1. Open TWEAK UI
  2. Select the 'My Computer Tab'
  3. Check all drives (even those you don't have)
  4. Close all programs
  5. Reboot
  6. Try the right click again, it should work

If you don't have TWEAK UI, it's part of MS power toys. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK You may DL it from Microsoft Software

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2006 by Joseph D. Korman