Palindromes and Other Oddities

Here is a collection of web sites devoted to word and number play, acronyms, and other fun things to pass the time on the web. Some interesting stuff here with graphics, word tricks, and some math pages too.

Word.Net's Ambigram.Matic
Andy's anagram solver
Anagram Hall of Fame
What is a synonym for synonym? - from the Bad Astronomer.
Jumble the scrambled word puzzle
MPR's A Prairie Home Companion
Tom Myers' Today's Ani-Gram (animated)
Palindromes: World's first palindromic URL
Pig Latin Converter.. or something
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
Ring of Steel - Shakespearean Insults
Word Play
RED NUN UNDER Mike Maguire's Poetic Palindrome Page
Fun Stuff from Press ANY Key
S. Berliner's Language.html

Sunday June 24, 2012