Many discussions of World Series wins center around how a particular team hasn't won or played in so many years. Here is a list of all of the teams sorted by the number of years since their last World Series Win. Teams that never won follow, showing the last year they appeared.
A second document shows the last time each team appeared in aWorld Series. In this sort, teams that never won are mixed in the order of their last appearance.
Listed last in both documents, are those teams that never appeared in a World Series. These show the year the franchise was created.
Two new columns have been added showing the last year the team was in the WS and the other, the years since that date. If the last appearance was also a win, the cell is yellow. The teams that played, but never won and those that never played in the WS, have the column for year last won, changed to a hyphen.
Any teams that moved from city to city (and may have changed names) have one entry for all their names and cities. Also included are the WS wins, losses, and appearances for all the teams.
The date the franchise was created is usually the year it joined either the National or American League.
The National League was formed in 1876 with these teams:
Chicago White Stockings, St. Louis Brown Stockings, Hartford Dark Blues, Boston Red Caps, Louisville Grays, New York Mutuals, Philadelphia Athletics, and Cincinnati Red Stockings
The American League was formed in 1901 with these teams:
Chicago White Stockings, Boston Americans, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Senators, Cleveland Blues, and Milwaukee Brewers

See the links to the full team history for more details.
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Teams that never won or played
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Teams that never played